Tuesday, July 24, 2012

No Surprise Here

BC Lions defensive lineman Khalif Mitchell will appeal his two-game suspension for hyperextending the arm of Eskimos offensive lineman Simeon Rottier last Friday.

The league announced the appeal won't take place until the week of August 6, and that they've agreed to stay the suspension until the conclusion of the appeal, meaning Mitchell is eligible to play until the appeal decision is announced.

Mitchell will be able to suit up for the Lions' next two games - July 28 at Calgary and August 6 in Toronto.

The league originally announced the disciplinary action Monday evening after CFL commissioner Mark Cohon held a hearing via telephone with Mitchell and a representative of the CFL Players' Association.

In a team release, the Lions said they would respect the appeal process with the league.

"The BC Lions Football Club will respect the suspension appeal process between the CFL Players Association (CFLPA), Khalif Mitchell and the Canadian Football League and there will be no further comment from players, coaches or club personnel until the prescribed process described by the CFL has been carried out."


Anonymous said...

he'll never miss a game. Book it.

it's the one real downfall of the CFL.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

If his appeal is denied, he should get double the suspension for the wicked act on the field

Anonymous said...

An appeal - are you kidding me!!! I hope this provides an opportunity for the league to increase the suspension - a reduction would be laughable.

Anyone know if Rottier has a say in this?

Iron Mike

Anonymous said...

I hope they double it.

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of jackpot you can get into when one man owns two teams. Cohon couldn't give out any longer suspension or Braley would have him fired. Then give the Lions two extra weeks to groom someone to play for the one game Mitchell will end up serving. Cohon is nothing but Braley's puppet.

Eric the tillman