Thursday, July 12, 2012

This And That

The Saskatchewan Roughriders will take on the BC Lions Saturday afternoon at Mosaic Stadium in a 1 o'clock start. The winner of the game will be the lone unbeaten team in the CFL. It will be a gorgeous Saturday afternoon to watch a game. However, the game for some odd reason still isn't sold out. I know its bothering Rod Pedersen who asked listeners of the Sportscage why they aren't showing up to support the football team. The reason really isn't crystal clear, but what is becoming crystal clear is that the moniker of "Worlds Greatest Fans" may no longer apply. Don't get me wrong, there are many that bleed green that are there no matter what. However, its becoming more and more evident that some just no longer are supporting the football team for whatever reason. Perhaps the team has to implement blackouts again. This would not be fair for those who drive a long ways to Regina for the game, but it would seem as if the thrill of attending football games at Mosaic is wearing off for some. Are those people waiting for the new stadium? Are those people not convinced this team is better than many thought they were going to be? I don't know what it is, but the Rider Nation certainly isn't as strong this year as it has been in the past. The joint should be packed Saturday. I'm hoping it still will be.

It is said attendance is up slightly in the CFL from this time last year. That is all and good, but lets take BC out of the equation and then ask what the numbers look like. I'm guessing the crowds at BC Place were a little bigger than the ones at Empire Field. If you take BC out of the equation, what do the numbers look like?

Kansas City Royals fans embarassed themselves at the All-Star festivities this week. Royals fans let Yankees 2nd baseman Robinson Cano hear it for not selecting hometowner Billy Butler to compete in the Home Run Derby. They booed loudly when Cano was at the plate for the competition and that continued right through the game. The AL team was made up of Cano (captain), Prince Fielder, Jose Bautista and Mark Trumbo who went 1-2-3 in the competition. Where exactly was Butler supposed to be? I'm surprised KC fans didn't boo the MVP selection even though Butler went 0-2 with a strikeout. The game and the festivities the day before the game are all meant to be fun and meant to be a celebration of the game. The fans of Kansas City didn't see it that way. Commissioner Bud Selig now says it may be mandatory for All-Star game hosts to have a player in the home run derby. Why? What if the team that hosts the game doesn't have a hitter but a pitcher as their representative? Is the ballpark of choice not sold out for the home run contest and the all-star game. You don't need to sell tickets, but you do want to see the best. If the best isn't one of your guys, too bad. Suck it up!

Congratulations to Jordan Eberle for getting his number retired by the Regina Pats. Its a great move for a great individual. The only question I have is why not hold the press conference to announce it before the dinner instead of at the gala so that it could have maximized the TV and radio sports as that certainly would have been the lead at 6 and whenever. It would have carried right through the day into the golf tournament. Needless to say, the Brandt Centre will be packed October 9 when Portland visits to see the number 7 join the likes of other great Pats like Staniowski, Wickenheiser and Hicke.

Chad Novak has decided to vacate his mayoral campaign saying politics are dirty. I think life will go on. Speaking of mayors, Glenn Hagel is stepping down in Moose Jaw. One can only assume that the job should go to Rob Carnie or Kelly Remple.

An interesting story in the paper about two gentlemen who tried to defraud SGI by running their cars into each other. The sad thing was the incident was witnessed by a smart SGI investigator and both basically abandoned their claims. The question I have is why weren't these idiots charged with fraud?

How busy will the St. Johns Ambulance people be at Craven? How bad will the sunburns be? What type of stench will there be in the campgrounds from those who haven't showered for a few days after whooping it up in the heat? How many will be taking Monday and Tuesday off to recover? How many will have the weekend of their lives!

You couldn't ask for a better night to be at Currie Field than what it was on Thursday as the Regina Red Sox were beaten by Okotoks. I think those two teams will play at Currie again in a few weeks, but the stakes will be a little bigger if you know what I mean. Still with the Red Sox, I think Adam Geiger (their play-by-play guy) needs to belt out the 7th inning stretch a la Harry Caray one night.

Corey Chamblin is a smart man. The Rider coach came out with cold water for the media who were waiting to interview players after practice on Tuesday. Chamblin is already trying to sway voters for coach of the year honors. Thanks Coach! Next week, can you put on an apron and barbecue some burgers up for us? If not you, communications assistant Reid Lambden or Ryan Pollock will do.

Is Edwin Encarnacion worth 27 million over the next three seasons? 21 OK, but 27?

Kobe Bryant says the 2012 US Olympic team could beat the Dream Team. Kobe, you are an idiot! Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley are laughing at you and for good reason.

I know many of you that read this on a day to day basis don't watch Monday Night RAW, but for those that do, Monday's show may have been one of the worst I have ever seen. It was god-awful.

Wrestling fans, do you know that WWE hall of famer Tito Santana will be in Regina next Tuesday night when High Impact Wrestling returns. That should be a good night. I am hearing rumours that Rod's favourite blog commenter Obama may be in attendance. Obama vs Santana---I like it!!!

Th-th-th-th-that's all Folks!!!


Lee said...

To think the detroit Lions sell out and the riders don't what a foolish statement you made on the cage last night and then when you were backed in to a cornor concerning Jacksonville and not admit your mistake, come on Blair man up when you are wrong! And I ask again how much do u pay to get into a rider game??

Anonymous said...

For Pete's sake Mitchy, the Riders are averaging the highest number of Fans in their franchise's history and you say we're dying?

Anonymous said...

They were both charged with fraud and got off with community service and no criminal record. Heaven forbid that the one who is in the country on a student visa get deported back to China!

Anonymous said...

perhpas the game isnt sold out because people don't want to pay $50 for endzone seats, (with some like in the southeast corner where you can't see all the field)

The other interesting question is that it sold out at 29000 without temporary seats- sold out at 31000 withe the temporary seats of the last few years but not at 33000, Have they determined the top end of thier market?

Rally Driver said...

Mitch, I think those clowns that crashed their cars got a 1 year conditional sentence. They should also have their pictures on a billboard wearing T-shirts that say "I'm with Stupid".

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with you one bit on the fans. The team capped off season tickets at what 22-23 thousand tickets. This means there are 9-thousand tickets to be sold. A seemingly football crazed province can't sell 9-thousand tickets? That's embarassing. The demand for Rider football has waned for whatever reason. I hope its not becuase the team won just five games last year because every team is going to go through that at some point or another.

People just moan and bitch and whine and find some excuse to stay home. Its the way of life around Saskatchewan.


Anonymous said...

I laugh at how Saskatoon wants an NHL team when I see people complain about the price of an endzone seat. I would rather sit in an endzone seat (which I have this year) and pay 50 bucks then pay wayyyyyy more than 50 to sit in an endzone seat at an NHL game. That's reason 104 as to why Saskatoon will never get an NHL team.

The diehards are the diehards and they will keep going no matter what. Then there are some others that would just rather stay home with their cold beer and pizza and watch the game on TSN. I guarantee you if Hopson announces a blackout, he will take tremendous heat from the people who can't get off their ass to go to the game. Its a no-win situation.


Anonymous said...

The Detroit Lions do sell out Lee. Considering the state of the economy in that city, that is a statement to make. The Detroit Lions until last year were a joke in the NFL. They went 0-16, but they still sold out all their home games. Would that happen in Saskatchewan? Not a chance!

You were wrong on the Jacksonville thing Scruffy, but you were right on Detroit and many other cities including your beloved Seahawks.

As a season ticket holder since 2002, I will ask you this Lee. How much do you pay to get into a Rider game? I am guessing the post-game pizza I order on the way home is more because I'm guessing you're one of these so-called fans that can't support the team by going to a game.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mitch , love the column , but I didn't like the fan comment , who sells the most merchandise in the league by a large margin.I agree with a prev comment.The endzone seats are to low , so your sight lines are very poor and my suggestion is , if the media don't like seeing a few empty seats , step up and buy a couple like the rest of us , my rant for the day haha
Season ticket holder

Anonymous said...

The SGI story makes me nauseous. We welcome these people into our country and this is how they thank us. Think of what would happen to them if they tried that back in China.

I know this is politically incorrect, but Canada should stop welcoming some of these people into our country when they behave like this. I realize its not murder, but these people think they could get away with this. It really pisses me off.


Anonymous said...

How old is Tito Santana? He has to be in his 60's if not more. No thanks!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the apathy either and once again I thought you, Rod and Kelly had a great discussion on it.

As Rod said, Craven is an excuse. If you are a football fan, you can take some time out to get back into Regina and spend the afternoon at the game. After all, you probably can get a shower and take out more beer after. Having said that though, why would the Riders schedule a game on Craven weekend? It doesn't make any sense. Mr. Hopson, can you answer that question?

It is going to be a gorgeous Saturday in the QC. Its a battle of 2-0 teams. The defending GC champs are coming in. This shouldn't be an issue, but it is.

Rider gear can be found everywhere, but it would seem Rider fans can't be bothered to show up at the actual game which is where they are needed the most. Its a mystery!

lee said...

Dwight proud season ticket holder since 1972 including before u were born supporting what use to be called the Sask Rough Rider annual dinner and the detroit reference is 4 million people they should sell out My point bout how much does Mitch pay is when u get in for free don't bitch about those that have to pay and elect not to pay and show up I am sure if everone was like Mitch and got on for free it would be full

Anonymous said...

Game attendences are down at NFL games as well so this isn't just a Rider/CFL issue. In fact the NFL will now lift blackouts with 85% capacity as opposed to 100%. The main reasons for poor attendence tend to be poor performance on field, cost, game day experience(including behaviour of fans) and other factors (i.e. Craven). If Riders continue to play well they will see attendence improve. For many, however, who use to attend regularly the ability to watch the game at home with the quality of the visuals and broadcast combined with not having to deal with the minority but growing group of idiot fans is becoming more appealing. Mosaic is a great place to be when things are rocking but for some who choose to use the three hours as an opportunity to show the world how idiotic they are when they drink, it takes away from the experience.

Bruno said...

Hey anonymous,
Scruffy has a lot more guts that you will ever have, coward!

Anonymous said...

So Lee, if you are a season ticket holder since 1972, you aren't part of the problem. With that being the case why are you bitching about this then. Is it just Mitch-hate or what? If it is, why visit this blog? What I think Mitch is saying is there are many people out there who could be coming to games that aren't. If you are telling the truth about being a ST holder since 72, why are you voicing your disgust?

Anonymous said...
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lee said...

I get tired of people that get in free giving people that have to pay a hard time , thats all

Anonymous said...

First smart thing Chad Novak has done. What a colossal clown this guy is. He's such an embarassment that he should go to Moose Jaw and run. He'd probably win there.

Anonymous said...

Your workplace doesn't provide any freebies Lee? You sound like a very bitter man!

I think it is time that blackouts happened again. I think you said a couple of weeks ago it should happen within a 100 km radius of Regina and I would agree with that. Its that 100k radius where a majority of the tickets are sold to. Knowing some idiots though, they would drive to Saskatoon and watch it a bar there instead of going to Mosaic.

lee said...

Anonymous something tells me your Mitch trying piss poor i might add to defend yourself, blackouts would not bother me as i sais season ticket holder from 72 so blackout or not i will be in the stands

Mitchell Blair said...

That would be a wrong answer Lee, but thanks for playing the game. Enjoy the tilt on Saturday. Stay hydrated if you're in the sun!

Keith said...

Detroit has lost a tremendous amount of their population in recent years - they are now less than 800,000. Lots of poverty among those remaining. Detroit deserves full marks for supporting their teams - hockey and football - through difficult economic times. Even Windsor, across the lake has been hit hard. The whole area is depressed.

It is a question of priorities of where people put some of their income for entertainment. They want to keep their team so fans pony up to buy tickets. Sask fans need to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Well said reality checker.

Anonymous said...

What does it say when New Orleans still isn't the same after Katrina yet they have sold out every game since returning to the Superdome? Don't tell me that the state of living in Nawlins is great. I have a free ticket to tomorrow's game courtesy of my workplace. I have given my tickets to my neighbour. Would you like to bitch at me because I think its a joke that the game isn't sold out too.


Lee-Anne said...

Mitch, I hope this isn't too sensitive a question, but what happened to Drew Remenda's sports show? I know that you really don't care, but I'm curious if they couldn't keep up to the Sportscage, which is much more entertaining and informative. Guess Rawlco couldn't stand the heat of competition! What's their story?

Anonymous said...

Simple answer is we have reached saturation when it comes to fans who want to attend games. We are still going to be over 30,000. Back in the 90's you would never have guessed that the Riders would average 30,000.

We are not going to have the "sell-out" streak anymore. We will however have more fans in the stands than during the sell out streak?

Which do you prefer?


Anonymous said...

x2 Grant. x2


Anonymous said...

x2 Grant. x2


Anonymous said...


are you eight years old, or do you just write like you are?

Form a sentence = get taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

You can keep novak he is from moose jaw