Sunday, July 22, 2012

Something To Mitch About

The first four weeks of the CFL season are done and the only thing we really know is that Winnipeg is a bad football team----at least on the road seeing they haven’t played at home yet.

Did anyone see the Eskimos going into B.C and beating the Lions? Did anyone see the Tiger-Cats spanking the Alouettes at Ivor Wynne? As we go into Week 5 of the season, parity is alive and well in the CFL as two teams are 3-1, five are 2-2 and then comes a Winnipeg team that say what you will has not had the opportunity to play on home turf yet where you would think they would be better. I don’t know about you, but if this continues any team can win any game and there is no clear-cut favourite. That should be good news for all concerned.

Just some thoughts on CFL play from the weekend

--Do a certain faction of B.C. Lions fans want Travis Lulay removed as starting quarterback after his performance against the Eskimos on Friday night? If Darian Durant had done that, there are some in this town that would have bought him a free ticket on the railcars that roll past Mosaic Stadium. The Durant hate really makes me laugh. Would anyone be saying anything if Weston Dressler hangs on to that pass late in the 4th or if Chris Getzlaf catches that pass in the endzone in overtime. I doubt it. Just like Lulay isn’t going anywhere in B.C. after a less than stellar outing, Durant isn’t going anywhere here. If you don’t like it, too bad.

--I don’t know what Lions defensive lineman Khalif Mitchell will get for his little arm-yanking stunt with Edmonton’s Simeon Rottier, but Mitchell should get the book thrown at him. That was completely disrespectful and completely classless. That was cheap and unacceptable and Mitchell should pay for it.

--How could that Edmonton team that looked SOOOOOOO bad here be 3-1?

--Could Eric Tillman be owed an apology by some Edmonton media members who wanted him to be removed from his position after that outing at Mosaic?

--Why isn’t Joe Mack facing any heat in Winnipeg? If Paul Lapolice takes the fall for this season in Bomberland, it will be a huge mistake.

--Chris Williams embarrassed himself Saturday night with his little showboating stunt. I’m guessing he will never, ever do that again.

--Henry Burris and Andy Fantuz seem to be on the same page after three weeks of Fantuz looking slightly less than ordinary. I have to wonder who will get the louder jeers next weekend when the Ti-Cats come to Mosaic. On the same vein, how much of a cheer will Luca Congi get? He should get a good one from the Rider faithful who know what type of player and what type of individual Luca is.

--Chris Cuthbert did three of the four games this weekend. Give that man some throat lozenges and a lot of Aeroplan miles! Give Jock Climie some kudos for a good job replacing Dave Randorf as studio host. For those wondering, Randorf is in London prepping for the Olympics.

The movie theatre shooting just outside of Denver is dominating the headlines and for good reason. I can’t imagine the horror those people inside that theatre must have felt as that maniac shot the place up. The only question I have is what people are doing taking small children to a movie that starts after midnight. I realize that sounds trivial, and what happened could have happened at anytime, but the loss of life before it began when the kids really had no reason to be there bothers me. What makes someone do what this guy did? What thoughts are going through his mind? He obviously knew what he was doing and he obviously had no regard for human life. While many died in that theatre, the lives of many others will never ever be the same and just like it was at Columbine or Virginia Tech or places where other mass shootings have occurred, we will really never ever know why.

Dana White wasn’t happy with UFC 149 and no, it wasn’t the best show the UFC has put on, but the main event wasn’t as bad as some thought. If you watched the show Saturday night, was it just me or was no one in the crowd wearing the /=S=/. I thought for sure the Rider Nation would be represented, but I saw nothing in the crowd shots. If you were there, was there some green in there? If you were there, was it as bad in person as it appeared to be on TV. The highlight of the card was the extremely quick knockout by Edmonton’s Ryan Jimmo, but his stupid little dance after wrecked it all. What was that?

Speaking of what was that, what the hell happened to Adam Scott? I don’t know why but as Ernie Els birdied 14, I tweeted asking the question if I was the only one thinking Els was going to win. It just seemed that Adam Scott was hanging on while Tiger Woods and Brandt Snedeker had already succumbed to the winds at Royal Lytham. Els was just very calm as he rattled off par after par until 18 when he grabbed birdie. When Scott lipped out his par putt on 16, it just seemed to be a fait accompli. That will go down as one of sports’ epic collapses, but it can’t be compared to Jean VandeVeldes meltdown in 1999.

I don’t know how the hell he did it, but congratulations to wannabe cowboy Rex Roberts for winning the Pile O Bones 20 man rumble at High Impact Wrestling on Tuesday. I certainly hope he showered after winning although that remains up for debate. If I can ask one thing of promoters: If Thrillin Dylan is going to re-enter the ring, please give us a ring announcer who has a more palatable voice than the screechfest we were “treated” to. The guy sounded like Eric Cartman on helium. He apparently went by the name of “Handsome Cliff”. The only “Handsome Cliff” I know is Pats vice president of operations Cliff Mapes and really, he isn’t that handsome but he beats this other guy.

The Jays get swept by the Yankees and then they turn around and sweep the Red Sox. Oakland and Detroit are at Rogers Centre this week and those are two teams in front of Toronto in the wildcard standings. They need to string together some W’s. They just seem to be too up and down to make a run, but the way this team has played this year just when you think they are done, they rise up again.

As a Cubs fan, I’m disappointed that there was no coverage of the late Ron Santo being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Ronnie deserved to be there when he was still breathing, but for some reason it didn’t happen. Speaking of the Cubs, they were the hottest team in baseball since June 25 until Friday. They were then promptly hammered three straight times by the Cardinals.

What’s the over/under for Canadian medals at the Olympics? As I’ve said before, is it just me or is there no buzz for these games?

For a good piece as to what NHL players are thinking as impending labour doom comes closer, check out this great article from an anonymous player. Its a great read!

That is all. Have a good Monday!


Anonymous said...

Durant is just going to have to get use that it doesn;t matter what he does, the fans opinion won't change. When you are the starting quarterback in Saskatchewan, even perfection won't do.


Anonymous said...

The fact the Eskimos are 3-1 is the biggest surprise of the season so far. After that game here, I'd have thought they'd be lucky to win four games all year.

Anonymous said...

That guy from BC should face the max whatever that is in the CFL these days. That was bush!

Anonymous said...

Handsome Cliff!!! BA HA HA HA HA!!

Anonymous said...

At some point, you have to realize that Tillman knew what he was doing when he hired Kavis Reed. The guy knows what he's doing and its showing in the win-loss column. If only Kavis knew how to count!!!

Anonymous said...

The Darian haters don't know what they are talking about. End of story!

lee said...

Great column Mitch everything you said was right on the money ( Did i say that)