Monday, October 21, 2019

Something To "Mitch" About

--If the truth be told, I did not see much CFL action this weekend.  In fact, the only snaps I saw were from midway from the 3rd quarter on in Vancouver.  Why were the Riders wearing their home greens on the road?

--It doesn't matter how much you win by, its just do you win.  For the Riders, they didn't blow out the BC Lions as many expected them to do, but they won.  Cody Fajardo admitted on Twitter after that the team didn't play up to their standards, but they found a way.  That's all you can ask for and hope that lessons are learned from the performance that was given.  On to Edmonton!

--Question asked to me on the weekend.  If Cody Fajardo gets to free agency, will there be a lot of suitors?  I say no.  Toronto, Ottawa and the Riders would be the three teams and the Argos may not want to move on from McLeod Bethel Thompson.  That's advantage Riders isn't it?  Of course Winnipeg may be in the mix too, but I hear conflicting reports as to whether or not Matt Nichols is a free agent or has one year left.  I guess we'll find out soon.  Rider fans hope we aren't talking about Fajardo going to the highest bidder come mid-February.

--The reason I did not see much CFL action this weekend is the fact I was in Edmonton to do the Rams-Alberta game on Saturday (more on that in a second) and with the Oilers at home to play Detroit, I obviously had to go check out the team that has gotten off to a start that I think most hockey and Oiler fans weren't expecting.  There is a mood of cautious optimism amongst Oilers fans.  That is the way it should be.

While I haven't been to a lot of NHL games over the years, the Oilers (like other teams) know how to make the game-day experience a great one for fans.  They do an outstanding job with their off-ice game-day presentation.  The intro they have is great---its not as good as the Pats intro (and yes I'm biased) but its pretty good.

I've said it before when watching him and I will say it again.  If you have never seen Connor McDavid live, you are missing out.  His speed watching him in person is something you just don't get when watching him on TV.  When he puts it into another gear, it is amazing to see.

The game's first star was Ethan Bear.  The pride of the Ochapowace First Nation is bouncing back after a less than stellar year last season that saw his stock fall.  Bear had a solid pre-season and has obviously rid himself of the problems he had last year.  If he continues on the pace he is on, he will be a solid NHL player moving forward.

--We need more rivalries in the NHL like Drew Doughty vs Matthew Tkachuk.

--Tkachuk will be on display here next week, but Doughty won't be.  It's not hard to know the Heritage Classic is right around the corner.  Drive by Mosaic Stadium and you see flags featuring the Jets, the Flames and Saturday's outdoor game.  The next week should be a lot of fun in Regina.  We love our football, but we LOVE our hockey as well.  Get out and enjoy some of the week and get to one of the two games at Mosaic for something you will never likely experience in your own backyard again.

--The University of Regina Rams put in a complete performance Saturday in beating Alberta.  Too bad that it was too little too late.  A loss by Calgary in Manitoba meant the Rams were eliminated from the playoffs as next week's game at Leibel Field against the Bisons will now just be for pride.  As good as the Rams were, the Bears were atrocious and that is being complimentary.   When you have 26 penalties, you don't deserve to win. Its as plain and simple as that.

--As I said, I didn't see a lot of CFL action this weekend.  I was hoping to catch the 2nd half of the Calgary-Winnipeg game at the Edmonton airport figuring the Eskimos-themed restaurant right next to my gate would have the game on.  How silly of me!  The Leafs were playing and all three TV's in the place were on that game.  Tell me again the CFL doesn't have a problem when a restaurant with a CFL theme doesn't have a CFL game on---especially an all-Western battle.   The sad thing is the place I went to before heading to the airport had TSN on and then changed the channels for hockey.  I could see that in a place like Toronto, but Edmonton?

--Going into Sunday's Ravens-Seahawks game, I was a little concerned with Lamar Jackson and what he could do.  Those worries were validated as the Baltimore quarterback played like Russell Wilson.  Wilson is leading the way for guys like Deshaun Watson, Kyler Murray and Jackson.  You just can't give them an inch of space or allow them to improvise because they just kill you if you get the chance.

--The New Orleans Saints didn't have Drew Brees, they didn't have Alvin Kamara and they were going up against one of the NFL's top defences on the road in Chicago.  The Saints crushed the Bears. I still say they are the best team in the NFL with all apologies to those rooting for the Patriots and Niners.

--Why is it Tom Brady can do quarterback sneaks from the one, but many other less than mobile quarterbacks don't.  Yes, I'm looking at you Phillip Rivers! Two chances from the one to win the game and you hand it off instead of keeping it yourself?  That's yet another reason why the Patriots is where they are and the Chargers are where they are.

--What has happened to the Atlanta Falcons? At least Washington and Miami have an excuse for being so bad

--The Houston Astros will meet the Washington Nationals in the World Series.  The 9th inning of Saturday's Game 6 was one for the ages.  Jose Altuve's walk-off homer came after DJ Lemahieu had tied it in the top of the 9th.  The best thing about the Altuve homer was the Joe Buck call.  He just let the moment take over by staying quiet for at least a moment.  Many broadcasters would try to talk over the moment and take away from the raw emotion and scene that is unfolding.  Buck is good at that. I really don't understand why so many people don't like the guy.  He is one of the best in the business as far as I'm concerned.

--What establishments are holding NBA Championship Banner raising ceremony nights?

--If you haven't done so already, get out and vote today! It doesn't matter what party you are backing, just go cast your vote.

--Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Was in the Edmonton airport last week and went to that Eskimos restaurant when the Eskimo game was on. I had to ask the girl to change it to the Eskimos game and she didn't even know it was on.



Anonymous said...

Why were the Riders wearing green on the road? If it was explained, I missed it.

Anonymous said...

Ethan is a great kid. He learned a hard lesson last year, but it looks like he might be back.

Anonymous said...

Since you didn't see it.
The Stampeders O-line totally neutered Willie Jefferson in their game.
They're the reason Arbuckle could make such a seamless transition when BLM was injured.
The CFL MOP will be BB. The only question is will it be Bryan Burnham or Brandon Banks.

Anonymous said...

Guess that market for Fajardo stuff can go away now!

Anonymous said...

Go Expos Go