Saturday, June 27, 2015

Darian Durant's Season Is Over

Thoughts on the 30-26 loss to the Bombers in "Something To Mitch About" Monday, but all you need to know has come from this press release by the Riders.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have confirmed quarterback Darian Durant has suffered a ruptured achilles tendon and will miss the remainder of the 2015 CFL season. 


Anonymous said...

The idiot faction is about to come out in 3......2.....and 1

Anonymous said...

Defence = horrible
Milo = terrible (Bring back Hugh O'Neill)
Offence= Uh Oh

Add it all up and you have a 6-12 season and no playoff spot.

Anonymous said...

Offense = 500 yards offense - not bad for a start.

I am sure Kevin Glenn would love to win the Cup this year, in Winnipeg, so I can see him being highly motivated.

Season ending football injuries are a tragedy. Seems like a post Grey Cup win curse - Durant's great recovery after the 2014 injury, set for an outstanding season, perhaps his best yet and poof - gone.

Last year Kory Sheets, his second chance for an NFL career, a great pre-season and then poof - another Achilles injury. I hope both the talented Sheets and Durant can recover and resume their outstanding football careers.

Neil Hughes would have had a fine year in 2014 before retiring this year but he too lost the season to injury after the Cup win.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

`Darian is done, but we are not in as bad a shape as last year,

It is time for Taman to start a succession plan though because this can't continue.

What happened to Price?

Anonymous said...

Horrible news. Absolutely horrible.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Casey Printers tweet today he is more than ready to step in. No thanks Casey, I would rather see Tino back here!


Anonymous said...

Order of finish in West with Reilly and Durant done

1. Calgary
2. Winnipeg
3. Sask
4. Edmonton
5. BC

Any arguments?

Anonymous said...

Darian is hurt again and Glenn is our QB which is fine.

However, those who are Taman supporters can't deny he has done a poor job in developing someone to take the job once Darian leaves.

Glenn is too old to be our QB of the future and I don't think the organization is ready to throw all their eggs in Smith's basket.

It is up to Taman to find one and maybe two quarterbacks to be here all year and come back to camp next year with a chance at perhaps being a starter because Durant could be done because of this injury.