Friday, November 19, 2010

The Last Gathering??

Its the last time the Saskatchewan Roughriders will gather at the 55 yard line at Mosaic Stadium in their practice gear this year. The question now is "Did they take their practice gear off for the last time?" I hope not, but the reality is that it could have been.

The next time that we hopefully see the Riders at the 55 yard line at Mosaic is when they have the Grey Cup in hand. Keep your fingers crossed!

It was cold out there today. Barrin Simpson asked me how cold it was to which I replied---20 below with the windchill making it -29. He just shook his head. The boys were bundled up though---both on the field and off of it.

There's Rod Pedersen (looking like the Unabomber dont'cha think) and the LP's Murray McCormick. For someone who spends his winters in the curling rink, Murray is almost too bundled up.

If you want to know how cold it was, take a look at this football that died on the foot of Eddie Johnson....

I was going to wait until Sunday to tell you why the Riders are going to win, but the hell with it. I'll tell you now.

The reason the Riders will win this game are in alphabetical order --Jason Clermont, Weston Dressler, Stu Foord, Chris Getzlaf, Neal Hughes, Gene Makowsky, Keith Shologan and Chris Szarka. Yes, they will need the Durants and the Fantuzs and the Fraziers and Kornegays to come through too, but the names I mentioned are good old prairie boys who have endured this before. I'm guessing the Regina guys are guys that when younger had to be called inside even though it was freezing. They are prairie tough! These conditions won't bother them the way it bothers some others. Take a look at Calgary's roster....they don't have the prairie presence that the Riders do. Trust me, that will be huge.

Head coach Ken Miller says Barrin Simpson and Omarr Morgan are game time decisions, but I know they will both play. Simpson may kill someone if he has to miss two playoff games.

I just can't see this team losing. They were so agonizingly close to winning it all last year and they are one game away from having the chance to right that wrong. I have said all year the Riders and Alouettes will play in the 98th Grey Cup and the Riders will win it. I hold true to that statement now. I know a lot of you agree.

By the way, here's a breakdown of the Western final as done by yours truly on Riderville.


Anonymous said...

A picture like this will be taken at Commonwealth!

Anonymous said...

Let Simpson sit. McCullough can more than replace him. Use that import spot elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Good thought on the local boys being the ones to turn this game in the Riders favour. I hadn't thought of that.