Thursday, April 23, 2015

This And That

The weekly assortment of thoughts running through my muddled mind and as always they are in no particular order

--Game 3 of the Jets-Ducks series was one of the best hockey games I've seen. What didn't that game have? Its too bad it didn't have the great Don Wittman doing the play-by-play of the first playoff game in Winnipeg in 19 years. That isn't a shot at Dave Randorf either who I think is a lot better than what many give him credit for. He's better than Romanuk!

--I loved the whiteout in Winnipeg as that tradition was brought back, but it loses something when the home team comes out wearing blue? A blue-out?

--I talked last week about wearing a Ducks Selanne jersey in Winnipeg, but what about with everyone wearing white at the Jets game, you go in a Riders road jersey with Getzlaf on it. That would be a double whammy to the Winnipeg sports fan. I would do that, but I think I would need Brendan Labatte and Ben Heenan with me.

--Stephen Harper has been photographed while wearing a Winnipeg Jets jersey, so why on earth wouldn't he have packed that for his trip to Winnipeg and Game 4 instead of wearing a Team Canada jersey.  SIGHHHHH!!!

--With the Ducks now advancing to play either Vancouver or Calgary in the 2nd round, all I have to say is GO DUCKS GO!! 

--The one thing you learn in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. 1) Never count out the Chicago Blackhawks and 2) Never count out the Detroit Red Wings. Many people didn't expect a lot out of either team going in.

--The Stanley Cup hasn't even gotten through the first round and the big winner may be the Edmonton Oilers. They've already acquired the opportunity to draft Connor McDavid and now it looks like Peter Chiarelli will be joining the club in some role. That's pretty good if you ask me and others in hockey circles. We now await word on a coach. I would have to think Todd McLellan will be the guy, but could Mike Babcock be tempted? I still think Babcock stays right where he is and the first round job he has done against Tampa cements that. Detroit doesn't want to let him go.

--Sam Bennett and Connor McDavid will definitely be the faces of "The Battle of Alberta" starting next year. Those two going head to head against one another will be special.

--We know Canadian quarterbacks get the shaft when it comes to the CFL, but what about Canadian running backs? Andrew Harris is the only Canadian running back who did his thing in Canada that is making any kind of noise in the CFL. Is the CIS producing running backs? That could be the answer. There was only one RB in the CIS who cracked the 1000 yard mark last year and that was Laurier's Dillon Campbell who was almost 500 yards ahead of his nearest competitor. I will admit I have never heard of Campbell. Will he get drafted in the CFL draft? It only asks the question as to why Canadian universities aren't producing CFL calibre running backs when we are seeing CFL calibre players at other positions. You can't tell me there aren't good running backs out there.

--After last week's offering, I understand the over/under on comments on RP's blog has been set at 70.5. Take the over and welcome back!

--Darian Durant played Madden with Jon Cornish in Toronto on Wednesday. Lets all hope Durant put the seed in Cornish's head right away by registering a one sided victory. You know the Stamps wanted nothing with the Riders in the West final last year and they want nothing to do with the Riders with a healthy DD.  Is it June yet?

--The NFL schedule came out and the NFL Network for some dumb reason has decided to prognosticate the schedule and start telling us where all teams are going to finish. ???? Isn't it a little early for that? Can we have the draft first? Can we start training camps? I realize the network has a lot of programming to fill, but throw some more top 10's in there. C'mon! 

--The Regina Rams have their first spring camp under Mike Gibson this weekend. When are the Rams going to get an offensive co-ordinator? You would think one should be in place before spring camp.

--It would appear as if the NHL and Las Vegas are destined to be partners very soon. I am a little skeptical as to how a franchise in Vegas would work, but owner Bill Foley seems to have the answers to the questions being asked and yes, if I were in Vegas during hockey season, I would want to go a game. The question I have about NHL expansion is why they wouldn't look at Portland while instead looking at cities like Seattle and Kansas City? Portland is obviously a hockey city as fans there love the Winterhawks. Sadly, they would probably be history if Portland became an NHL franchise, but I think a team there would be a huge success. Seattle wants a team, but they want that team to be a basketball team and not a hockey team.

--Golf courses are open in and around the city. Soon, I'll be slicing, hooking and cursing at a course and loving every minute of it!

--My thoughts and sympathies are with the people of Tisdale and surrounding area in the wake of this week's horrific murder-suicide. What a terrible story! How anyone can kill a child in cold blood is just beyond me.

--Congratulations to Rider great Ray Elgaard for getting named to the Gridiron Greats Hall of Fame!

--I don't know who is doing the Telus Cup games for Hockey Canada, but he must have stocked up on throat lozenges. The guy has done every game of the tournament meaning he has done four games a day. That's no walk in the park. I did three games a day at the Esso Cup when it was in Regina and by mid-week my voice was gone. I don't think I've drank as much chamomile tea as I did that week. Some woman from Thunder Bay kept getting me some saying it was the best thing for a strained voicebox. I wasn't going to argue!

--The Regina Red Sox annual sportsman dinner goes Saturday night with former Jays center-fielder Devon White speaking. I won't be able to get to the event this year, but it will be a great night. If you haven't got a ticket yet, I think you can still get some.

--The stars of High Impact Wrestling have one of the biggest shows in Western Canadian independent wrestling tonight. These guys work their tails off and they will be putting on an outstanding performance at the Highland Club starting at 7. Support independent pro wrestling and entertain yourself on a Friday night!

--The Blue Jays lead the majors in runs and Bautista and Encarnacion are hitting a combined .174. That's a little hard to believe and just reinforces top-notch pitching is needed to become a contender.

--The New York Mets have 11 won in a row. Are Keith Hernandez and Mookie Wilson back?

--If you are diagnosed with kleptomania, do you take something for it?

--Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Great point on Don Wittman! He's one of the best Canadian all around broadcasters we have had. Cuthbert is a modern day Wittman IMO.

Anonymous said...

Vegas can't survive. Once the WOW factor is gone and the team is losing, they will be done.

Anonymous said...

Common Scruffy - couple statements made me shake my head this morning - Jon Cornish is also a Canadian RB and I'm pretty sure he did his thing in the CFL this year...haha....

And the statement -- The one thing you learn in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. 1) Never count out the Chicago Blackhawks - Many people didn't expect a lot out of either team going in.

Where have you been - most hockey analysts were picking the Chicago Blackhawks to come out of the West and are probably the Stanley Cup favorite this year.

You kind of missed the boat today big fella.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 2. Vegas can't survive.

I would put this on Rod's blog, but he probably wouldn't publish it.


Anonymous said...

Anon 3

Jon Cornish went to school at Kansas. Read the statement!

As far as the Blackhawks go, I don't know what you were looking at because many had them losing to Nashville without Kane.

Kane changes the look of that team as we have found out.

Anonymous said...

Should be a great night socializing with Devo!

Anonymous said...

Just to take your Canadian RB argument one step further.

Andrew Harris did his thing in junior football and not the CIS. This further advances the argument about Candian RB's in the CIS.

To Anon 3, what CIS school did Cornish go to? Looks like you've missed the boat too!


Anonymous said...

The news out of Edmonton is the best news we have heard for years.

A decade of complete and total stupdity appears to be over!

All because of one ping-pong ball!

Anonymous said...

Another great night of High Impact Wrestling followed by the Red Sox dinner.

A good weekend is about to be had!!

Big George

Anonymous said...

I would go to Vegas for a game, but if I were there for 7 days and there were 3 home games I would only go for one because there is so much to do.

They will get a team, but Atlanta got one too and it didn't last a decade. Same story here!