Thursday, October 7, 2010

If Sask's Sexiest Blogger Can Have One, So Can You!

And yes, Saskatchewan's sexiest blogger ( or at least the self proclaimed one ) is counting down the days until he puts his money down for one of these.

KFC is bringing its bunless, all-meat sandwich to Canada due to popular demand, the company announced Thursday.
Beginning on Oct. 18, the Double Down will be available for a limited time, KFC Canada said in a release.
KFC Canada says the Double Down is the "most successful sandwich in KFC history." More than 10 million of them were sold in the sandwich's first month of availability in the U.S. The Double Down was introduced south of the border in April as a limited-time item but has since been added to the permanent menu.
"Canadians have been begging KFC Canada to bring the Double Down north of the border ever since it launched in the U.S. last year," said Dan Howe, chief marketing officer for Yum! Restaurants Canada.
The Double Down features two pieces of boneless chicken that serve as a bun and is filled with two pieces of bacon, processed cheese and sauce.
The 540-calorie sandwich has less fat and calories than a deluxe burger with fries, a large sandwich or a steak dinner with all the fixings, the company claims.
A company survey found that 90% of Canadian respondents think they'll try the product, Howe said.
"Double Down is delicious, but we know it's not for everyone," he said. "It's an occasional indulgence that Canada has a hunger for."
The sandwich will be available in Canada from Oct. 18 through Nov. 14.


Anonymous said...

Had one in Minot last month and it was awesome!! I'm sure my wife would kill me if she knew I scarfed one of these things down because it's literally a heart attack waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

Sign me up for two!

Anonymous said...

Saskatchewan's sexiest blogger should be more concerned in finding a way to get his rye ban revoked than swallowing one of these babies down.

Waffles McButter