Monday, August 26, 2019

Andrew Harris Suspended

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The CFL is suspending Bombers RB Andrew Harris for two games after he tested positive for a banned substance thus being in violation of the league's drug policy.  The following statements have been released by Harris, Bombers coach Mike O'Shea and team president Wade Miller. 

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers would like to provide media with the following statements in regards to today’s news:

Statement from Winnipeg Blue Bombers running back, Andrew Harris:

Throughout my four years playing here in Winnipeg, I have been drug tested more than any other player on our team to the point that it has become a running joke within our locker room. This year alone I’ve been tested three times: The first time on March 1, 2019 in the off-season, followed by July 2nd (blood and urine samples), and finally 10 days later on July 12 through a urine sample.

Somehow on July 12, just ten days after a test that came back completely clean, I was notified that I had tested positive for the first time in my career with very small trace of a banned substance. I’m still in shock and disbelief at the news. I immediately thought there had to be some kind of mistake.

The timeline makes it very clear — I was not using a banned substance for performance enhancing purposes, nor was I aware that I was taking any supplements with any banned substances in them. Based on the fact pattern, this is clearly a case of product contamination.

Nonetheless, I am devastated by the idea of missing two important games with my teammates. More importantly, I want football fans and young athletes around this country to know that I have not and would never cheat. People know my history and my background, and I have always taken tremendous pride in having overcome adversity through sheer force of will. I would never risk my career and the respect of my teammates, coaches and the fans in this manner.

I am told that this substance typically can stays in the body for up to four weeks, so trace amounts in my system 10 days after testing cleanly makes it clear that I did not purposefully ingest any banned substance.

I’ve spent countless hours of training, running, studying, rehabbing, succeeding and failing, and have put in blood sweat and tears to get to where I stand today. My road to becoming a starter in the CFL was extremely difficult, and I take a lot of pride in the honest blue collar work I’ve put in to reach this point in my career. This is why this announcement is very difficult for me.

I’ve worked very hard to get to where I am, and I pride myself on being not only a great role model to my daughter and youth throughout our country, but to my peers as well. As unsettling and painful as this is to me and my family, I hope this can be a helpful reminder to all athletes about being extremely cautious and aware of what they are taking and putting into their bodies.

I’m very sorry to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for this unexpected result, and I can’t wait to rejoin my teammates and the city of Winnipeg in our quest to bring a Grey Cup to this wonderful city that I am fortunate enough to call home. Thank you.

Statement from Winnipeg Blue Bombers President and CEO, Wade Miller:

“The Canadian Football League today announced that Winnipeg Blue Bombers running back Andrew Harris has been suspended for two games, effective immediately, after testing positive for a banned substance under the policy of the CFL and Canadian Football League Players’ Association.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers fully support the CFL’s policy on performance enhancing drugs and have fully cooperated with the CFL in regard to this matter.

The Winnipeg Football Club also supports Andrew Harris through this extremely difficult and unfortunate situation. We look forward to Andrew re-joining us on the field for game days following the bye week.”

Statement from Winnipeg Blue Bombers Head Coach, Mike O’Shea:

“As someone who has coached Andrew for four seasons now, I know first hand the hard work and dedication he puts into his career as a true professional. Andrew has been tested eight times since becoming a member of the Blue Bombers, three times this season, including ten days prior to the test that came back positive. While this is an extremely unfortunate situation, I support Andrew and look forward to his return in a few weeks.”


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In the words of Scruffy.


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How convenient!!! ( from the mouths of Craig Dickenson and Jeremy O'Day)

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Riders been lucking out lately playing opponents that have lost their star power right before.

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Does it not seem strange that a running back is getting stronger and faster in his 30's and when he is caught cheating it is a great big surprise?

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Nothing to do with Andrew Harris so shouldn't be posted, question for you though.

Do you suppose Calgary is taking their time with BLM because they are quite content to finish 4th in the west, get the crossover and play the GC on home field?

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you smelt it , you dealt it

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Winnipeg doesn't need Andy Harris