Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bad News For Bagg

Rob Bagg just can't stay on the football field. After missing all of last year due to a knee injury, Bagg has been placed on the nine game injury list by the football club as they announced their roster for Thursday's game in Calgary today. Bagg suffered an injury in the win over B.C., but came back to play the rest of the game.While head coach Chamblin did not appear concerned about the injury when asked about it yesterday, it is believed Bagg has suffered a torn ACL in his left knee meaning his season is over.

Chris Best, Jock Sanders and Graeme Bell all come on to the 46 with Bagg, Johan Asiata and Louis Rankin coming off. Expect Best to be a game-time scratch.


Anonymous said...

Terrible, terrible news. Might be a career-ender. Hope not!

Anonymous said...

Is it his knee? How could you tear an ACL and keep playing like he did last weekend. I hope its just a hammie.


Anonymous said...

I guess we'll really see if Sisco can step up now. Feel bad for Bagg. He worked so hard to get back into the lineup and now tears the other knee. Hope to see him back, but you have to wonder if that might be it.


Anonymous said...

Its his knee Brad. He has tweeted that.

Anonymous said...

Guy can't stay healthy. I feel bad for him. He's becoming a modern day version of Dominguez. Time to hang it up!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't he practicing yesterday? Something doesn't seem right here. It even seemed to catch Chamblin off guard.