Friday, July 20, 2012


he 100th Grey Cup Game will air live in the U.S. this November on NBC Sports Network (NBCSN), the Canadian Football League announced today.

“We’re proud to share one of the biggest events in the long and storied history of our league with our fans south of the border,” said Mark Cohon, Commissioner of the CFL.

“A U.S. telecast agreement with NBC Sports Network, will help us market our game in the U.S., recruit import players, and spread our game.”

The NBC Sports Network will also air the Eastern and Western semi-finals and finals as well as nine regular CFL games, starting with the Edmonton Eskimos-Toronto Argonauts game on Monday, August 27th.

NBC Sports Network, part of the NBC Sports Group, is dedicated to serving passionate sports fans across all platforms. Now in nearly 80 million homes, the network is the cable television home of the CFL in the United States.

CFL games are shown exclusively in Canada on TSN, The Sports Network. All CFL games are available in the subscribers to


Anonymous said...

At least one thing has gone right today, the Blue Jays traded Cordero!

Anonymous said...

At least one thing went right today, the Jays traded away Cordero.

Anonymous said...

Man they really hate Riders and Winnipeg... 6 Eskimo games 3 battle of Alberta's, way to get interest in the cfl!

Anonymous said...

So I saw he CFL on NBC schedule - NOT 1 game includes the Riders playing but yet the Eskimos appear 6 times. Is it showcasing the CFL or is it showcasing the Eskimos?