Monday, June 1, 2015

What's Wrong With Addison Richards?

The Bombers have installed the cone of silence around the Addison Richards injury, which is raising even more questions about the 11th overall selection in last month's draft.
On Sunday, head coach Mike O'Shea said the team's second round pick didn't practise because he “needed a day, that's all” due to an undisclosed ailment. Richards, however, didn't participate in today's two practices either, leading O'Shea to do a little revisionist history.
“From the time I said it's a day or two, it's been a day,” O'Shea said. “So it might be 'or two.'”
Then again, O'Shea doesn't know if Richards will be on the field tomorrow, either. “I'm not sure about that,” he said.
Richards had concussion and hamstring problems as a member of the University of Regina Rams, according to reports out of Saskatchewan. He was on the field yesterday and today but didn't do anything physical. He did take part in the team's three day rookie camp last week.
Defensive back Winston Wright didn't practise at all on Monday, while safety Moe Leggett, defensive tackle Zach Anderson and defensive end Sammy Brown all went down at various points during the back-to-back workouts.
“We're not going to talk about injuries, not right away,” O'Shea said. “”We'll get into that later on in the season, see how we want to deal with injuries on a personal level with players.”

(Winnipeg Sun)

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Marc said...

So, all the fans that were mad at Taman for not picking him, maybe they realized he could be injury prone