Friday, November 12, 2010

Going Out With Class

Say what you will about Richie Hall, but the man has class. Not many head coaches have come to a news conference to discuss his firing, but Richie was right there when Eric Tillman said it was time for a coaching change in Edmonton. He stood in front of the cameras and he answered every question. I don't think he will be out of work for long. Rider coach Ken Miller even dangled the carrot somewhat saying Richie would be welcomed back if such an opportunity arose. I can't help but wonder if that opportunity will come.
Barrin Simpson may not play this weekend because of that bad ankle. I think Mike McCullough can step in there and do the job. McCullough is highly under-rated as far as I'm concerned. I also don't think Jamal Robertson poses the threat that other RB's in the CFL do. Lets just say I'd be a lot more worried if Joffrey Reynolds was the guy that had to be stopped. If the Lions decide to use a 1-2 punch with Yonus Davis, it could get interesting.
Break down this weekend's games all you want, but Glen Suitor does a pretty damn good job of it right here. I really can't argue with what he is saying.
If you went to the Pats game last night and you left shaking your head, you're not alone. Regina looked alright late in the 2nd as they led the hockey game 4-1. Seattle got a late power play goal and I started to wonder at that time if this team would hang on to the lead. When Seattle narrowed it to 4-3, I said to someone I know that Regina will lose this game 5-4 because they don't or can't play with a lead for whatever reason. I was right. The T-Birds tied it and won it in regulation meaning Regina doesn't get any points on a night it should. While the chance of this team making the playoffs are slim this year, it is on nights like this that they can sit back and look at as to reasons why.
Is "mess" a good way to describe 12th Avenue in downtown Regina. What exactly is the city trying to accomplish? If I'm going to take a shot at the city, I will also give them a compliment. I actually have to say that they did a pretty good job in cleaning the streets after this week's snowfall.
How ironic is it if a person dies in the living room?


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Anonymous said...

The city is trying to accomplish two things with 12th Ave. More frustration for drivers so they will be forced to take the bus, walk or bicycle to work downtown.The second is a venue for festivals to bring people downtown, in the bus by walking or on bicycles.

Don't worry. In 10 years they will admit their plan didn't work and revert to taking out the 12 Ave. renovations, revert to one way traffic and look at how to bring shoppers back to the empty stores in the Cornwall Centre that will be boarded up.