Thursday, September 12, 2013

Two Riders Facing Assault Charges

The Saskatchewan Roughriders put out a brief news release this morning which states two of their players were involved in an incident that has led to criminal charges.

Police say Defensive Back Dwight Anderson and Receiver Taj Smith are both facing a count of aggravated assault from an incident outside a Dewdney avenue bar on August 18th.

Police responded to the bar where a group of people were involved in a fight and found a 20 year old man who was seriously injured and was taken to hospital.

Smith and Anderson were arrested yesterday and will make their first court appearance this morning.

The Riders say they will have no comments until the investigation is resolved.



Anonymous said...

Call a plumber. The Grey Cup just flushed down the toilet. NICE!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

U asked a great question today about fans and what we want from our football team. Here's what I want! I want guys who are going to come here and not beat up 20 year old men and think they can get away with it because they are professional football players. These two guys can get on the next bus out of town as far as I'm concerned. This is on Taman for bringing this "element" to our team. First Sheets and now this. ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment. That's all folks!

Anonymous said...

What were the Vegas odds on Dwight Anderson being the first Rider to get charged with something? Shocking!

Anonymous said...

This story has a gang element to it. I think we need to let the story play itself out. From what I have heard, this could have been really bad and there were several Riders involved. Riders who were trying to defend themselves from a group looking for blood.

Anonymous said...

Nothing good happens after midnight Scruffy. That's what you've said in the past and you're right.

Alex said...

Gang elements? Because think they can get away with it? Are you people delusional? On what facts do you base such outrageous fiction?

I hope you trigger happy fools never find yourself on some poor guys jury.

Anonymous said...

people should understand the Police are not stupid! They interview a lot of "independent" witnesses like bouncers, patrons, and waitresses. They gather all the facts and usually run by a prosecutor where it's a high profile case.

It's almost impossible that two guys simply defending themselves would ever be charged. A victim even if he started the fight cannot consent to bodily harm, even if he consented to a fight. Once the fight is over and you give the guy some boots and a number of shots to say; break his jaw, makes you the criminal.

The homework is usually well done before charges are laid, particularly in higher profile cases.