Monday, August 19, 2013

Something To "Mitch" About

There are so many places I could start when it comes to Saturday's Riders game, but where? I guess I'll start with the overall game itself, and I had to laugh outloud when I saw the video of the game-winning Chris Milo field goal. Please listen to Rod Black at the start of this clip.

Rod, with all due respect, if that was the most exciting game in the CFL this year than there must be fans with rusty razor blades looking to kill themselves. That game was gawd-awful terrible for 58 minutes. It was one punt after another, it was two offences stumbling and bumbling and while the respective defences did step up, they weren't smothering in any manner.

Give all credit to the Riders though. Good teams have to win ugly and that is what the Riders did. They found a way. They bounced back off the canvas after the Jerald Brown fumble and they found a way to tie the football game. Why did they do that? The answer is their leader---Darian Durant.

I just will never understand the hatred for the man that was dubbed "The Carolina General" in the 620 CKRM post-game call in show. People around here expect Durant to be brilliant every week and this just in. he isn't-- much like great quarterbacks like Brady, Manning, Moon and Flutie. By the way. in no manner am I putting Durant in the same category as the aforementioned four.  Former Riders receiver Matt Dominguez simply put it the best when it comes to Durant and the team not wanting to pull him. Good teams don't pull their starting quarterbacks for a series or two, they go with the guy that gives them the best chance to win and Darian is that guy. Has Brady ever been pulled when he's struggling, has Manning? Travis Lulay threw 3 interceptions in BC's win over Calgary yet I'm thinking no smart-thinking Lions fan was calling for Thomas Demarco to come in and Mike Benavides continued to play him. Perhaps you would like this team to have the misfortunes of the Bombers. Hell, as Dominguez said,. when you play Madden you don't bring your backup in if the starter is struggling do you? This football team is 6-1 and Durant has thrown 16 TD's and zero interceptions. The guy even admitted he played his worst game of the year yesterday. What do you want when it comes to your starting quarterback? I would ask that question to Rider "fans", but there are some out there that prove week after week after week that they are not and simply Rider "moaners and complainers". The love affair that this province has had with the back-up quarterback for years is just stupid. Durant is the best quarterback this team has likely had since 1989 and that includes a young Henry Burris. He also won us a Grey Cup that was so heartlessly ripped away from us because of something that wasn't his fault. Cut the guy some slack already! He is the guy that is going to lead this team for years so deal with it. If that is too much for you to take, then go hand in your fan card because someone else will gladly take it.

OK, that rant is over.

One more thing....Happy Birthday Darian. He's 31 today.

Like many of you, it was tough to see Rob Bagg walk off the field for what sadly I think might be the last time after he suffered yet another knee injury. This guy simply can't catch a break. He has worked his ass off to get back into playing shape after numerous knee injuries and he gets another raw hand dealt to him. While the Rider Nation may be split on their affections for Durant, I am sure they are all united when it comes to Bagg when I say we hope for the best, but if that is it, we salute you for everything you did and everything you could have done.

Jock Sanders isn't doing himself any favours. With Matt Brown in town, I am thinking Sanders could be sitting for the Edmonton game to see what Brown can do. The last couple of weeks have not been good for Sanders.

Two plays that are overlooked in Saturday's  win.. 1) Anthony Calvillo overthrowing a wide open SJ Green in the endzone in the first quarter. The Alouettes had to settle for three points after the drive where Green caught a long one from Calvillo to give Montreal a spark 2) Weldon Brown coming off the edge to stop Jerome Messam on 2nd and goal from the 3 after Sanders had fumbled the punt. If those three's are TD's, the Riders don't win and the boobirds are definitely out.

One caller to the post-game show asked why Weston Dressler wasn't being shown more love after his game on Saturday. The truth is we expect that from Weston Dressler each and every game so it doesn't surprise us. Am I wrong in saying that?The guy's toughness certainly can't be questioned. He isn't 100 percent as he is bothered by a bad wing, but he just keeps going out there and doing his thing. I know there is a rumour about Dressler joining Marc Trestman and the Chicago Bears when his contract comes out. I would give this guy the world if the opportunity was there because if the day comes where he leaves, the Riders will NEVER fill what he brings to the team on a day-to-day basis.

How is SJ Green not in the NFL?

Why don't the Riders use Geroy Simon more?

I know Nik Lewis isn't the most popular player in the Rider nation, but that's a tough loss for the Stampeders and the CFL in general.

Put me down as someone who liked those black unis that the Lions trotted out on Saturday night. That being said, they could be a broadcasters nightmare.

Sometimes I like Matt Dunigan in the booth, others times I don't. I don't know if the TSN guys really know where to put him. Whatever happened to his barbecue show?

How much longer can the Eskimos go with Kavis Reed?

Kirk Penton of the Winnipeg Sun asks if the Bombers will have more firings than wins this year? That's a great question and right now it would seem as the firings will take the battle in the wake of offensive co-ordinator Gary Crowton being given his walking papers. At this point, I have to wonder if the Bomber mascots will be around for the Banjo Bowl.  Speaking of mascots, I am not a big fan of Worksafe Bob. The guy simply creeps me out. Trust CTV's Lee Jones who has never let an opportunity to create trouble to walk up to WS Bob and tell him to come see me. Lee then snapped this pic for posterity sake as I believe WS issues some kind of challenge,.

I should have dropped him right then and there. Alas, its a decision I may regret for a long time. 
The Seahawks destroyed Denver 40-10 in NFL pre-season play. Too bad that wasn't a regular season game right Rob Vanstone!!!
I hate it when I know what's going to happen at a WWE PPV. I had it in my mind a couple of weeks ago that Daniel Bryan would beat John Cena and then get flattened by Triple H allowing Randy Orton to cash in the Money in the Bank contract. While that was disappointing, what wasn't disappointing was the Punk vs Lesnar match. That could be a match of the year candidate. By the way, if you watched Summerslam, notice how just before Alberto Del Rio wins his match over Christian how Christian has pinned him but the ref doesn't even notice. How Andre Proulxish. Then again put the blame on Del Rio because the script says he should win so he shouldn't be in that position.
I missed the opening event of the newest wrestling promotion in town. I'm hoping for them that it went well. I don't know if Regina can support two independent promotions and there obviously was some kind of friction between some of the wrestlers in Central Canadian Wrestling and High Impact, but hopefully it works out for both. Speaking of which, I believe High Impact is back at it this Friday. I can only hope the Outlaw Adam Knight is there to remind the cowboy who is boss.
It was nice for summer to finally get here. That being said, its no fun coming into a house that is not air conditioned and finding it to be 31 degrees INSIDE

While I'm not sure expanding instant replay in baseball will help the game, I am becoming more and more convinced that the stupidity of some umpires is the reason for this. I have seen some atrocious calls in the majors over the last couple of weeks. They have to be better....a lot better!
Saskatchewan athletes came home with over 50 medals from the Canada Summer Games in Sherbrooke. Congrats to all medal winners and to all those who represented Saskatchewan. Just doing that is an accomplishment in itself.
Congrats to the Thunder for opening up the season with a victory over Calgary.
PGA golfer Dustin Johnson announced his engagement to Paulina Gretzky over the weekend. This will have many guys upset because Paulina--who did get Mom's looks---is as we have seen an attractive looking woman. We have also seen that Paulina is a party girl so I think I speak for a lot of guys when I say we can't wait to see pictures from the stagette.
Have a good Monday and Chive on!!


Anonymous said...

Chive on indeed Scruffy!!

Anonymous said...

The Durant bashing is sickening. I said to my wife on the way out of the park that it will be great listening to Ballsy and Dominguez have to take the calls of idiots who will get on Durant's case. I was right! People around here really need to relax and realize that all games aren't easy to win.

Anonymous said...

By looking at Bagg, I think his days are done. I hope this means more Simon and that they don't think about adding Sisco to the roster.

Anonymous said...

What's Vince going to do when Orton gets hit with another "wellness violation"? Was this his reward for being a good boy? DUMB!

Daniel Bryan fan

Anonymous said...

Thanks for supporting Durant.
Some Riders"fans" have forgotten the late 70's, early 80', the 90's when we didn't have a solid starting qb,team,coaches,or management. I remember the days that Edmonton and Winnipeg are going through now. We are 6-1 and in 1st place. Enjoy it, don't criticize it!

Anonymous said...

Scruffy, you;ve been around here long enough to know that the affair with the 2 or 3 quarterback won't end anytime soon. I'm surprised some knucklehead didn't phone to see why Sunseri isn't getting a rep. Darian is the best quarterback we have had here in a long time and I'm confident in him.

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

You and Petersen make me sick with your Darian love. Take your f*in blinders off and see that this guy with his attitude and demeanour is killing this team.

Keith said...

Exhibit #1 - The 'Darian love' comment illustrates clearly that in a fan base as large as the Riders there will always be a segment of wing-nuts, detached from reality, but it also shows that there is an even more extreme form negativity among those wing-nuts.

I take solace in the fact that 99% of the fans share the opinion of Rod and Scruffy that at 1st place and the best record in the CFL with 6 wins and 1 loss, with 17 TDs and no interceptions, Durant's attitude and demeanor is what got this team to 1st place and the best record in the CFL so far.

Anonymous said...

Who ever made that last doesn't have a clue about running a football team. Darren has a tremendous attitude toward the Riders and Rider Nation. Hope he knows, that jerks are a small portion of our fan base.

Anonymous said...

The feeling is mutual fella, except it's the opposite. People like you ran Ronny out of town years ago! Your attitude is disgusting! If you want to come on here and slam someone have the stones put your name to it!!!!!!!!!!!! Dave

clay said...

Dunigan is the best color guy on TSN and Duane Forde is an absolute bore. One time a few years ago Dunigan and Neil Lumsden did a TSN game together and it was hands down the most I've ever learned about football. Amazing. Matt is so funny

Anonymous said...

Punk-Lesnar was unbelievable

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Bagg video that is circulating? If not, check out Sheets' Twitter account!

Anonymous said...

Why people bash Durant just astounds me. If he were to play out his contract and go somewhere else becaue of what has been said about him, I would not blame him one bit.

Terry C

Anonymous said...

I share your hatred towards Worksafe Bob. He needs to be dealt with. You had your chance and you blew it.

Anonymous said...

Durant is killing this team! They're barely getting by, with a measly 6-1 record! I need to learn how to pick my spots better! I'm kind of a moron!

Worksafe Bob

Anonymous said...

More is made of the Durant bashing/booing than is really needed. The majority of people enjoy the game and do not get too carried away. I think the media can do the same.

Anonymous said...

If you had only given Worksafe Bob a clothesline - that would have been EPIC!