Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thoughts and Reflections

(picture courtesy JC Fotos)

At the start of the season, if you had said the Saskatchewan Roughriders would be the last team to have a "0" in their loss column, many would have said your watermelon was on too tight. Low and behold, the rest of the CFL is looking up at the Riders on what was a historic day for the city, the province, the CFL and the organization.

Full marks to the Riders for their 23-20 win over B.C. on Saturday afternoon. There is no doubt they deserved this and hey maybe Mike Benavides was right when he said this week that the Riders were the best team.

Here are just some thoughts and reflections from the afternoon at Mosaic

--I don't want to throw cold water on the game's biggest play, but the refs missed a blatant clip at the goal-line on the Tristan Jackson TD. That being said, Glen Johnson's crew did not have a good day at all.

--By the way, if you didn't see it or you haven't heard it, take it away Mr, Pedersen!!!

That just happened INDEED!!!

--Someone who did have a good day was Ben Heenan. The Rider rookie has been forced into a starting role because of the Chris Best injury and he has come through with flying colours. He might have had his best game today against a very good Lions d-line.

--Darian Durant continues to mature with each and every game. Is it just me or have you noticed that Durant is happier not going for the deep ball and satisfied with just throwing the passes that are needed to move the sticks. He hasn't thrown a touchdown pass in two games, but he hasn't thrown an interception either and that is fine with me.

--Line of the day comes courtesy CJME's Joel Gasson. When watching the Wisers ad on the Maxtron where they show a great number of Rider coaches, Joel says do you notice that ad doesn't show Greg Marshall. He's right! I think many Rider fans don't mind

--When you drive down Elphinstone past Evraz Place, do you look at that vacant lot and picture the stadium? I do and I'm guessing many of you will be as well.

--I'm tired of trying to find superlatives for Weston Dressler.

--Its not the same without looking at the Lions sideline and seeing Wally Buono halfway on the field.

--How far in the rear-view mirror is last year?

--Did Premier Wall just about mix up his two favourite football teams. It sounded like he almost said "Raider Nation" instead of "Rider Nation" when addressing the crowd. That's OK!


Anonymous said...

There is no superlatives to describe Weston Dressler, he needs new ones!!!


Don Mitchell said...

Although close, Hawkins arm was in front of the Lion's shoulder and that was all the ref needed to see.

Great game.

Anonymous said...

Even Wisers doesn't want to acknowledge the Greg Marshall era. HA HA HA!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mitch. "Blatant clip". No. "Close clip". Maybe. It was shoulder to shoulder. Very close but no where near "Blatant"!

Anonymous said...

Refs certainly missed the clip, but you are right, they had a bad day. Calling the fumble on Sheets when he had been down for over a second. The Dressler TD that wasn't. How are these guys missing this?

At the end of the day, the Riders are 3-0 and life is good on the prairies again!


Anonymous said...

As good as Heenan is now, what will he be like in a few years. The guy is an animal.

Anonymous said...

Great call by Roddie!

It was a clip for sure, but I think blatant is being a little strong.

I'd have to go back and watch the game, but did the Riders have any two and outs yesterday. Didn't seem like it.


Anonymous said...

Blatant, minor, whatever. A clip is a clip and Johnson missed it. The TD should never have counted, but it did. Won't be the first play that goes for the Riders and god knows it won't be the last play that goes against the Riders.

Did anyone see the facemasking on I think it was Brackenridge by Bruce in the first quarter? That was bad!

Anonymous said...

1: that was not a clip, it would be called illegal block except the block was from the back of the shoulder and is not illegal.
2: that would not be Johnson's call a he was 50 yards downfield a it wa a missed fg
3: that is the most veteran crew In the cfl minus one guy who had his first game and he it right in
4: bitching about the officials is dirty pool, I invite you to put on the stripes for half a quarter, RFOA and SFOA always need guys! Give it a shot!

Anonymous said...

It was a clip for sure. Some of you need to take your green glasses off!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad were getting a new facility, but its going in the wrong spot.

Anonymous said...

Somebody is a little angry. Might want to relax a little bit there ref-boy.

Anonymous said...

A good O-C and a quarterbacks coach will do wonders won't it!

I think it was a block from behind or a clip and so did the guys in the section where I was in Sec 44.

I never thought the Riders would be 3-0 to start the season. They will only get better too.

Anonymous said...

The stadium issue will come back to bite Brad Wall and the Saskparty. Mark my words!

Ryan said...

I wonder why Wiser's doesn't support the Greg Marshall era when he drove the sales up exponentially during his era here.

Maury said...

The stadium will bite the Sask. Party? Aren't you the anon that was told to move out of the province today when they announced the project? What's taking you so long? Just because you don't want a new stadium and enjoy everything the way it was in the good old days, doesn't mean all the rest have to adhere to your way of thinking. So what if you don't want it, others do so get out of the way or move out!

Anonymous said...

The refs did have a horrible day and yes Rider fans, that was an illegal block. Had that been on a Rider you would all be crying for it so lets be fair and call a spade a spade!


Anonymous said...

If that had been Tim Brown taking the kick back and a Rider got hit like that, the inbox of Tom Higgins would be full this morning. Yes, it was a clip and yes, the refs had a bad day, but in the end, the Riders won the football gme and isn't that the best thing of all!


Anonymous said...

Your "buddies" at Rider fans have some photos that will show you you're wrong.