Saturday, October 9, 2010

You Can't Win Em All

So much for the Rider winning streak at home. I'm not really sure how they did it because they weren't flashy or anything, but the Toronto Argonauts stole one from the Riders at Mosaic meaning all of the Rider Nation will be rooting for Montreal on Monday so that next week's game against Calgary still means a shot at finishing first.

Jim Daley will face the heat this week and the Riders special teams coach should. However, I do ask you this. How many of you would have realistically been expecting a fake safety? That was maybe one of the gutsiest and ballsiest calls I have ever seen. That would have caught any team off guard no matter the level of football. I can give him a pass on that. Ken Miller did say after the game that the cover teams were outstanding and I can agree on that, but having a blocked field goal and another fake punt go for a first down is something has fans of the green up in arms. No matter the volume of the cry to replace Daley, it won't be happening this late in the season.
Just some other thoughts

--The offence didn't have their spark or pizzazz. Was this because of something the Toronto "D" was doing to the Saskatchewan receivers. Was it because Darian once again didn't have the proper time to set up?

--Give credit to the Argos. As much as you hate to admit it, the other team is supposed to go out there and play to their best and make plays too. They did today. Like I said, it wasn't flashy, but it was effective. You have to tip your hat to them.

--Why doesn't Mike McCullough get more credit for being an outstanding linebacker. With guys like Lloyd, McKenzie, Williams, Lucas and Simpson around over the past few years, he hasn't gotten a lot of ink and that's too bad. He may be the most under-rated player in the CFL. He would be on my team anyday of the week.

--Do the Argos run any plays that don't involve Cory Boyd or Jermaine Copeland?

--Willie Pile is another guy I would have on my team. He is fun to watch.

--A woman phoned into the CKRM postgame show asking what exactly "Worksafe Bob" is. What is he....he is something creepy that should no longer be allowed on the field while that stupid song plays. Get rid of "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate".

--Eddie Davis still looks like he could throw on the sweater and play the game. It was great seeing him, Scott Schultz and Matt Dominguez get honoured today. E-D will always be one of my all time favourite Riders. Jeff Fairholm may be number 1, but Eddie is in that top 5 if not top 3. To those that go what about George and Ronnie, remember I was 10 when Ronnie hung them up.

--I wonder if Andy Fantuz has a spot picked out at home as to where he is going to put his most outstanding Canadian award this year. Just give it to him already.

--The Riders will beat Calgary next weekend. Hopefully Montreal beats them on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Why not dump Daley? What harm could it do? Oh, the special teams would be in shambles. They are anyway. The Riders are not a Grey Cup contender as long as Jim Daley is giving away field position from the sidelines.

Anonymous said...

Durant's INT at the 5 yard line hurt.
I will agree with you on the fake safety because I don't think any armchair quarterback would do that (unless his name was Mike O'Shea), but there are just too many gaffes each and every week when it comes to special teams. I think we can cancel the parade down the Green Mile. THe Riders won't win the Western Final in Calgary.

Anonymous said...

Can Eddie Davis coach special teams? Ask him before he leaves town!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ken Miller = Danny Barrett


How many punts/kicks have been blocked?
How many fake punts have been successful for us?
Where do we rank in returns?

If there WAS accounatbility Jim Daley would have a ticket out of town.

...but alas the status quo will continue.


Anonymous said...

Mitch the reason why teams try gutsy plays against our Special Teams isd because they know we are BRUTAL.

If we had dominate ST's do you really think teams would fake third down punts/kicks??? give your head a shake

Anonymous said...

Yeh, cancel the parade and the order for the caps and T-shirts. Jim Daley and Doug Berry must hate parades.

Anonymous said...

The one thing that stands out about our special teams coach as quoted by Ken Miller, "We expected a fake and we practiced against that very play, but they beat us". Wow, if that doesn't say Coach Daly is a lousy special teams coach, I don't know what it says.

TelevisionSteve said...

I full-heartedly agree with you about McCullough. Most under-rated player on the team. He's money on 2nd and long.

Anonymous said...


Tyler said...

The thing about Worksafe Bob... he's got no eyes or fingers. Obviously, he doesn't practice what he preaches when it comes to being safe at work.