Friday, April 3, 2015

This And That

The usual assortment of Friday thoughts running through my muddled mind and as always, they are no particular order.

--OK, lets be honest. There weren't many people out there who thought the Regina Pats would win their first round series in four straight. There were a lot of people who had the Pats moving on to the 2nd round, but there were also a lot of people who thought the Broncos would win. It will be very tough to beat the Brandon Wheat Kings, but one never knows what can happen and if this young squad rides a wave of momentum, you just never know. What has been rammed home is the "plan" John Paddock and QCSE laid out is working.  Regina hockey fans were aware of Sam Steel and what he could bring to this team, but we are now seeing first hand what Adam Brooks, Austin Wagner, Connor Hobbs and others are all about and they will be back next year ready to start competing for a championship in earnest.  Its nice to see a "plan" which wasn't evident here in the past and nice to see a winning hockey club on the ice. The attitude and the mind-set has changed.

---Rams DB Tevaughn Campbell impressed many at the CFL combine last weekend in Toronto after setting the fastest 40 record in combine history. It sparked a very good article on The debate is does the performance at the combine improve his draft stock or do CFL brass still feel that despite the fact Campbell can run, he needs to be able to show off his football skills.  What isn't brought up is how Campbell and others performed in the interview part of the weekend. If you send the wrong vibe, you can certainly see your stock plummet, I spoke with Campbell this week and he says at the end of the day you do what you do and hope everything works out right.  That's really the only attitude you can take as a player.

--Riders GM Brendan Taman brought up a very interesting point when speaking to Rod Pedersen on Saskatchewan's #1 sports show Monday. Taman told Rod and the Sportscage audience it really does pay off in a way when you show your excitement to play for the Riders. Addison Richards has let it be known he would love to play for the green and white and many are hoping the Rams receiver will get a chance to do that. Taman says one question they ask potential draftees is if they have ever been to Regina. He said some in Eastern Canada haven't, so they really don't know what type of environment they are walking into. Its a very good point. Having someone who knows the Rider culture because he sees it first hand has an advantage. That doesn't mean Richards will be taken by the Riders, but I somehow think the team will find a way to make it happen. It may mean moving up in the 2nd round to take him if they don't nab him at 6, but I think they will find a way. Keep your fingers crossed!

--Brock Lesnar lost it on RAW Monday night.  It was an amazing segment.

--After everything former Pats defenceman Brandon Davidson has been through, it was great to see him score his first NHL goal Monday in Denver. Lets hope the first one isn't the last one.

--Dustin Byfuglien got four games for his cross-check on the Rangers J-T Miller. Byfuglien is a little fortunate in my mind, but had Miller laid on the ice for a while it would have been more for sure. I am not advocating a player lay there and embellish something for a further suspension, but the NHL disciplinarians see the player isn't seriously injured thus the message will be a stern one, but not a death sentence.  Byfuglien will return for what could be a must-win season finale for both teams when the Jets take on Calgary.

--If the L-A Kings get into the playoffs, look out. Yes, it was the Oilers they played on Thursday night, but they looked more than ready to not give up the Stanley Cup without a fight. If they get in, I would not want to be their first round opponent.

--The Tampa Bay Lightning need a marketing 101 lesson. The team is not selling playoff tickets to anyone outside the state of Florida.  That would really impress Joe Lightning Fan from outside Florida who maybe wants to watch his team play and take a trip. What is wrong though is there are some areas of the building where fans wearing another team's logo aren't allowed. ??????.  This is inherently wrong.  Imagine the cry if the Winnipeg Blue Bombers told Rider fans they couldn't wear green for the Banjo Bowl or vice-versa.  Who came up with this brilliant plan and why?

--I am not going to go back and look, but the Medicine Hat Tigers put out an interesting stat on Thursday night. The Tigers tweeted out goalie Tyler Bunz was the 99th Tiger to play in an NHL game. That made me wonder just how many players who have worn the Pats logo have gone on to play at least one game in the show. If someone knows the answer to that, pass it down the pipe.  The Tigers started play in 1970 so lets start there and yes I would think more Pats have made it. I'm not sure though.

--Congratulations to those in the west-central part and northern parts of the province who will now be able to pick up 620 CKRM's game-day coverage thanks to North Battleford, Prince Albert and Meadow Lake all coming on board to join the Rider Radio Network. Its a lot of work being a part of the best, longest and most comprehensive game-day coverage in the CFL and finally those who haven't been a part of enjoying what Rod and company do on game day can. It truly is a privilege of being part of those broadcasts and being a part of the 2013 Grey Cup broadcast goes down as one of the highlights of my what is already way too long broadcasting career.

--Should I be happy or sad that I am only in two fantasy baseball drafts this year?

--It would appear as if we are set for a Norway-Canada final at the World Mens Curling Championship. The John Morris rink has not missed a beat since John took the step of handing over the reins to Pat Simmons.  If Canada wins, it could be one of the greatest sports achievements accomplished over a few beers because you know that discussion to change skips likely started in the Brier Patch.

--That's all I got, Enjoy the long weekend and may the Easter Bunny leave behind chocolate and not something else in your yard.


Anonymous said...

I'm betting the Tigers have more NHLers than the Pats since 1970. At one point in time the Tigers had 4 goalies on NHL rosters. In addition two Tiger alumni are current NHL GMs.

The Tigers are a great organization.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? AM radio is still around?
Who actually listens to it?

Anonymous said...

The play of Brooks, Wagner and some others makes me wonder just what the Pats might have been able to do last year.

It would seem as if Malcolm Cameron wasn't the coach we thought he was or he wasn't allowed to put some players in a position to succeed because of higher-ups.

Speaking of which, where is Chad Lang?

Anonymous said...

Re: Tigers

Go back and see how many NHL'ers the Warriors have had compared to the Pats since MJ came into existence. I would wager its more.


Anonymous said...

I listen to AM radio all the time on app called TuneIn Radio. It's free and I can listen to post game call in shows of all my fav NHL and CFL teams.

Derek Zoolander said...

Comparing the above photo of Brendan Taman with your own I think its clear that the "Scruffy" look continues to be the trend. Is this an isolated phenomenon up in Saskatchewan, or have you started a trend that will continue to catch on in the world of fashion?

Anonymous said...

If the Riders are on an AM station, I will be listening. If CKRM management wouid wake up and see they should move the country music to MY92 and turn 620 into an all-sports station, there would be many listening to AM all the time.


Anonymous said...

Is Chad Lang even a part of the organization anymore or did they slide him out with no notice?

Anonymous said...

Unofficially 102 former Pat's have played in the NHL since 1970

1966-67 to 1973-75 - 20
1974-75 to 1983-84 – 35
1984-85 to 1994-95 – 20
1995-96 to 2004-05 – 19
2005-06 to PRESENT - 8

Since the Pat's inception 139 former Pat's have played in the NHL.

Anonymous said...

That's since 66

Anonymous said...

Thank you to anonymous that dug up that data on former Pats playing in NHL. Well done.

Anonymous said...

96 former Pats have played in the NHL since the Tigers were formed.

Anonymous said...

Chad Lang is the SENIOR Vice President

Mitchell Blair said...

Thanks indeed for whoever supplied the info on the Pats. Now who are they?? Kidding! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Go to the websites I listed as sources for the lists. Ron "Scoreboard" Johnston and Kevin Shaw put a lot of work into these websites, a great resource.

Kevin Shaw said...


The Medicine Hat Tigers actually started well before 1970.

They were part of the Southern Alberta Junior Hockey League (1947-48) and Western Canada Junior Hockey League (1948-56).

I can't find any mention of the Tigers from 1956-70 (that I've been able to find).

They were brought into the WCHL/WHL for the 1970-71 season.

Kevin Shaw said...

I've gone through and done some number crunching and there have been 97 Pats that have played in the NHL since the 1970-71 season.

Here they are (in order of the season of their NHL Debut):
Wright, Larry
Bromley, Gary (g)
Norrish, Rod
Bialowas, Dwight
Sobchuk, Gene
Gillies, Clark
Joly, Greg
Burdon, Glen
MacDougall, Kim
Staniowski, Ed (g)
Callander, Drew
Tudor, Rob
Krook, Kevin
Sobchuk, Dennis
Laird, Rob
Minor, Gerry
Wappel, Gord
Ingarfield, Earl Jr.
Tebbutt, Greg
Veitch, Darren
Wickenheiser, Doug
Beadle, Sandy
Blaisdell, Mike
Flockhart, Ron
Michayluk, Dave
MacInnis, Al
McGeough, Jim
Butcher, Garth
Strueby, Todd
Leeman, Gary
Graham, Dirk
Byers, Lyndon
Markwart, Nevin
Hall, Taylor
Holloway, Bruce
Tikkanen, Esa
Leavins, Jim
Tuer, Al
Odelein, Selmar
Endean, Craig
Lauer, Brad
Trapp, Doug
Callander, Jock
Miner, John
Dirk, Robert
Fedyk, Brent
Goertz, Dave
Janssens, Mark
Schreiber, Wally
Grimson, Stu
Miller, Brad
Dundas, Rocky
Haller, Kevin
Mathieson, Jim
Sim, Trevor
Byram, Shawn
Sillinger, Mike
Daniels, Scott
Hollinger, Terry
Pankiewicz, Greg
Shantz, Jeff
Smith, Jason
Friesen, Jeff
Wilkie, David
Heward, Jamie
Dempsey, Nathan
Morris, Derek
Nabokov, Dmitri
Holden, Josh
Calder, Kyle
Freadrich, Kyle
Stuart, Brad
Yakushin, Dmitri
Fedoruk, Todd
Low, Reed
Petrovicky, Ronald
Focht, Dan
Jackman, Barret
Exelby, Garnet
Kane, Boyd
Lysak, Brett
Murray, Garth
Orr, Colton
Harding, Josh (g)
Boogaard, Derek
Novak, Filip
Rypien, Rick
Belle, Shawn
Kalus, Petr
Tolpeko, Denis
Arsene, Dean
Eberle, Jordan
Ashton, Carter
Teubert, Colten
Bartley, Victor
Marincin, Martin
Davidson, Brandon

Mitchell Blair said...

Thanks Kevin!! That's some good work from you!

Kevin Shaw said...

Hey Mitch,

A little self promotion. I wrote about the Pats-NHL grads on my blog.