Thursday, July 4, 2019

This and That

--Welcome to Friday and the usual thoughts running through my muddled mind.  As always, they come in no particular order

--It's back to work for your Saskatchewan Roughriders tomorrow night as they take on what looks to be a vulnerable Calgary Stampeders team.  The guys with the white horse on their helmet come in with a depleted lineup so they are a prime candidate to get knocked off, but we all know you can't count out Calgary and it will be a test for the green guys.  Having an early advantage over the Stamps would be a good thing though.

--Where are we when it comes to Cody Fajardo?  I will be the first to admit I thought this team would go nowhere if Zach Collaros went down because I had no confidence in Fajardo.  The first game in Hamilton proved that to be right, but I think its time I and many others gave the Nevada product an apology.  It is only two games, but what a two games it has been for him.  Is he the next big thing when it comes to CFL quarterbacks? One can think that now, but if he torches the Calgary D for 350 and two touchdowns, there will be more and more believers.   If he does do that, what does it do when it comes to Collaros.  He is said to be ready to re-join the team after the bye week.  If Fajardo lights it up again, is Collaros the expensive backup or does he get his job back.  I'm glad I'm not the one making that decision.  I would stick with Fajardo until he struggles, but the experience Collaros brings may sway things in his direction.   We have seen what Fajardo can do with this offence, but we haven't seen what Zach can do.  Decisions, decisions.

--Has the Gainer talk died down yet?  Like a majority of you, I think the new-look Gainer is big-time creepy.  Not as creepy as the Oilers mascot Hunter, but creepy nonetheless.  Did we not think about the look before trotting the new thinner version out?  The body is fine, but the eyes have to go.  Replace it with the black eyes Gainer had and I'm good.  I think a lot of people would be.  If the Riders didn't learn, you don't screw with our gopher from things like not going to Calgary or getting assaulted by Bomber fans at the LDC, they have certainly learned now when they are the ones behind it all.

--Montreal beat Hamilton?

--If Bo Levi Mitchell is out for an extended period of time, it is not only bad for Calgary, but the CFL as a whole.  Mitchell and Mike Reilly are by far and away the marquee players in the league.   Attendance is down which should be a worry and now the game'e best player is down.  Not good!

--Speaking of Reilly, the story the CFL's Chris O'Leary did on him and his mental health issues is outstanding.  It just shows that no one is immune from the problem.  NO ONE!

--Where would the league be if it weren't for its TV contract.  Butts are not getting into seats this year. Is that a team thing or are people just passing up the CFL for other things.  People in the league office have to have noticed what is happening.  When that contract comes up, how much of an appetite will there be by TSN and others to have the rights.  If there isn't a big one, it could spell bad news.

--The WCBL will hold its all-star game in Edmonton this weekend. I think its great the league is having this game and they are having it in the league's biggest market.  I am also thinking if this wer to continue that Regina would do a great job in being the host.  It would be more than just a game, it would be a great weekend.

--Should be a great Saturday at the Legislature for the arrival of the Stanley Cup.  I am guessing there will be a huge turnout to see Jaden Schwartz, Tyler Bozak and of course Lord Stanley's must cherished chalice.

--Its hard to fathom that in less than six months it will be the 30 years since the 90's started.

--The Oilers need more than Mike Smith and Markus Granlund.  What is a Tomas Jurco?

--Comment made to yours truly this week..  I don't use my signal lights because it's nobody's business where I'm going.  May his trip be interrupted by a train!

--Have a great weekend! GO RIDERS!


Anonymous said...

CFL will be a thing of the past in 10 years.

Anonymous said...

The Ti-Cats show everyone that St. Catherines Street still hums on a Wednesday night too.

Anonymous said...

Put me in that I didn't think Fajardo was the answer boat. It just makes me wonder why this is happening now and not last year. The same OC is in place and the offense now has some excitement to it.

Was this a case of Jones shackling McAdoo and painting him to be the villain?


Anonymous said...

After 4 weeks of lower than expected attendance it's time for the media to press the panic button on the CFL/TSN broadcast deal. What will poster #1 have to hate if the CFL folds, I mean people have been predicting it's demise for over 100 years.

Anonymous said...

Someone in an executive position approved Gainer's new eyes. That person should be demoted to buttering hamburger buns on game day.

Anonymous said...

I too wondered who would approve of a creepy looking Mascot? Too much pot? Wonder why we don't get to know who made this decision? That person needs to stand up and tell us fans why? Bring back the black coloured eyes and maybe the fans will warm up to the new rodent.

Anonymous said...

Those more concerned about the look of the gopher than the play of the team should really step about six or seven steps back.

Anonymous said...

Tell Pedersen to freshen up his mascot because Lynch needs a makeover.

Anonymous said...

When is Reynolds contract up?

Anonymous said...

Here are two reasons (in my opinion) why the CFL is losing fans.

1. They are constantly targeting the youth demographic which is fine, but they aren't the ones buying the tickets. The consequence of targeting youth is you are teaching them that going to Rider games is great as long as mom and dad buy the tickets or they are promo tickets . Once they get to the age that have their own disposable income, they spend it elsewhere...on life. We are at that point where the youth is grown up. The people in my age group 25-35, never pay for tickets, they only go when they get free ones.

2. The majority of the fans have no devotion to the Riders. A couple of years ago when they sucked...people were giving tickets away. When they win there isn't a seat to be had. Again they are all corporate seats that are free. No one is going unless they get a free ticket. Yeah sure you still get your season ticket holders but no one is pay $50/seat. Its just not worth for the majority of part time fans.

My 3 cents

Anonymous said...

With all this talk about Fajardo, why haven’t I seen anything written about how huge Powell has been for the riders this season taking pressure off Powell. My opinion let’s just let the sample size on Fajardo get bigger and see where he’s at once teams have played him more then once and other coaches pick up his tendencies but so far so good.

My opinion on the CFL attendance, I tried to watch other games that I had no dog in the race and I came up with the conclusion it’s a bad product I am sorry to say but the Montreal Hamilton game had I think 300 combined yards of penalties and no real flow to the game, games seem slow with so many penalties, TSN hasn’t really stepped up its production, so many good players the league/media can promote but are more interested in a mascot. I have heard way more about Gainer then I have heard about William Powell or Kyran Moore or the play of the o line this week and that is shameful.

Anon number 9