Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tillman Speaks

The L-P's Murray McCormick has done an outstanding Q and A session with former Riders and current Eskimos GM Eric Tillman as he prepares to face his old team for the first time. Take a read.

E-T says he hopes he doesn't get the same reception that Henry Burris gets at Mosaic. Will he? Will you be kind to Tillman if you see him or will you take a potshot at him?


Anonymous said...

Eric Tillman brought a grey cup back to Saskatchewan after almost 20 years.

He will always be held in high regard for that.

But he made a mistake. and he paid for it, no question.

I'll never boo him or Richie Hall, ever.

Anonymous said...

I would take a potshot at Tillman---but it would be centred around football and him working for the Eskimos and not his personal situation. Any "fan" who brings up what happened is a moron.

marco said...

Tillman will always be a great football recruiter and should be cheered for what he accomplished for the Riders

Anonymous said...

I forgive Tillman because it's not my place to judge. Even though I forgive him, every time I read something like this, I want to puke. Just be quiet Eric and let people decide for themselves how they want to view you. Trying to polarize people who haven't gotten over it yet is not your call.

Anonymous said...

It will be be a fun day for Eric, isn't it "kids get in free day?" hey-yo.