Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dismal Playoffs Ratings-Wise for Rogers

The first year of Rogers 12-year, $5.2 billion dollar hockey gamble is in and the numbers are not pretty.
After a hot start in the playoffs, thanks to the presence of five Canadian-based teams, ratings took a nosedive in the latter rounds. According to Numeris research, total playoff ratings were down 20 per cent, thanks to a final that generated limited interest. 
Ratings for the final were 12 per cent lower than last year and the lowest since 2009. Monday's deciding game between Tampa Bay and Chicago was also off 20 per cent from last season and was the least-watched Stanley Cup finale since the seventh game of the New Jersey-Anaheim series in 2003.
Audiences on CBC saw an 8 per cent drop while Sportsnet's hockey averages were 14 per cent below what TSN drew last year.
That's a rather shocking decrease considering that last year only one Canadian team made the playoffs.
The decrease is a bit of a mystery, especially with a final that produced some pretty competitive games. But it appears once the Canadian teams were knocked out, Canadian fans turned to baseball and other distractions such as the women's World Cup.
 Whatever the reason, this can't be playing well with a company that predicted a 20 per cent increase in ratings this season. Add in a regular season that produced a ratings decrease from the previous season and Year One can only be labelled a major disappointment.

(Yahoo Sports)


Anonymous said...

The NHL game is not worth watching.
Backchecking is priority #1. In lots of games teams have five or fewer shots on goal.
With all the video tape to study and expert coaching they've ruined the game. They've coached creativity right out of the game.
They're right, you must play defensive to win. But it's boring so the brain surgeons should change the rules.
The finals had five consecutive 2-1 games. I guess you could say it was competitive, but it doesn't attract any attention.
Back in the Islanders or Oilers dynasties when they won 8-6 or 7-5 it was much more fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of the problems Rogers encountered was due to trying to remake a successful, time-tested product into something else.
-Ron Maclean- you don't dispatch the icon of Hockey Night in Canada and relegate him to just a five minute fluff piece with Don Cherry (who by the way has seen his best days ten years ago!). He should have been integral in the new format;
-There were hockey personalities (from TSN) available- they should have poached the best of them;
-Trying to make a mediocre TV personality (George Strombosnoffolofophuqinopolous) into something he's totally unsuited for: -Hint: Hey George, maybe next year get rid of the elf shoes and the Big Bird stockings, and oh yeah, give that suit back to your little makes you look (more?) like a dipshit.

Rogers, there's work to do.

A Leaf/Rider fanatic in the 306

Anonymous said...

I have heard Gary Bettman is responsible for McLean's diminished role. Is this true? If it is, it says a lot about Bettman. The guy isn't willing to take heat for the bad decisions he has made so he shoots the messenger. A messenger who knows more about this game, and the business of hockey and is adored by Canadians. Canadians who love their game and won't take an impostor like Georgie boy. Put McLean back into his regular spot or put someone into the spot who doesn't come off like a complete buffoon and the ratings picture may improve.


Anonymous said...

There was games this year where teams took over ten minutes before they recorded a shot on goal. Try to sell that.