Monday, October 25, 2010

This Surely Must Be The End

I probably wouldn't be writing this if Percy Harvin had kept both feet in bounds. In fact, if he had done that, everyone would be talking about how Brett Favre led the Vikings to a win at Lambeau Field on a broken ankle.
Favre's chances at being a hero one last time at Lambeau came to an end Sunday night and I have to think that perhaps his career may be over as well.
I said that Favre had that look on his face when it was over. One that suggested he had played his last down on the field where he became an icon. Word is now that Favre has two fractures in his ankle. His consecutive starts streak looks like it will end at 291 games--315 if you include playoffs.
While Brett has flashes of brilliance as was indicated Sunday night, his body is sending him a message. He can't do it anymore on a consistent basis. The Vikings can't afford to have Brett be good one series and not the next. If he should play for some reason, why? He will be a sitting duck in the pocket and he will be hurting his team. He knows this. He has to. There's nothing more he can do. Even if Brett should come back this year, the Vikings need to win the Super Bowl and I don't see that happening.
With all the talk around Brett being negative right now because of his play and the situation involving Jennifer Sterger, it is time to get back on the tractor in Mississippi and wait for the call to Canton.
Speaking of Sterger, this story is getting ridiculous. At what point is someone going to come out and call this woman out for the little gold-digging whore that she is. Did Brett call her. Yeah, he probably did. Sterger's lawyers say they are trying to find who gave Favre her cell-phone number. Here's a start----ask Sterger. I'm guessing she got herself into a situation that escalated out of control. She is just as guilty as Favre and she knows it and that is why she is not talking to the NFL. She is probably afraid that her career at Versus and wherever might go down the toilet if she is seen to be a fraud. Right now, she is playing the victim, but as is the case in many of these cases, she is probably the one to blame. If some do some proper digging and not just take words, they will likely find the truth.
Still with Favre, FOX's Michael Strahan was on "The Dan Patrick Show" Monday morning to talk about a variety of things. Patrick asked Favre if the situation for him is worse on the field or off of it. Strahan's reply was "That's easy. Off the field. On the field, Brett can get battered around, but he is still loving what he is doing. Off the field, Brett has to go home to an angry woman and that isn't good at all. I can't disagree with that statement. How about you fellas?
Still with Dan Patrick, I just about drove my car off the road when former Colts coach and NBC football analyst Tony Dungy said the Seahawks were the best team in the NFC. What? Really! ESPN's Mark Schlereth then said it in the afternoon. You know I'm a huge Seahawks fan, but I don't think they are the best team in the NFC. All I know is they are proving a lot of people who thought they might be the worst team in the league wrong. I had them finishing 9-7 at the end of the year and winning the division. I stand by that. My best friend is off to Vegas this week. Do I give him $20 to put on the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. Damn right I will.
If you listened to "The Sportscage" Friday, you heard me play props and pools with a contestant. The rules were we pick 7 games--a combo of both. Whoever gets more wins. If I do, I get nothing. If the contestant wins, he gets a prize pack from the WCLC. Imagine my surprise when I heard RP say today during the show that I selected all six games right. I had asked who would throw for more yards--Ray or Durant on Saturday but that became void when Ricky didn't start. I picked all six right. I should have bought a damn ticket with those selections---alas I didn't.
Tony Romo is done for the season after the Cowboys quarterback suffered a broken clavicle in the Giants Monday night win. Poor Jerry Jones. He has a 1.8 billion dollar stadium and a team that is now being led by Jon Kitna. Maybe Jerr-ah can take tickets on Super Bowl Sunday. I can't stand the guy and I just want to see someone smack that smug smile right off his mug with a pillowcase full of crap.
Sign him if you want, but I don't see Kerry Joseph playing a down for the Eskimos. They still have Jared Zabransky, they still have Jason Maas.
There's a lot of talk about what the Riders should do with the lineup over the next two weeks and whether or not regulars should be rested. What about the Stamps? Do you rest Burris, Reynolds, Lewis, Browner, etc. etc to make sure they are fine for the Western final. Is Montreal going to rest their top players down the stretch. The worst thing for the Riders is knowing they have a home playoff game sewn up. Montreal always struggles at this time of year when they know where they are going to finish and Calgary isn't lights out right now knowing they have finished first. Its not over yet.
A lot of cars had their tires slashed on Dewdney Avenue near the RCMP barracks on the weekend. Dewdney is a pretty well travelled area at all times of the day. No one saw what was going on? C'mon! Seeing it and making a quick call to police might have stopped a lot of this. Hell, if you got caught on your cellphone while driving, you could tell them face-to-face. You probably wouldn't get that ticket either.
The Raiders take on the Seahawks this Sunday. I may have to get hold of my good Raiders friend Brad. You might know that person as Premier Wall. I will know if its time for the SaskParty to start looking for a new leader or that the NDP is about to take power if I see the Premier come out for a scrum looking like Al Davis complete with the windsuit. He must be pretty happy after his team rolled up 59 on the weekend. I wonder if he got a hold of Vanstone. I would have.
As I write this, my driveway is wet. When I wake up, will it be white?
We are now less than two months until Christmas. Started shopping yet?
Part of me wants to buy Smackdown vs Raw 2011 that comes out today for the PS3. Another part of me says NO! What to do, what to do?
A picture speaks a thousand words, but with photo-shop, it tells a thousand lies.


mongo said...

i told my brother in law last night that there's always jeff garcia or daunte culpepper in the UFL for the cowboys...but i supposed that applies to the eskimos too lol...


Anonymous said...

Bretts ankle can't be broken that badly if the Vikings say he might play. He has to put his ego aside and realize he can't help his team with one wounded leg. What he did Monday was unreal---but that was in a quarter. Another hit and he could suffer permanent damage. Call it a career Brett and no one will criticize you.


Anonymous said...

There's only two reasons why Sterger is wheere she is today. You know what those two reasons are. Have you ever seen her on "The Daily Line". She's horrible!

She could bring Brett down, but she knows she's guilty and that she'll go down with him.


Jerry said...

If he gets suspended by the NFL, they'll say he wouldn't have played anyway.

If he doesn't get suspended, he starts the game.

Mark My Words.

Anonymous said...

When I look outside, it makes me hate your Christmas comment even more. GRRRRRR!!!