Friday, August 2, 2013

This And That

--Just a weekly collection of thoughts running through my muddled brain

   --As I type this, Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Josh Johnson is getting rocked again. This guy can't get out of the 2nd inning! Why does John Gibbons keep trotting this guy every five days? In the words of the immortal J-R Foley....."GET RID OF EM" or at the least shut him down for the rest of the season. The guy is just embarassing himself out there.

   --The plan is to be at Currie Field Friday night for Game 3 of the WMBL first round playoff series between the Melville Millionaires and the Regina Red Sox. I did not get to nearly the amount of Red Sox games that I wanted to this year and I'm hoping its a great night for baseball. I'm also hoping there's a nice crowd for this game and Saturday's Game 4.

  --I don't think there was any surprise when Kory Sheets was named the CFL offensive player of the month for July, but I think there's a lot of surprise that Kyries Hebert of Montreal was named the defensive player ahead of Riders linebacker Rey Williams. Perhaps its my green bias coming through again, but I think Williams had a much better month on a much better team.

  --Speaking of Sheets, I  know he is buying his offensive line lunch at Bonburgers if he breaks the 100 yard barrier each week, but if he breaks the CFL record, what does he do then. Bonburgers won't cut it. On a CFL salary, it won't be something that extravagant, but that o-line will deserve much more than a meal.

  --I had to grade the Riders on their first five weeks for a story at Riderville. com. You can find that story right here. 

  --What was the over/under on Bob Hawkins being head coach of the Montreal Alouettes? I thought he'd outlast Tim Burke in Winnipeg. Nope!

  --Speaking of Burke, if you are going to demote Buck Pierce just release him altogether. I know he's had a tough go of it, but he doesn't deserved to be kicked to the curb this way. I wonder if he is a guy that Ottawa would take a chance on as an experienced backup to a young, promising signal-caller like Collaros, Willy or Mitchell.

  --It sounds as if the Calgary Stampeders want to put their chips on Drew Tate. You don't know how Bo Levi Mitchell would do if he ended up in Ottawa with a different offensive scheme and a different offensive line, but considering Tate's injury status, I would think again on that if I were Calgary and expose him. Like Pierce, Ottawa could take Tate, but it would be risky.

  --Looking at the rules of the CFL expansion draft just confuses me. Tell me who the Riders are protecting when it comes time for Ottawa to start filling out its roster.

  --More and more people that I talk to are getting convinced that the Riders are the real deal. If they go into Calgary and slap around the Stampeders and win by double digits, you might have me 100 percent convinced as well. I know this team--as most teams do--will go through a rocky stretch at one point, but if you can beat arguably your biggest rival on their turf by 10 or more, you will have done something.

  --The NFL pre-season starts Sunday night. I had a chance to hear some of Carrie Underwood's version of "I've Been Waiting All Day for Sunday Night" this week. Lets just say this ....."Bring Back Faith".

  --The SJHL's Kindersley Klippers are 80-thousand dollars in debt. That is not good, but thankfully the team has worked out a deal with council to repay the money over a three year basis. I am guessing they are not the only SJHL team that has some financial problems, but league prez Bill Chow says everything is great as far as he 's concerned so I guess it can't be as bad as it would seem.

 --Congrats to one of my favourite Riders as Keith Shologan became a dad this week as he and his wife had a little Sholo. I'm guessing Keith will be passing out cigars to all the media folk at practice this week.

  --It is my understanding that you can win not only minions at the Queen City Ex, but purple minions ( if you have seen Despicable Me 2, you know what I'm talking about).  This is not good news for my bank account as I'm guessing that will be the toy of choice for my nine year old when we go later this week.

 --Global weather girl Tiffany Lizee told us what we all knew on Thursday night when she talked about the cool month of July. What she told us that you might not know is that there were 23 days in July that were below seasonal. Environment Canada's David Phillips called July as "comfortably cool" and said August and September should be more seasonal. I would have no problem if we had nice weather right through until the end of November if you know what I mean. I think you do.

 --Is anytime a good time to go to Costco?

 --If headed out of town for the August long, drive safely and keep it in between the lines. Have a great weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

The best time to go to Costco is when it opens. That is it!

Anonymous said...

The Klippers aren't the only SJHL team in debt. If Billy Boy Chow isn;t careful, he will lose a lot of teams under his watch.

Anonymous said...

Rey Williams got robbed. His stats and Heberts may look identical, but Williams is on a much better team. If that is what hurt him in the end, that's really sad!

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...

Good RV article. I don't agree with all of it, but its a good one.

Anonymous said...

--Looking at the rules of the CFL expansion draft just confuses me. Tell me who the Riders are protecting when it comes time for Ottawa to start filling out its roster.

Assuming Butler, Best and Milo, are F.A.’s at year end

Non-Imports: Labatte, Getzlaf, Heenan, Shologan, Bagg and Picard. Add Foley and Hurl if Willy is selected. Add Nuefeld, Watman, Moore, Steinhauer, Butler and Best for the second rd of non-imports.

Imports: Chick, Fulton, Dressler, Williams, Durant, Smith, Simon, Taylor, Brackenridge and Anderson

Anonymous said...

Marty York ‏@MartyYork 17h ago
Kavis Reed likely out as Edmonton coach this weekend: Sources. Yep, sources say. . .Believe it.