Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Post 2000

I started this blog in February of 2009. This is the 2000th entry to said blog. Nothing insightful or humorous or opinionated or anything with this post. Its just a thank you to those who come and check out what I'm putting up here every day. Like I have said to many people, you must have nothing to better to do with your time when you waste a couple of minutes on here every day, but it is greatly appreciated.

The blog is approaching 500,000 page views and yesterday was one of the biggest ever days. (That picture of the Craven calendar didn't have anything to do with that did it??)

Once again, thank you. I know you guys (and girls) are out there and as I said, I do appreciate you checking everything out.


Glenn said...

You're welcome !

Anonymous said...

You're a great addition to the sidelines. Can you blog on why you feel the Riders will beat the Stamps? Not being negative but their run game is phenomenal, we can't stop the run and we've been known to give up passing yards. Will redemption play a huge mental part?


Anonymous said...

We have never met, but I listened to you and Drew many many times and laughed my ass off, you guys sounded like you really had fun together, and now it is fun to hear you with Rod having fun again...keep up the great work!!
Clark Gordon

Anonymous said...

Between this blog and Rod's, we have everything covered. Its great to hear you on a radio station that finally realizes what sports coverage is all about and how to do it properly.