Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not a Bad Debut 14!!!

Question for you. Can you tell me an NHL'er that has had a prettier first career goal than the one Jordan Eberle had last night? Take a look if you haven't seen it already.

The former Pat once again making the spectacular seem routine as he comes in shorthanded, moves around a sliding Ian White and deposits a backhander top corner on a sprawling Miikka Kiprusoff as the Oilers win on opening night by a score of 4-0. Eberle had another one in the 3rd, but they might change it to Shawn Horcoff.
How good did the Oilers look! Yes, it was only night one of the season, but this team had more energy and zip to it tonight than I saw most of last year. I'm buying what I saw on opening night.
I don't ever want to see the day that baseball has a challenge system in place for balls and strikes or for whether or not a player went around. Those that want that have some ammo today though after two controversial calls in the baseball playoffs---calls that one could argue have basically ended two series. In Tampa, Michael Young appears to go around on what would have been a strike three. He gets to see another pitch and he clobbers it over the centerfield wall for a three run homer giving Texas all they would need as they beat Tampa to take a 2-0 lead in that best of 5.
In Minneapolis, it looked as if Carl Pavano had struck out Lance Berkman to end the inning. The ump said no though even though the TBS pitch track said it was clearly a strike. Berkman then took the next pitch and deposited it off the center-field wall to drive in what would be the game winning run in a 5-2 win.
Baseball just can't have these errors by the umps at this time of year when everything is so magnified.
One can only hope that before these playoffs come to an end that we get treated to a Tim Lincecum vs Roy Halladay mound matchup a couple of times. The Giants ace wasn't far off Halladay's performance on Wednesday as he struck out 13 in a complete game win over Atlanta.
Speaking of Halladay's performance on Wednesday, an interesting debate has started. What game was better. Halladay's no-hitter or the 10 inning gem Jack Morris threw in 1991 in Game 7 of the World Series as the Twins beat the Braves 1-0. That game is the best baseball game I have ever seen. I'd have to go back and watch Morris' game before making a decision, but its close. Some say Halladay's was just Game 1 of a playoff series while Morris' was a do or die game as it was Game 7 with winner take all. Its a good debate.
All of the anti Ryan Dinwiddie crowd are taking a sigh of relief. Darian Durant looks as if he is good to go for Saturday's game against the Argos. I still think if Dinwiddie would have played that the Riders would win and win handily.
I'm thinking there might be a bigger crowd than usual at the Co-Operators Centre for the womens hockey matchups this weekend between the Cougars and the University of Calgary. This because Hayley Wickenheiser is now playing for the U of C. I'm still not sure how this can be done when Hayley has played professional hockey but whatever. If you get a chance, go see her do her stuff.
Good god it just dawned on me. The Leafs are undefeated!!!!
I'm growing tired. My eyelids are heavy. I feel very sleepy now. I've lost my ability to resist suggestions. I want a sandwich.


Jordan said...

Mike Danton played in the Maritimes last year with an Atlantic University, so why can't Haley?

Anonymous said...

The Halladay vs Morris game debate is quite interesting, but you have to go with Jack Morris.

Roy Halladay pitched an abolute gem. There's no other way to describe it. However they can lose this series, and it goes down as a great footnote in the history of MLB.

What Jack Morris did was utterly riveting. It was a game 7. Today you have pitch counts where guys are yanked after 100 pitches, and everything is protected. Morris went 9 full innings, but when I saw him come out for that 10th inning my jaw dropped. I have never in my life seen a Pitcher resemble a Clydesdale horse, but that was the game. He pitched 10 shutout innnings, and they won that game 1-0. Think about that? It wasn't like he had any cushion or run support. He held his team in that long, and finally the Twins scored in that final inning.

Game 7 World Series, and a guy goes 10 innings of shutout baseball to win 1-0? Could you even imagine that if it didn't happen. I don't think there is anything comprable for World Series Heroics. Maybe Reggie Jackson's 3 Home Runs, but other than that from a pitching standpoint I can't come up with anything.


Anonymous said...

No one has had a nicer debut goal than what Ebs had. Its the first of many!


Anonymous said...

Mitch, you said a while back that the Oilers are taking the same blueprint as Chicago to success. You might be right. They were fun to watch last night and that youth will be a energizer all year long. I don't see them making the playoffs, but in the NHL you just never know.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is talking about Halladay because its fresh in our mind. Give it a few months and then start the debate. It won't be close. Jack Morris all the way. I would even argue that Lincecum's performance was better than Halladay's. A Philly-SF NLCS would be a treat for everyone if it went 7 and we saw those two go head to head three times. They are the best two pitchers in baseball.


Anonymous said...


Under that logic than why can't CFL players go back to a University team. There has to be uniformity all the way through the ranks. Its stupid that the CIS allowed Danton to come back too.