Friday, September 6, 2013

This And That

Sooooooo, it would appear as if Peyton Manning is ready for the NFL season. That was a pretty great display by the Denver quarterback as the season opened with a bang with Manning throwing seven touchdown passes in a one-sided Broncos win.  You have to wonder how that game changes if John Harbaugh throws a challenge flag on an obvious incompletion that was allowed to stand.
If you watched the game, did you start to wonder early in the 2nd half when NBC cameras showed a Denver cheerleader "doing her thing" if a PG-13 rating was coming. YIKES!! If Brent Musberger had been doing that game, he might have died right then and there.
A lot of Super Bowl predictions are obviously being made right now. I'm taking the Seahawks to beat the Texans in the big game in New York City.
NFL Lock of the Week---Colts at home over Raiders
NFL Upset Pick of Week ---Falcons over Saints

NFL Playoff Teams this year   AFC: Patriots, Bengals, Texans, Broncos, Ravens, Chiefs
                                                  NFC: Giants, Packers, Falcons, Seahawks,, 49ers, Saints
Why can't TSN intro players the way NBC does in their games. I'm sure the Canadian players would love to give their Universities some love.
Speaking of University football, the Rams are home tonight to face on a Calgary team that isn't as powerful as they what have been considering a lot of players have moved on, but they are still a quality opponent. I am looking forward to seeing what Cayman Shutter can do live. The kid certainly has the tools to play quarterback and he should after spending some time at the University of Hawaii. Game time is 7 o'clock. Michael Ball and Marco Ricci will have the radio call on 620 CKRM at 7 while I do the game on TV alongside Gary "Chop" Bresch on Access.

Congrats to those that got into the Regina Sports Hall of Fame this week, but a special salute to Kelly Hamilton and Len Antonini. Where would Regina Minor Football be without the work they have put into it. Those two deserve every accolade they get. Congrats guys.

When does Principal Richard Pound get into the Regina Sports Hall of Fame?
I asked the question while on "Sportscage" Wednesday. What team is in a bigger state of disarray? Is it the Eskimos who are a mess off the field yet are close to winning games on the field or is it the Bombers who have seemingly stabilized the front office, yet the on field product is a disaster. I really don't know the answer to that.
It would seem to me as if Ed Hervey and Kavis Reed are just living on borrowed time right now. Hervey's belittling of the team this week was the wrong thing to do. I don't see any positives in doing what he did and if anything, he may have helped the dig the hole to put his coffin in.
Its been 10 years since Troy Westwood made his infamous statements about Saskatchewan people leading to the creation of the Banjo Bowl. 10 years?

Some are wondering why Dwight Anderson isn't being held as responsible for his dumb penalties as Diamond Ferri is for his. Here's your answer---Anderson is making plays for this team as he has had 3 big 4th quarter interceptions in the last three games. Ferri isn't. Anderson is making up for his mistakes and Ferri isn't. Anderson has had 3 bad penalties in 9 games in which yes, he has acted like a tool. Ferri had six in two games. There shouldn't be a debate here.
Over 80 people get caught speeding through a construction zone. There are only three photo radar machines operating so I have to wonder how many roared through and got off because there was no camera.  Is it really that important? I guess it is. I am certainly hoping the traffic safety report that Saskparty MLA Darryl Hickie gave to the government is acted on because it is time that the province got tougher on those who are just stupid when behind the wheel. The days of leniency have to come to an end. Some people just don't get it I guess. That could be said in other areas as well,
I'm sure Pats GM Chad Lang was overjoyed when learning that Morgan Klimchuk will miss the start of the WHL season due to an abdominal injury. Those things can be a lingering injury and for the team not to have their best player out of the gate will hurt.  For what its worth, I love the promotion where the Riders and Pats are joining forces. Its something that should have been done a long time ago as far as I'm concerned. I just don't know if I'm ready for the Pats to play a game in Rider jerseys and I'm wondering if that is down the road somewhere. Some will love it I'm sure, but I didn't like the Hockey Canada green jerseys here for the World Juniors and something seems to tell me I won't like the green "Pats: jersey. We'll see.
Speaking of Hockey Canada jerseys, did you see this. Its said to be our uniform at the Winter Olympics....
Is it just me or does Jonathan Toews not seem that impressed either.. That's a jersey I won't be buying.
Brian Burke is with the Calgary Flames. This Oiler fans marvels in that and waits for his first big blowup with the Calgary media. This means now that the two best quotes in the NHL are in Western Canada with John Tortorella in Vancouver and Burke in Calgary. Canada doesn't need quotable hockey figures----we love the game as it is. Those two need to be in markets desperate for hockey headlines.
Will Jay Feaster still be the GM of the Flames by the end of the season. I say NO!
Is Anthony Calvillo done?  The exit door is open for him it would seem.
Those that don't think the MOP battle in the CFL is between Kory Sheets and Darian Durant should give their head a shake. Ricky Ray is no longer in equation for the award because of his injury. Someone has a chance to come in from the outside and overtake those two, but numbers 1 and 4 are numbers 1 and 2 in my books right now.
Word that MLSE is going to look at BMO Field to see if the Argos could play there is encouraging as is news that Halifax is looking at building a stadium. I see a 10th team in the CFL within the next decade with the Maritimes finally getting involved.
Will Tim Tebow now finally just drift away?
I don't know what the scriptwriters at the WWE have up their sleeve. but I'm thinkin the next couple of months will be very interesting.
If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of payments.
Have a good weekend!!! Drive safe if heading to Winnipeg or wherever. GO RIDERS!



Anonymous said...

wow Mitch, no COLTS in the AFC playoffs? The Chiefs and Ravens wont make it IMO.

Anonymous said...

Broncos were scary, but it was one night and that Ravens team didn't have the likes of Lewis, Reed and a lot of other guys on the SB team. Harbaugh should be asking questions about why his coaches never buzzed him to challenge the obvious incompletion.

Count me in as one who congratulates Kelly and Lennie. You are right, RMF is nothing without their work.

Anonymous said...

Why can't TSN do a lot of other things too, like give us timely replays or the down and distance on a regular basis or starting lineups or anyone other than Rod Black...their on field product this season has been quite lacking.

Anonymous said...

Those jerseys are horrendous. Are they all going to look like that? There is no imagination in those whatsoever!

On another matter, you forgot about the Cowboys making the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster complaining about TSN. They have done a lot of good for the league, but their monopoly has made them get soft.