Friday, August 23, 2019

This And That

--After seeing what happened in Winnipeg Thursday night, is there anyone out there who is still ticked the Packers and Raiders didn't play at Mosaic.  What a s**tshow that was.  Field problems meant they played on an 80 yard field with no kickoffs and second-stringers starting while the guys you wanted to see like Aaron Rodgers stood on the sidelines with a ballcap on.  Very Winnipegish!  How did this problem suddenly come up at the last minute.  They didn't think this would happen and they didn't find it when the field was created to NFL dimensions. 

Thanks Winnipeg! Winnipeg, Alberta that is!

--The Calgary Stampeders aren't happy with CFL officiating after their overtime loss to Montreal.  Don't let the fact you blew a large lead late play into the equation at all.  It is laughable to hear the Stampeders talk about officiating after the many breaks they have been given over the years. If someone can truly show me evidence Vernon Adams Junior was not over the goal-line late in the 4th quarter than we can talk.

Still with the Stamps, after spending a few days in Calgary if there are billboards or anything advertising them or the Flames for that matter, they weren't in areas where I was.  Marketing 101 101.  I saw some ads on Global Calgary but that was it!

--With Matt Nichols now going down, could those two games between the Eskimos and Riders at the end of the season be games that determine who finish first.

--I have nothing against Roy Shivers, but I am tired of this constant campaign to get him in the Plaza of Honour.  Just do it so we can stop talking about it.  Roy did start the turn-around that this team has experienced back in the day. There is no denying that though and even the Roy-haters must admit that.  He was perhaps an infamous Paul McCallum shank from being the GM of a Grey Cup winning team.

--With the way the Alouettes are playing, could we see another Montreal-Saskatchewan Grey Cup at MacMahon Stadium on the 10 year anniversary of ------well you know the rest of the story.  By the way, the CFL was nice enough to let us know in game notes that leading up to last Saturday's game in Calgary, the Alouettes had not won at MacMahon since that game.  SIGHHHH

--The Riders will have caught another break by not playing Matt Nichols in the Labour Day Classic and Banjo Bowl.  They have not had to take on Jeremiah Masoli, Adams or Nichols this year due to injury.  Injuries are a part of the game.

--Methinks we are finally going to see if Chris Streveler is capable of running a CFL offence or not. For someone who is going to be a free agent at year's end, this will be his chance to sink or swim.

--The Leader-Post's Rob Vanstone asked a great question this week.  How on earth did the Ottawa REDBLACKS score 44 against the Riders earlier this year.  What a putrid squad they are in the Nation's Capital.  That being said in what has been a weird year in the CFL, I wouldn't walk into Mosaic Saturday night thinking you are going to see a one-sided contest.  The Riders should win, but I'll say it's by 10 or less.

--To no one's surprise, the Pats are going to get in the outdoor fun in August by playing the Calgary Hitmen on the day after the Heritage Classic.  It will be a great afternoon and weekend at Mosaic, but I can't be the only one asking why the Pats aren't playing another Saskatchewan-based team.  I think we all knew this was going to happen so why didn't or couldn't the schedule makers have Moose Jaw, P-A or Saskatoon here.  At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter, but its a question to be asked,

--MLB's Little League Classic where a major league game is played in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in front of a small crowd consisting of those participating at the Little League World Series is a great idea.  It reconnects the youth with the present-day.  It will never happen, but would I love to see the Riders play an exhibition game at Leibel Field with kids and parents of Regina Minor Football being the beneficiaries.  One can dream though!

--Antonio Brown might be worse than Terrell Owens and that is saying a lot. How many players have played over the years with different helmets.  They can, but he can't.  Yeesh!

--Many of you have been to Banff and Canmore so I won't talk about time spent there and how great it is.  It is fascinating for this prairie kid to drive into and spend time in the mountains though when all you normally see is flat-land.  I can't imagine being a full-time resident in those places though trying to hammer out a living when the "touristy" prices are in effect for everyone.  Perhaps the pay is better than one would think, but it is expensive for items when there.  It is a beautiful spot to spend time in though and it is a great place to people-watch.

--The Regina Red Sox fell short to Okotoks in the WCBL Final.  Some questioned the fact they put out someone on the mound to start Game 1 who hadn't started a game all season, but at the end of the day, Okotoks was the better team.  With the league having to make sure all of its players get back to their schools and some having to leave early, it puts a damper on things when some of both teams best players weren't around for the final, but what can you do.  There have been many suggestions, but the fact remains you only have so long to play so many games.

--We're less than two weeks from NFL season starting.  Have you had your fantasy draft yet? Are you in a Survivor pool?

--That's all I got.  Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

So glad that game wasn't played in Regina. I was excited when I first heard about it, but the more I heard, the more I was glad it didn't come here. That makes Winnipeg look real bad.


Anonymous said...

Did they ever announce the attendance? I can't find it.

Anonymous said...

Gormley and his crew of wannabes are pretty quiet today about this 'event". I doubt he will apologize to the Riders and REA for not wanting to host this fiasco. Good thing Gormley had a group of Angry Listners foot the bill for the experience.

Anonymous said...

It was great watching the Stamps on the wrong end of decisions. It's normally the other way around.

It's also been enjoyable watching 'The Narcissist' aka Corey Chamblin get his butt kicked week after week.

I suspect the NFL will be done with Canada for a while and that's GOOD!

Anonymous said...

21,992 fans at the Oakland Green Bay Game. Winnipeg has averaged 25,028 through their first 5 home games this CFL season. So almost the same.

Anonymous said...

Anyone falling for anything done by John Graham get what they deserve. Has he put on any event where everything has been delivered? NHL pre-season, soccer, NFL. Winnipeg found out what Saskatchewan has known for years.


Ryan said...

The Riders did face Masoli this year in game 1.

Anonymous said...

To answer the question how did the RedBlacks score 44 against SK? If anyone watched the game, like me, they would remember DDavis was brilliant that day. Passes just a few inches beyond the DB’s hands falling perfectly into the receivers to name one. He had an uncanny ability that day. QB’s can be hot or cold. Take Cody when he played against Calgary. The Iceman that day. I expect a much different experience this weekend.

Anonymous said...

We all knew an outdoor game was coming when Heritage Classic was announced, but I thought it would be Stoon, PA or MJ. Much more of a draw than Calgary.

Anonymous said...

Crowd was announced at 22,000, but I am guessing there were maybe 16-17000 there. Looks good on Graham for once again not delivering what was promised.