Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Not Buying Into The Hype

Corey Chamblin didn't take the bait last week and he's not taking it this week either. You may remember Eskimos coach Kavis Reed referred to Chris Getzlaf and Weston Dressler as "Batman and Robin" and when asked about it, Chamblin shot back by saying Fred Stamps and Adarius Bowman are their "Batman and Robin".

Chamblin was asked about comments by BC coach Mike Benavides today when he said in his mind, the Riders are the best team in the league as the two remaining unbeatens get set to collide Saturday at what should be a steamy Mosaic Stadium. Chamblin's response to Benavides statement was

"This game is the big ticket. If you wanna be the best, than you have to beat the best (obviously channelling his inner Ric Flair WOOOOO!!!). Those are the guys holding last year's championship and the ring so until somebody beats them, they are the best."

"We just play football games and no mind games. They are last year's Grey Cup
champs, they own that right and until somebody knocks them off their block, they're gonna keep riding. I told the guys if we want to talk about a championship, we have to beat a championship team. They're a championship team. I don't worry about Benny blowing smoke. He's probably in there selling it to his team right now. I don't worry about that.
They are a veteran team and they play with a lot of confidence so we have to really, really dig in on a short week and find a way to win this game. "


Anonymous said...

I just keep liking this guy more and more and more.

Anonymous said...

I hope the Riders remember what happened in the preseason

Anonymous said...

I hope we are up 40-14 and kick a last second field goal from 50 yards.


Anonymous said...

This game is gonna be "Hard Times' for both teams. And the team that loses, well that's "Hard Times baby", that "Hard Times"!

Dusty Rhodes