Saturday, April 15, 2017

CFL'ers Want To Play For Chris Jones

Late last season, and during this off-season, several CFL players have stated they want to continue their football careers in Saskatchewan because of Chris Jones.  To read more on this, click here 


Anonymous said...

He's a proven winner like Belichek in NFL

Anonymous said...

It's pretty hard to win a football game without a QB, sort of like playing baseball without a decent pitcher.
That's on Jones the GM and Jones the coach may pay the price.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I also play football and want to play for Mr. Jones. I'll be taking a long road trip in my truck down to Florida for a Saskatchewan Roughriders tryout after reading this article. I knew Mr. Jones was good, but this info not only makes my intentions more determined to knock down a brick wall with my power body for Mr. Jones, but I'll make it easy for his associated staff to sign me, play me.

Anonymous said...

You can post all the B.S. you want Scruffy, I still despise the him.


Anonymous said...


For every one of these there is another guy that retired the minute he was traded to the Roughriders.