Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Riders Announce Football Operations and 2019 Coaching Staff

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have announced their football operations and coaching staff for the 2019 season:     

Vice President, Football Operations & General Manager: Jeremy O’Day
Assistant General Manager: Paul Jones
Director, Football Operations: Ryan Pollock
Manager, Player Personnel: Mike Davis
Coordinator, Football Operations: Jordan Greenly

Coaching Staff 
Head Coach & Special Teams Coordinator: Craig Dickenson
Offensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach: Stephen McAdoo
Defensive Coordinator & Defensive Backs: Jason Shivers
Quarterbacks: Steve Walsh
Running Backs:  Kent Maugeri
Receivers: Travis Moore
Offensive Line: Stephen Sorrells
Linebackers:  Chris Tormey
Defensive Line:  Mike Scheper
Special Teams: Merritt Bowden
Defensive Assistant & Assistant Defensive Backs:. Richard Kent

Equipment Staff 
Equipment Manager; Gordon Gilroy
Assistant Equipment Manager: Mike MacNeil
Video Staff
Manager, Football Analytics and Scouting:  Chad Hudson
Football Video & Research and Development : Alex Smith Jr.
Football Video & Research and Development: Nick Bowley

Health & Fitness 

Head Athletic Therapist: Ryan Raftis
Assistant Athletic Therapist: Trevor Len
Strength and Conditioning Trainer:  Clinton Spencer


SWC said...

It's shameful the way Jones locked-in McAdoo before he jumped ship.

Anonymous said...

Take out every person Chris Jones brought in. Wonder how Jeremy Oday would have proceeded and with whom. Oday football connections a bare cupboard.

Anonymous said...

Considering there is a salary cap on coaches, you couldn't really move these guys and hire anyone.

Tell us o wise one, who would you have proceeded with and stayed under the cap? Please tell us. We all want to know.

While you are at it, go throw your support behind some other team.

O'Day has left more football knowledge on the field than this yahoo has probably ever had.

Anonymous said...

I have to think there is someone more qualified than Ryan Pollock when it comes to football operations. Pollock knows his hockey and has done a great job in communications, but football ops? I dunno!!


Anonymous said...

I'm with the 3rd poster. I would like the O'Day hater to please tell us who he would have gotten while staying under the cap.

Cmon pal, show us how stupid you really are!


Anonymous said...

Anon 2, and Glenn,

Rephrased just for you.
If Chris Jones hadn't signed his staff in place before he left for the NFL would Jeremy Oday have had his very own team vision with his very own coaching staff in mind? Oday hamstrung to his own vision of team operations and how he proceeds, stuck with the previous gm's people. Surely Oday would have eliminated a few men off the current staff if not all, including the current head coach while starting off on a clean slate unto himself. After all, a long time Roughrider employee one would expect Oday would have his own idea of who he would hand pick as his own head coach and build the team from there. As evident to the above announcements, Oday starting to bring in his own men. Expect season ending contracts due to expire getting a full review by the gm with his adjustments. Oday! football connections a bare cupboard. AAL, XFL, NFL putting a drain on the available.

SWC said...

O'Day didn't have any choice in the matter, Jones extended McAdoo before he resigned.

Anonymous said...

Duh! We all know that.
Oday hamstrung by previous inherited team staff!

Anonymous said...

I think everyone knows this list would look a lot different if the coaches cap wasn't in place.

O'Day might be the GM, but Dickenson wouldn't have been HC and McAdoo would have been sent packing.

What happens next year will be interesting with all coaches. The pressure is on.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting oh wise one!

Anonymous said...

beat it.

Anonymous said...

keep waiting. or we can send the full list via your email at a later time.