Friday, October 18, 2019

This And That

Welcome to Friday and the usual assortment of things running through my muddled mind.   As always, these come in no particular order

--The 10-5 Saskatchewan Roughriders are in B.C tonight to meet the 5-11 Lions.  The Lions don't have Mike Reilly, they have been eliminated from the playoffs,  there is nothing to play for.  That is exactly what they want Dickenson's dudes to think when the two teams step on the BC Place turf.   The Riders can't take their opposition for granted. For the record, I don't think they will, but they can't come in feeling cocky.  I see a 12-17 point win coming. 

--The NFL is getting hammered over Monday night's win by the Green Bay Packers and the way the officials botched it.  Hey, if Detroit doesn't kick 5 field goals and get more than 55 yards in total offense in the second half, we aren't having this conversation, but it is evident that NFL officiating is no better than CFL officiating.  Penalties in the NFL are up over 3 a game from last year and that has many including Tom Brady a little steamed. 

The question to you is "As a fan, do you like games with too many calls or bad calls?".  Bad calls are going to come in just about every game.  It's the too many calls that bother me because it takes away from the flow of the game and the excitement of it.   

Despite the pleas of some, instant replay is never going away.  What my beef about instant replay is you slow it down too much. With super slo-mo and everything else, you don't get to see what the referee is seeing in real time.  I have no problem with the regular slow-motion, but stop going frame-by-frame and zooming in to make officials look bad.  That doesn't help.  The networks want every little thing they can, but the super slo-mo is what is hurting the game. 

--I've been to Rexall Place and I've been to Rogers Place to watch the Edmonton Oilers play,  I will sit in the stands at Rogers Place tonight to watch the Oil take on Detroit and I am legitimately excited to see the home team play.  Yes, there is a long ways to go in the NHL season, but one can't ignore the 6-1 start that they have had including a pasting of Philadelphia on Wednesday. 

Connor and Leon are leading the way. Dave Tippett has been a godsend behind the bench and everything is working.  As mentioned, there's a long ways to go, but could a playoff game be my next Oilers game at Rogers Place this April.  It just might be! 

--There is talk about free agent to be Taylor Hall perhaps returning to Edmonton as the Oilers are interested.  Edmonton doesn't need Taylor Hall.  They need a solid  #1 or 2 defenceman.  

--The Calgary Flames named Milan Lucic as their player of the game Thursday night vs Detroit.  Were the Red Wings that bad? 

--The reason for being in Edmonton is I'll be behind the mic for Saturday's Canada West football game between the Rams and Alberta.  Despite their 1-5 record, Regina can make the playoffs with wins over Alberta and Manitoba.  Those are two teams they should have beaten this year, but they lost to each by one.  A win tomorrow at Foote Field is a must.  I think they can get if they play smart football.  The Bears are a much better team than years past, but Regina is the more desperate squad.  Let's see how it plays out! 

--The Thunder will be playing at Leibel Field this weekend.  The Rams close out the regular season against Manitoba at Leibel.  I think you know where I'm going with this.  Leibel Field needs to be the home of both. It makes for a better game-day experience.  Yes, I'm well aware of the 50-50 implications should the Rams opt for Leibel and that is a huge reason to stay at Mosaic.  Do the Thunder have any reasons to stay at Mosaic?  

--Week 7 NFL Lock Of The Week --  Packers over Raiders
   Week 7 NFL Upset Of The Week --  Saints over Bears

--RMF teams run a better offense than what I saw from the Denver Broncos last night.  That was two or three levels below pathetic. 

--How do Montreal Expos fans feel about the Washington Nationals being in the World Series? How do Seattle Mariners fans feel about knowing they are the only team that hasn't been in a World Series? 

--In just over a month, Olive Garden will be open in Regina.  With the lineups that are to be expected, the question is will I be able to get in before 2020? 

--That's all I got.  Have yourselves a great weekend! 


Anonymous said...

Olive garden grand opening a month before the Christmas busy season. Go Riders. I love the Oilers with Moosomin's Tippet coaching this year.

Anonymous said...

I think Olive Garden will open on the same day Agribition starts. I will wait for a while before paying a visit.

Anonymous said...

When does the Rod to Rawlco announcement get made?

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Riders can hold the Thunder hostage the way they do the Rams. Both teams should be playing all of their games at Leibel.

I think many know the story as to how the Riders prevented the Rams from turning their practice field into an intimate little 4-5000 seat stadium that would have been perfect for not only them but the city as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Bad calls are going to happen in any sport.

Too many calls are when the refs want to send a message or become too big a part of the game. Some want to make it their right to throw a flag whenever they see fit. That is what has to stop. If it affects the play than great, if not let it go.


Anonymous said...

The job of a ref is so much tougher now. Any mistake they make is magnified on broadcasts and social media.

I don't know why anyone would want to aspire to be a ref/umpire these days when all you do is get shit on.

SWC said...

" a pasting of Philadelphia on Wednesday."

Scruff; The Flyers outshot the Oil 52-22.

Not really a pasting, just a hot goaltender.