Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hank Needs To Learn To Shut Up

There's no doubting Henry Burris is a good quarterback, but at some point someone has to tell this guy to take the soother out of his mouth. Both Hank and Sandro De Angelis made complete fools of themselves at Grey Cup 2008 when they claimed they were robbed at the CFL player awards. Hank saying he should have been the MOP and not Anthony Calvillo. Yeah, right!

Burris was named the Stampeders nominee for MOP and he will likely win the Western nomination as well. However, he doesn't seem to care and is still a little bitter over being snubbed in 08 if these comments to the Calgary Sun's Ian Busby mean anything.

"The Eastern media think a football is a round puck still," Burris said Wednesday after practice. "Until they get their brains right, I'm (applauding) the Western media."
"Last year rubbed it in more when people said Montreal was the best team. They were last year, so people said they deserved all the awards. Calgary was the best team in 2008, so why didn't we win all the awards?
"I don't get into the hoopla. We know how the media is in the East. Our job out here is to win games."

WOW!!! Good way to start garnering votes there Hank. Show a little professionalism and quit crying. I can only imagine what you'll be like if you lose the Western final-----and there are many in these neck of the woods that hope you do even if its not to the Riders.
While one quarterback got me angry with his words on Wednesday, another quarterback made me say "Good for you". Darian Durant is not happy with all the negativity surrounding his football club and he made that known by saying

"If your son had a couple of bad days in school, will you just curse him out and be all negative or will you tell him he needs to do better? It just depends on what type of people are our fans and who we have that truly believes in us.
"I think those that truly believe in us understand that it's just a slump and those things happen, we're human, we make mistakes. The thing is, how do you learn from it, how do you come back and be a better man and be a better football player from the mistakes that you've made?

I get what Darian is saying here and I agree with him to a point. If you tell your kid, he needs to do better and he just keeps making the same mistakes, then what do you do. Darian has made bad decisions week after week after week during this losing skid(ie: the shovel pass) and I don't need to get into the debacle that is special teams. While some "fans" have completely abandoned the bandwagon, others are sticking with this team and will until the final gun sounds and the team has either been eliminated or are holding the Grey Cup high. Am I as confident now as I was a few weeks ago that this team was going to the Grey Cup and winning it. No! Do I still think they can get there? Yes! Do the Riders have to pull their head out of their ass to make it happen. YES! There is enough leadership in that room to make it happen and I expect now that their backs are somewhat against a wall that they will come out and beat the Eskimos if the game means something. If B.C is eliminated by a Hamilton win before the teams step on the field, it won't bother me if the Eskimos win 55-0 because the regulars won't be in the game.

The bloom has fallen off the rose in Saskatchewan. Back in the Danny Barrett-Roy Shivers era, fans would have given anything for a home playoff game year after year after year. They didn't get it and they bitched and they moaned and they complained. Then we got a home playoff game and then another and then another and then holy crap, we actually didn't have to play a game on WSF weekend because the Riders were hosting the Western final having finished in first. Imagine that!!! This just in. You can't and won't finish first every year. You are still getting a home playoff game. You are not fighting for your lives to get into the playoffs like B.C and Edmonton are.

You should be happy that your team is once again hosting a playoff game, but you're not! Have you become that spoiled? Apparently so. The team loses and now its to the point where people aren't buying playoff tickets. That's simply ridiculous and absurd. I don't blame you for being frustrated with the recent play. I'm as frustrated as you, but I haven't given up hope. I admit I'm not as confident as I once was, but I still think if this team gets to Calgary and the Western final that they will beat the almighty and oh so cocky Stampeders. Yeah, the last month has sucked, but the story isn't over yet. Stick with it people!! Show some faith in your football team. If they lose this weekend and next, go at them with everything you have got because they will deserve it, but until then, just ease back a little.
One more thing with Darian Durant. I'm glad to hear he is buying a home in Regina and is going to make the city his year-round home (although really why would he if the Riders don't win this year and the negative comments really start to fly). Its one more step in the maturation process of the Riders quarterback who wants to be a leader and who wants to be the face of the franchise. The thing I don't understand is why its news that he bought a home. Did Jason Clermont sell it to him? Did Marc Parenteau? Was it Matt Dominguez? Where is it? WHO CARES!!! Only in Saskatchewan does this make news much like the arrival of a 4th string quarterback who will probably never take a CFL snap in a Riders uniform. Unless Darian is moving down the street from me, I could care less. If he is, I hope he has a snowblower that I can borrow from time to time even though my current neighbours are good at blowing the sidewalks and roads on my street (since the city isn't!!!!! I digress!).
Randy Moss in Tennessee. Hey, its better than being in Seattle! They can have him, we don't want him, he's too much of an arrogant a##hole for me!
Why doesn't east Regina have a Taco Time?
I'm doing sidelines Saturday night for CKRM because Michael Ball will be in Calgary with the Rams. Thank god its going to be nice. Its been a long time since I watched a game from the East side of the stadium. If Calgary was in town, I'd ask Rider equipment man Gord Gilroy for a helmet!
Does John Lynch own any piece of clothing that doesn't have the Rider logo on it. Do I really want the answer to that question?
I already have a mustache, but I'd like to see people like Meyers and Jones start growing some facial fungus for Movember. The same goes for Pedersen! Vanstone too!!
Brad Wall has won the latest round in the BHP Billiton-Potash Corp battle, but while you can raise his hand in victory this time, I don't think this story is over yet---not by a longshot. I can't see BHP going away just like that.



Rod Pedersen said...

Scruffy - there's a Taco Time in the Southland Mall and on Avonhurst.

Anonymous said...

If TSN had done the who's the biggest cry-baby award in their recent poll, Burris would have won hands down!

Anonymous said...

On the East End in the strip mall where Bacodos and Burger King is off of the Victoria Ave/Park Street is there not a Taco Time in that little strip mall? There was when I roamed the streets of that area of town many moons ago.


Jerry said...

Hey Roddy, he's looking for Taco Time in the East end of town.

Mitch, have you tried Taco Del Mar out there? They're good, and they're licensed :)

Anonymous said...

Give Henry the golden soother. SHUT UP ALREADY!!!