Sunday, August 13, 2017

Players To Watch

The Riders and Lions meet in the back half of a home-and-home at 6 o'clock.  Here are some players to watch whether you be in the stands or watching at home.

JON JENNINGS - Jennings re-assumes the starter's role as he is healthy again after suffering an injury against Hamilton combined with the fact Travis Lulay isn't 100 percent thanks to Willie Jefferson. Can Jefferson and the Rider "D" make Jennings uncomfortable? Does he have any rust?  If he struggles, does Wally go back to Lulay.

DERRICK MONCRIEF - I think the Oklahoma State product has potential to be an impact player in this league. I said that the day they got him. What can he do from the strong-side linebacker spot and can he be a force in his first CFL game. Will Jennings or Lulay try to expose him one-on-one with Jeremiah Johnson

RIDER SECONDARY - They've been the weak link this year. Too many big plays have been registered against them including last week. In the CFL, you are going to give up big plays, but they have to be limited. If BC has 4 or more 30 yard pass plays this afternoon, it could be another tough night for the green and white.

CAMERON MARSHALL -  This one is a no-brainer.  The Riders offence needs to be balanced. Running the football a few times would help with that. Marshall can do the job when asked. Ask him a little more!

BRENDON LABATTE -  I could put the whole offensive line in here as they have been shuffled around thanks to the Dan Clark injury.  Labatte can do the job, and I expect him to be just fine. As for the rest of the line, we will see what happens.

CHRIS RAINEY -  As I said last week, this guy can change a game every time he touches the ball. He might be the best return man in the league. You have to keep him contained.

Enjoy the game!

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