Saturday, October 23, 2010


I have said that I think the Saskatchewan Roughriders will be at and win the Grey Cup in 2010 after the way last season ended. My confidence has wavered a little after what was just another unexpected beatdown at the hands of the Edmonton Eskimos. Just some thoughts...

--Special teams were again abysmal and this time it started right off the bat. The turning point, as has been the case in these bad losses, was a big team on special plays and Jason Armstead provided it. When he ran that touchdown back, it was game over. That being said, this team will not get rid of Jim Daley. Coaching changes will not be made this late in the season. I know many of you want him fired, but its just not going to happen and no matter how much you cry and bitch and moan it will not happen. Rest assured, a move will be made when the season is over.

--Has the defence forgotten how to tackle? You can say what you want about special teams and the run defence and the offensive woes or whatever. I think the biggest problem on this team is the endless whiffs and how guys can't make a tackle.

--Its time to go back to Page 1 in several areas of the game. Say what you will about these final two games and then being meaningless as to where this team ends up, but right now they have to find themselves and find themselves quickly.

--While the chances of finishing first were still very slim, B.C opened the door a little bit Friday night and with a game against a Hamilton team that looked very good this week, there is no guarantee the Stampeders will beat the Ti-Cats next week. The Riders had a chance to put the pressure on and they didn't come through. Where is that hunger? Where is that killer instinct?

--Andy Fantuz simply needs to do a better job of getting open.

--Was Ryan Grice-Mullen sponsored by Mr. Lube!! And why is he catching punts inside the 10 yard line!

--Why was Darian Durant still in the football game in the 4th quarter. If he gets hurt, its game over.

--What team will Eric Tillman find to take Arkee Whitlock off their hands for a couple of Canadians because Daniel Porter looks to be the guy.

--If given the opportunity, Jared Zabransky will be a good quarterback in this league.

Can this team right the ship? Yes! Do they have to take a look in the mirror and take a serious reality check? Yes! Wes Cates told Carm Carteri after the game that he hopes the fans don't give up on them. That might be a request that won't be answered by some, but the season isn't over yet despite what many of you feel.
The season is over for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. They were eliminated after Toronto beat them. During this game, I got a Tweet from a gentleman named Wayne Reeve. He had noticed that Bombers quarterback Alex Brink was wearing a pink wristband and wondered why the CFL wasn't sending him off the field like they said they would do with Chunky Adams last week. Good question? I tweeted something myself. Just after the 3rd quarter started, I got a tweet from the CFL saying the league had told Brink to take off what was a Livestrong bracelet. Did Wayne's tweet that I re-tweeted spark this or did someone in Winnipeg notice it. I would hope it would be the latter. Bottom line is Brink was told no pink. Again, I think that rule is dumb and its even dumber when I see both the Rams and Dinos wearing pink at their CIS game Friday night, but whatever.
While on the CFL's case, they announced the halftime show. Bachman Turner Overdrive? Really!!! If that doesn't say, go to the nearest convenience store or beer store for supplies on GC Sunday I don't know what does. That would have worked for the 1980 or 1990 GC, but this is 2010. There are many good Canadian acts there that you can use. I don't understand this one. CKRM"s (The Wolf's) Michael Ball's reaction to this announcement was "I'd rather see Ken Miller breakdance". This could be one of the lines of the year!
Kudos to TSN for not bringing in Ben Mulroney to do the interview with BTO instead leaving it to Jock Climie.
Do you think Eric Tillman is getting a good night's sleep?
I texted both Rod Pedersen and Scott Schultz saying Monday's Sportscage should just see Rod introduce Scott, hand him the mike, put his feet up and tell him when to stop for a commercial break. If the creator of "The Moose Jaw Stomp" was pissed off last week, I can only imagine what he'll say this week.
While I criticized Andy Fantuz earlier, I will stand up for him here. TSN's Chris Schultz said today that Jon Cornish should be named the league's top Canadian. ??????? This just reinforces that the Schultz I get my CFL info from will have a first name of Scott.

Other things on this Saturday,

--Jordan Eberle with another highlight goal. Did you catch him on After Hours after the game. This guy is going to be a huge star within the next 5 years.

--Cain Velasquez beat the crap out of Brock Lesnar. I (and I'm guessing many of you) didn't see that coming. Someone can stop the machine known as Lesnar. Who knew?

--You would think one of the well meaning neanderthals that go to the home of the self-proclaimed Saskatchewan's sexiest blogger would have purchased the Playboy with UFC Ring girl Arianny Celeste in it, but no! I'm guessing many of the neanderthals purchased said magazine on their way home though.

--The Humboldt Broncos are ripping through the SJHL like an opposition running back on the Rider defence. They slaughtered the Battlefords 11-1. 20 year old forward Justin Buzzeo had five points for the 12-1-0-1 Broncos and now has 32 points in 14 games which is nine points better than any other player in the league. I'm thinking they will still be the number one ranked team in Canada when the new numbers come out Monday.

--Who had San Francisco vs Texas in the World Series back on Opening Day. I think that might be a pretty good matchup.

--That 100 million plus investment for Ilya Kovalchuk is working isn't it. He was a healthy scratch last night. Good luck in trying to move him.

--Someone on ESPN Radio said the NBA will likely have labour unrest next season. Word that the NBA season could be affected by a labour situation has about as much clout in Canada as the hockey lockout has in the US. This could be what the NHL needs to get a firm foothold in American markets like it used to in the 80's.

--The Rams had a big game this weekend and they lost. The Riders had a game this weekend and they lost. The Thunder play a PFC semi-final this afternoon against Calgary. I'm hoping Regina does not achieve the "Triple Crown".

--Since he put a pathetic call out for followers, if you read this blog and you are on Twitter and you are not following him yet, go follow Rob Vanstone at

--Time to hit the pillow. Its a big Sunday of NFL. Like you did last night, its my chance to sit down and yell at Pete Carroll, Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks this afternoon as they take on Arizona.


Anonymous said...

First of all set the record straight it is not BTO it is Bachman and Turner (They cannot used BTO as the other bad members Rob Bachman and Blair Thornton had file that they cannot use the name). Secondly maybe if you and Michael Ball would listen to their new album that came out last month you might have a different opinion. Check their web-site out a you can listen to their new single and download a song off the Album.

Thirdly I guess if Bachman and Turner are to old to be Rocking the Grey Cup, than Coach Miller shouldn't be coaching because they are all the same age.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what was worse, Having to endure the football game or hearing that Bachman Turner are the halftime act. Is that really the best the CFL can give us. If the league is trying to draw the younger demographic, they have failed. I'll be like you and getting supplies at halftime or using the can at the Press Box.


Anonymous said...


The Riders are done! They will split their final two games and then they will get beat by Edmonton in the WSF and Eric Tillman will do nothing but laugh all the way back to the babysitters house.


Anonymous said...

Do you mean Chris Schultz the self appointed cerebral football expert? He's not doing too well on his predictions in 'Schultz against the world' on After 64 CFL games he sits at 30/34 while us dummies have posted a 37/27 record. It's probably a good sign for Fantuz if Schultz thinks Cornish will win, he's seldom correct. The sad part of the whole thing is; this turkey gets paid and he doesn't even know as much as the general public.


Anonymous said...

Fantuz is proving that he's not tough enough to play in the NFL. Dressler would find a way to get open. Andy needs a fire lit under him as do many of the guys.

peter dalla riva

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Enough of this Rider talk, lets hear more on the mighty Brock Lesnar being felled by Velasquez. WHAT A BEATDOWN!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree; FIRE JIM DALEY NOW! What is there to lose? Will it mess up the chemistry? That's a joke.

Anonymous said...

So, why is Berry trying to make Durant a pocket passer? Wes Cates makes a couple of nice runs so they abandon the run game. Etchevery lines up everyone to Zabransky's left and the Eskimoes go right. Pretty simple, so would I. Daley has Grice-Mullen fielding punts on the one yard line. Am I missing something here?
Personally, I don't blame any of the players but those three coordinators have all got to go and Miller needs to go too for standing behind them.

Anonymous said...

Bachman Turner. This would have been good for the halftime show 20 years ago. Thumbs down to the CFL---again!!


Anonymous said...

No disrespect to Bachman & Turner, but why not a halftime show that appeals to the younger crowd a little more?

Anonymous said...

Great points as usual scruffy. I totally agree that tackling is the #1 problem for the Riders. We have, arguably, the worse linebackers in the CFL. And BTO would be a great act to have in 1980 but alas its 2010, too bad the Edmonton hosting committee doesn't know that.