Friday, July 6, 2012

Sittin On the Corner

Nick Graham will have to wait a week to show Riders head coach Corey Chamblin that he is ready to re-assume his role in the secondary.

Chamblin revealing at practice today that newly acquired Woodny Turenne will indeed start in Graham's spot Sunday afternoon when the Eskimos visit in a 5 o'clock start. While Turenne gets the start, Chamblin says this isn't the beginning of the end for Graham.

"Nick needs to continue to prove that it's his spot. It's gonna be a battle. I don't want to pit two guys against each other but we're looking for the best guy at the best spot. There are things Nick can do on this team but if he's going to be a starter he has to start day in and day out, not just game time. It's not an effort problem. We want a certain thing done a certain way and he wants to get there but until we see it and it's what we want, that's how it will be. He's not dogging it or anything but we need him to raise his level play. I told another player the other day, there's a lot left in his tank and I want it on every single play. He's a very talented guy and I need to see it on every play. He has the talent to be a shutdown corner and that's what I'm looking for; that shutdown mentality out of him."

Turenne isn't the only change in the Riders secondary. Tristan Jackson is nicked up so Terrell Maze will make his CFL debut.

Here is all of Chamblin's post-practice comments.


Glenn said...

Sharper look on the blog Mitch ! Good job !

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with Jackson?

Anonymous said...

Where did Woodny come from?