Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sickening Doesn't Even Start To Describe This

MONTREAL - A heartbreaking crime was committed at Pat Burns' funeral.
While the hockey world gathered yesterday to mourn the death of the old coach, someone was smashing into his widow's car.
Montreal police say someone broke into the car belonging to his wife, Line, and stole a number of the Burns family's valuable possessions.
The stolen items included 30 autographed hockey jerseys, jewelry, and the late coach's wallet.

Burns, an award-winning coach of the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins and New Jersey Devils, died after a lengthy battle with cancer.

At his funeral yesterday, people remembered the gruff ex-cop as a tough but fair man who cared about his players and knew how to motivate them.

Burns' widow discovered the crime this morning.

Police say they will launch a public appeal to the thieves, asking them to leave the stolen items in an agreed-upon spot where they could be recovered.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if Maclean's will reconsider Regina/Saskatoon as the worst crime cities in Canada? Probably not.

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Anonymous said...

The felon will probably end up being a 13 year old kid the courts can't do much about anyway.

Like "the Chairman" Frank Sinatra (played by Phil Hartman on SNL) says "ayy don't fugget da big guy upstairs is watchin' and keepin' score." their refurbishing the worst part in hell for these guys and the inventors of the snuggy