Monday, July 23, 2012

CFL Suspends Mitchell

The Canadian Football League announced today that BC Lions defensive tackle Khalif Mitchell has been suspended for two games.

The discipline is in response to a play in which Mitchell performed an unnecessary, reckless act on Edmonton Eskimo offensive lineman Simeon Rottier during the second quarter of Friday night’s game in Vancouver.

CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon held a hearing late today with Mitchell and a representative of the Canadian Football League Players’ Association via telephone.

“This type of behaviour has no place in our game and will not be tolerated,” Cohon said. “Any play that unnecessarily puts one of our players at risk of serious injury will be met with discipline.”

Mitchell has recorded 4 defensive tackles in as many game so far this season and is coming off a career year in 2011 where he recorded 33 tackles and 6 quarterback sacks.



Anonymous said...

What a joke. Cohon has no backbone whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Mitchell has been watching to much MMA - it looked like he wanted to rip off Rottier's arm and bring it home as a souvenir.

I am glad the league suspended him, but this is way to lenient. This was done intentionally and could have cost Rottier his career. I'm sure Mitchell stated his remorse and said it was in the heat of the battle... I watched it live and there was no reason for this to have occurred (play wasn't even around Mitchell/Rottier).

If it was me - done for the season (message delivered). This was just a slap on the wrist. Further, I don't care what team he played for - this act was unexcusable.

Iron Mike

Anonymous said...

He'll never serve a game. I want to know when the last time a player ACTUALLY sat out a game after being suspended? The CFLPA has the appeal clause and it seems like all players appeal, and they get a small fine and that's it.