Sunday, October 17, 2010

Exposing Some Flaws

The Calgary Stampeders are a team that is known to self-destruct if they start off slow. That wasn't the case Sunday. It looked early as if the Riders might blow the Stamps out of the water as they scored on their first two possessions, but that was basically it. After that, the Stampeders controlled the football game winning it 34-26. Some thoughts from the old cranium on this one.

--Has the Rider defence forgot how to tackle in the open-field? This is a problem that is not getting any better and might be getting worse.

--Brandon Browner absolutely owned Andy Fantuz as the Riders could not get #83 open. Browner prevented Fantuz from getting off the line of scrimmage multiple times. Browner won this battle going away.

--I don't think the Riders want to waste a roster spot by bringing in an American kicker. Thus the early talk of bringing in Justin Medlock who is on the Eskimos practice roster isn't worth the time. With Paul McCallum's age, I think BC will find a way to hide Sean Whyte so don't count on him either.

--Chris Getzlaf just keeps getting better and better and better.

--If Jon Cornish can be used a solid compliment to Joffrey Reynolds, why can't the Riders find a way to have Hugh Charles spell off Wes Cates from time to time.

--Why are the Riders constantly called for no yards?

--With Rob Bagg out, will we see Jordan Sisco on the 42 man roster next week? I would say yes!

--Dwight Anderson re-defines the word class.

Enough about that. Other thoughts from Sunday

--Seahawks win...WOO-HOO!!!! On a side note, did you see Jon Ryan get smoked on Devin Hester's 4th quarter punt return. He got lit up big-time. You're not supposed to do that to a punter.

--The Chiefs-Texans game cost me $250 on pro-line. I needed the tie!

--I won all three of my fantasy games--well OK Vince Young could go nuts Monday night in Jacksonville, but I'm feeling confident.

--I tried the KFC Double Down after the Rider game. It's not bad, but I'm thinking a salt-lick would provide less sodium.

--Graham DeLaet of Weyburn won over 100-thousand dollars after a top 10 finish at the open. This should ensure that he keeps his card in 2011. Good job Graham!!

--Why won't the Dodgers allow Tim Wallach to be interviewed for the Jays managerial position?

--TSN is airing a history of great Vancouver Canuck moments later this week. How are they going to fill the other 45 minutes of the hour?

--Speaking of TSN, I couldn't be happier to see CTV Regina's Lee Jones now working the sidelines at Rider games. I've always thought Lee should have been the guy seeing he is here every day and knows the team. He has gotten his chance and he will make the most of it.

--Make sure the coffee is strong, methinks its going to be a long day.


Anonymous said...

1. If Daley is going, take Etcheverry with him. Our defence is getting worse, not better and that's not good.
2. Congi will be lucky if he ever kicks again. Where's Ryan Elaschuk?
3. Its Sisco time
4. Its Hugh Charles time
5. How much of a kick in the ass will it be if Edmonton beats us in the WSF and that could happen.

I don't know if you are still confident about this team playing in the GC, but after what I've seen the last two weeks fuggetaboutit.

Anonymous said...

Our open-field tackling is terrible. Its been that way all year. Morgan, Kornegay and Lucas have been BRUTAL this year when it comes to that part of the game. If a team wants to succeed against the Riders, a short 3-4 yard pass will work every time because said receiver will break the first tackle nine times out of ten leaving it 2nd and short if not first down. Etcheverry needs to take a strip off these guys or have Miller take one off him.

Anonymous said...

Rider stuff aside. Lets hear it for Graham DeLaet. That is great news. Another Saskie making it big. Maybe I'll be able to play him in Tiger Woods 13 or 14.


Anonymous said...

I have no problem with Eddie Johnson being our placekicker. I can't see the Riders wanting two Americans to kick for them and I don't know if a guy like Elaschuk is the answer. Too bad the Riders couldn't scoop up the Rams kicker cuz he's money.


Anonymous said...

What about grant shaw ? was he released from Toronto ? He's canadian, kicked for the huskies last year.

I wonder what his status is now that Noel Prefontaine is an argo again.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Fantuz fan, but we just found out why he's not an NFL receiver. You have to be able to shake those guys at the line and get open in the NFL. If you can't you won't make it and Fantuz can't. Its one of the few weaknesses in his game.


Anonymous said...

I know I tread on very thin water when I ask this, but is Sisco good enough that we could trade someone like a Bagg or Getzlaf for a solid rush end next season. I still think our big problem is a lack of consistent pressure on the QB and that we really miss Chick and Baggs. I'm thinking we could get a lot for either Bagg or Getzlaf. We'd still have Fantuz and Dressler so would it be that bad?


Anonymous said...

"Carm Carteri feels there needs to be personnel changes. He even called out LB Daniel Francis on the air Sunday" Couldn't agree more, Francis has been invisible on the field all year. Another weak link is Mike McCullough he's way too slow to be playing linebacker, RBs make him look foolish all the time. When are we re-signing Rey Williams and has his injury healed yet ???