Thursday, April 16, 2015

This And That

The usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind and as always, they are in no particular order!

--The Regina Pats need a win Friday in Brandon to force a Game 6 at the Brandt Centre Sunday. One would realistically think this series is over and we have seen the last of the Pats until training camp, but John Paddock's proteges won't quit and it wouldn't surprise me if I am watching some hockey under the orange roof Sunday night.

--Game 4 as we all know had a controversial play to it as Connor Hobbs was given a 5 minute major for "kneeing" Ryan Pilon. That led to the Wheat Kings getting the tying goal which led to their overtime win. After seeing the hit, it was a penalty......but it wasn't a 5 minute major IMHO. The fact Pilon didn't get up was the big factor in the major being handed out. It makes you wonder if Ivan Provorov would have been given a 5 minute major for his blatant hit from behind on Colby Williams and why Reid Duke wasn't given a 5 minute major for his cross check to the face of Adam Brooks in Game 1. Those who say Kelly McCrimmon pulls the strings in the WHL much like Wally Buono does in the CFL have a definite argument in seeing the way the "stripes" have handled this series.

--If Pats p x p man Phil Andrews grows a stache for Movember, one must ask where his playoff beard is. CMON PHIL!!!!  For that matter. where is Daniel Fink's playoff beard and where is Mark Rathwell's?  #letdown

--Bad joke of the week!  Riders quarterback Darian Durant told the assembled media in Bradenton, Florida at the Riders mini-camp that the Jacques Chapdelaine offence was like basketball on grass. If that's the case, who's the 3 point guy because we know it wasn't Chris Milo last year!!!  Bah dum dah!!! OK....BOOOOOOOOO!!! Sorry Chris. To protect the innocent, the name of the guilty party who told me that will not be mentioned. I think there should have been a flag for that one, but there wasn't.

--Durant was on Saskatchewan's #1 sports show Thursday afternoon from Estevan as he spoke at the Bruins annual dinner. You can just tell he is ready for the 2015 season by listening to him and showing people what many of us already think and that is this team could have and would have won the Grey Cup had it not been for that awful Sunday in Winnipeg. If he stays healthy this year, you have to like their chances at being in Winnipeg in November. After all, as he reminded people while on the Sportscage, they were 8-2 when he went down.

--EA Sports has the Anaheim Ducks beating the New York Rangers in seven games to win the Stanley Cup with Corey Perry being the hero scoring a goal late in the third in Game 7. The playoff simulation on NHL 15 also has Regina's Ryan Getzlaf as the Conn Smythe Trophy winner. That's not as ludicrous as it might sound. I could see those two teams getting in, but then again there could be a valid argument for all 16 teams getting the Cup which is great.

--I had just pulled into the driveway at Casa de Scruffy after Game 3 of the Pats-Brandon series when a tweet came to me asking if I had talked to Kevin Lowe at the Pats game. Kevin Lowe was at Game 3? It would have been great to have him on the Sportscage, but you know the Oiler fan would have come out in me and the question WTF Kevin, WTF??? would have come out. I'm sort of glad I didn't find out until after the game he had been there. There is no doubt in my mind he came to have a look at Wheat Kings defenceman Ivan Provorov who some think is the 3rd best player in this draft behind Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel.  Who's kidding who, there are a lot of guys Lowe and other NHL scouts and higher ups could have been watching in this series.

--We will find out this weekend where McDavid ends up. If he ends up with Toronto, the conspiracy theorists will have a heyday and they should. Jeremy Roenick's prediction a few weeks ago would be 100 percent correct.  How will the NHL react if he ends up with Boston or L-A? McDavid in L-A would be something to see and might be rather Gretzky-ish in the hype that would surround it.

--Speaking of the Kings, Riders communications guru Ryan Pollock--a San Jose Sharks fan---is obviously still stinging from the Sharks 7 game loss to L-A in last year's playoffs after being up 3-zip. Pollock tweeted Wednesday night that after last year, he still isn't counting the Kings out of this year's playoffs.

-Wouldn't it be fun to walk the streets of Winnipeg these days with a Teemu Selanne jersey---a Teemu Selanne Anaheim jersey that is. I would think Selanne feels as strange about this series as Steve Yzerman does with the Tampa-Detroit series. Its got to be weird for Stevie Y to go into Joe Louis Arena cheering against the Wings.

--There is no doubt PK Subban should have been suspended for his slash of Mark Stone in Game 1 of the Ottawa-Montreal series. As expected, those who cheer for 'Les Bleu, Blanc et Rouge" think that is ridiculous and that Subban shouldn't have been penalized in the first place while accusing many of crying. Lets remember this when Milan Lucic does something to a Montreal player in the future or perhaps Chris Neil in this series. Subban told reporters Thursday he has been slashed harder than what he hit Stone. Methinks Subban has challenged Senator players with that statement. Here's hoping Adam Byblow doesn't ref the game. What??

--Why was the SJHL final a 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 series instead of the traditional 2-2-1-1-1? Don't tell me its a distance issue. Congratulations to the Melfort Mustangs for winning the title on Thursday night. I always enjoyed the people of Melfort and the love they had for the Mustangs when I visited there while working for the league.

--The Toronto Raptors finished the 2013-2014 season with a record of 48-34 and there was tremendous optimism about the team and where it was going. The team finished the 2014-15 regular season with a record of 49-33 and there is tremendous pessimism about the team and where its going. Isn't Toronto sports fun?

--If the San Diego Chargers trade Phillip Rivers before or at the NFL draft they are crazy!

--I know I am not the only one who after hearing all the news of the Rider mini-camp in Florida wishing training camp was a week or so away.  SIGHHHHH!!!

--Winnipeg Sun reporter Kirk Penton who is likely the best beat reporter in the entire CF of L gave his mock draft this week and he has the Riders taking a member of the Rams with their first pick this year, but that pick is defensive back Tevaughn Campbell and not Addison Richards. Sorry Kirk, I hope you have the right team but if any Ram is going in the first round its the receiver and not the defensive back, but I think Campbell will be getting a call in the late 2nd or early 3rd round.

--Baseball just does it right by having Jackie Robinson day every year with all players wearing "42". What an outstanding tribute to a man who changed sports for the good.

--That's all I got. Have yourselves a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

The 2015-16 referee clinic will be scheduled for the early part of September. Please feel free to drop in. Bring a pen and something to write on. Be prepared to listen and to learn something.

If you can put down a cheeseburger long enough, maybe you should hit the ice and try and officiate. Maybe you will learn the standard that is dictated from the league governors and the director of officiating. The Regina media (i.e. from the self-proclaimed "#1 sports show in Saskatchewan") - you and Rod calling out the officials on twitter and on your blog is nothing short of childish, immature, and rather unfunny.

Anonymous said...

The Hobbs hit was a clean one and I don''t think the Provorov hit on Williams was as bad as people like you suggest. However, the crosscheck to the face of Adam Brooks that goes uncalled is one the Pats should be choked about because that was a 5 minute penalty and a suspension,

The league seems unwilling to penalize Brandon and its been that way for years,

The McCrimmmon-Buono comparison is valid if you ask me,

Anonymous said...

You've sold out Scruffy!

Anonymous said...

What a great joke!!! I am so stealing that today. Thanks Scruffy!

Anonymous said...

To anon 1:

Will you please send that comment to Adam Byblow as well. Thank you!


Saskatchewan hockey fans who hate seeing a good game wrecked by him.

Anonymous said...

The Subban slash was assault plain and simple. It was not a hockey play. The puck was no where near either player. How long would that swing have cost Raffi Torres, Matt Cooke or Steve Downey?

Anonymous said...

I'm confused? Do I comment on this site, do I comment on Scruffy's site? What am I to do and now I have one less stop on Friday mornings on my daily tour of sites.

Its too much to handle on a Friday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 seems to be a little grumpy this morning.

He speaks of childish, immature and rather unfunny and then puts a cheeseburger joke in there.

Who is being childish and immature and rather unfunny now Anon 1? Who?

Perhaps Mr. Byblow should be a part of the clinich because he without a doubt is the worst ref I have seen in years.

Being a Weyburner, I have left the rink many nights after seeing that clown do his work.


Anonymous said...

Seems to me as if you got up on the wrong side of the keyboard this morning big boy!

Anonymous said...

Isn't playoff hockey wonderful?

Anonymous said...

McDavid in L-A or Toronto would be sickening.

He needs to go to Buffalo, Arizona or Edmonton to make the lotto legit.

Anonymous said...

Melfort isn't as good as what Yorkton was last year.

They will get cleaned out at WCC.

Wait for it!

Anonymous said...

I loved Darian's bit on the Cage yesterday. Can't wait for the season to start.

Anonymous said...

Pats have no chance at playing Sunday night.


It will be about 7-2 tonight.

Anonymous said...

Tevaughn Campbell ahead of Richards?

I can't see that


Anonymous said...

Anon 1.

I hope Byblow isn't part of those clinics as it means bad reffing in this province will continue.

He might be one of the worst I've ever seen.

We need more Schlenkers!


Anonymous said...

Kirk Penton, best beat reporter.
I think you've hurt the feelings of Vanstone the biggest BSer in Regina. I doubt if McCormick is very pleased with you also but maybe the truth hurts, they both suck.