Friday, February 12, 2016

This and That

It is time for the usual set of weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always, they are in no particular order

--The poor CFL just can't win. It is free agent day across the league on Tuesday. A day where CFL fans can see what is happening with their team as far as additions and subtractions go.  A day where they should have centre stage, but just as the window opens on free agency, the door shuts on any momentum or traction the CFL could have gotten.  The Leafs trade Dion Phaneuf to Ottawa to steal the headlines and even the Western Hockey League gets into the act by announcing a five year extension for commissioner Ron Robison.

 --Why wouldn't the official network of the CFL dedicate at least two hours of programming to a property that they hold exclusivity over on the first day of free agency.?  A CFL free agent frenzy would have drawn a lot of viewers. It just seems to me at times TSN is holding the CFL back in so many ways as they could do so much more.

--While day 1 of free agency may have been somewhat overshadowed by the Phaneuf trade, day 2 wasn't overshadowed by anything in Rider Nation.

It is safe to say that while Chris Jones and his braintrust didn't get every guy they wanted, they have vastly improved the look of what was a putrid looking squad in 2015 in many areas. Justin Capicotti should make up for the loss of John Chick, Greg Jones is going to look great besides Jeff Knox Junior, and Ed Gainey and Otha Foster will make the secondary better although Foster could be that linebacker/defensive back that so many teams employ now. I think when all is said and done, the acquistion of Jones may be the biggest one of the off-season---at least to this date.  Is it June yet?

--If the Riders won free agency as some are suggesting, is it safe to say the big losers in free agency were the Eskimos?

--Don't be surprised to see Ray Early get released by the Riders. Chris Jones has shown since taking over that he's pretty good at punting!!

--Are there are any more Campbells out there that the Riders can trade for? Hugh, Rick, Jamie??

--Quote of the week from Indianapolis Colts offensive lineman Ben Heenan. Speaking at the Kinsmen Dinner in Moose Jaw, Heenan was asked by Sportsnet's Jamie Campbell how he could abandon his home province. Big Ben's answer---"I just didn't want Chris Jones to cut me". LOVE IT!!

--How about Jeremy Roenick in Moose Jaw last weekend! The former Flyer and Hawk, who now works for NBC, wowed those in attendance at that same Moose Jaw Kinsmen dinner. He just decided at the last minute to offer up something for the live auction. That something being hotel, airfare and two tickets to any Stanley Cup game played this year in the city of the winner's choosing. He even went further than that saying lunch, an autographed jersey and a chance to meet your favourite player will be thrown in there too. The price of this "gift" from Roenick was 11,500.  This was the first time Roenick had been to our little neck of the woods and he said he loved it in Regina and Moose Jaw. Let's get him back here Saskatchewan!! Nice job J-R!!

--If I had seen this picture before Monday's "Something to Mitch About", I would have put it up then.  Carolina linebacker Thomas Davis broke his arm in the NFC Championship game and wasn't going to let that stand in the way of him playing two weeks later in the Super Bowl. This was his arm after the surgeons were done with him....that is not a football!!!

Nasty doesn't even come close to describing this.  Talk about having a love for the game! Perhaps Davis needs to have a little sit-down with his quarterback.

--Tweet of the week comes from Derek "Duke" Meyers of Global Regina.

--Anyone who knows anything about professional wrestling and watched RAW this past Monday saw that there is a factor of realism when they saw Daniel Bryan say goodbye to something he spent his life doing. His retirement speech was powerful.

--As MLB gets ready to start its 2016 season in a couple of months, numbers as to what ballpark is the easiest to hit one out of and what one is the toughest over the last five years have been released. It is no surprise to see Coors Field in Denver is the easiest place to hit a homerun because of the rarified air, but I was surprised to see San Francisco's AT&T Park is the toughest. It makes what Barry Bonds did a few years ago that much more interesting. By the way, Rogers Centre is 4th.

--Are Regina and Saskatoon too small for Uber? Could it work in the two cities?

--Yes, it was the Leafs, but damn do Jordan Eberle and Connor McDavid look good together. If those two stay healthy and stay together, could Ebs get 50 next year?

--How many people at the start of the WHL season would have said in mid-February, the Lethbridge Hurricanes will be the best team in the Eastern Conference and just one point away from having the most points in the league? I'm guessing not many!

--I would think the Regina Pats have sewed up a playoff spot, but can they catch Moose Jaw for 3rd place in the Eastern Division? They are only five back going into a big weekend against Prince Albert and Brandon.

--That's all I got. Have a great long weekend!


Anonymous said...

The CFL needs to be so much more aggressive than they are with TSN. You are right, 5 TSN feeds and not one could devote an afternoon of programming to FAF. Having Lalji host with correspondents around the country, and interviews with coaches and management would have brought in viewers and help the brand.

Too much cluelessness in the front office!


Anonymous said...

I don't think I will ever understand why Jones wanted out of Edmonton after having the success he had and the success he could have had there. I have to believe he had a problem with Hervey and the organization sided with Ed. If the Eskimo executive had seen this coming in November instead of being euphoric over winning the GC, I don't think Jones would be here. I hope Reynolds is wise enough to make sure these guys are around for a while.

Good times are returnin to Riderville.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Uber in Regina or Saskatoon? Give your head a shake Scruffy. Taxi drivers here in Saskatchewan will be gouging us for years to come.

Anonymous said...

I think Chris Jones left for $$$$$$$$$…lots of it. A chance to double your salary doesn't come along every day. Additionally Ed Hervey isn't the easiest guy to get along with either. Remember how he was calling out and embarassing his players and going over his coaches head. It was so bad the Players Association had to get involved and Hervey was fined by the League.

Jones was instrumental bringing in coaches and players into Edmonton, and was really the architect of that rebuild. Hervey got the credit. Jones wanted this job and he will do a phenominal job turning us around and setting us up for long term success. We are very lucky to have him, and we should be supportive.

I believe we will be over .500 this season and maybe over. I fully expect that we will be GC contenders within two years.

Anonymous said...

TSN would rather put That's Hockey, darts or something else we couldn't care about on than CFL.

Free agent frenzy would have a lot of viewers. FUMBLE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to have a hard-on for Jones. If he was so good, why wouldn't Argos keep him? The three stooges (Scruffy, Mullinder and chief stooge Peterson) might want to tone it down a little! I'd throw Andrews in there, but he wouldn't know a football unless it had a Pats logo on it.

Anonymous said...

Even putting something on TSN GO would have worked for FAF. TSN drops the ball again, and Orridge probably doesn't care.


Anonymous said...

Money Money Money !!!! Jones now VP, Gm , Head coach , Defensive coordinator - Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club. What don't you understand Brian? Jones in total control running his own show.