Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Riders Add Rams QB To Training Camp Roster

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced today that national quarterback Noah Picton has been added to the team’s training camp roster.

Picton plays at the University of Regina and will join the Riders after being appointed by the CFL as part of the Canadian quarterback internship program.

Last season, the Regina native started four of eight regular season games. The 19-year-old redshirt freshman completed 123 of 192 attempts (64.1%) for 2,029 yards and 11 touchdowns while adding 20 rush attempts for 140 yards and a touchdown. He added 147 passing yards on 14 completions in the Canada West semi-final. 


Anonymous said...

Picton will just be another in a long line of Canadian quarterbacks who won't get a sniff in the league.

The CFL says they are trying to rectify this, but its not happening which is sad

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to this young man Noah Picton, but he looks my 10 year old son without padding on. He better be heads up or he might get Kronwalled.

Anonymous said...

Is Asher Hastings a part of this program?

He's a better QB than Dean if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, nobody asked you.

Anonymous said...

This is good for the kid and other Canadian QB's, but until the league rewards a team for having a Canadian QB on their roster, it doesn't matter.