Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Beards Are Awesome!!

I will be the first person to admit that I don't know squat about rugby. Yes, I know the Prairie Fire were Canadian champs a couple of years ago, but that's about it. Canada played its opener in the World Cup of Rugby against Tonga late last night so I thought I would catch some of it. HOLY CRAP!!!

Check out that beard being sported by Canada's Adam Kleeberger. That is simply awesome. Its a thing of beauty boys and girls. Kleeberger isn't the only one sporting chin hair like that on the Canadian team. It made me wonder if former Eskimo Hec Pothier is a role model for these brutes. Does anyone remember Pothier or have I outdated myself.

While watching this game, one stupid thought after another came rolling out--in no particular order, here ya go.

--Did I miss the fantasy World Cup of Rugby draft? There must be rugby drafts out there. If we can have fantasy football and hockey pools in North America, they surely must have rugby and soccer drafts in Europe.

--While I love the refined commentary from those by the BBC for this event, I can only wonder how good it would sound if Chris Cuthbert was doing this. I tweeted this last night to which Cuthbert replied "Would I have to grow a beard?". I say yes and Pierre would have to get one too. In fact, imagine Pierre doing colour for this event.

--Buck Pierce wouldn't last long in this sport either while guys like Craig Butler and Barrin Simpson are likely salivating at the thought of playing their game without pads.

--I'd like to see the Old Spice guy get out there and get thumped around.

--How are some of these ruggers not employed as fullbacks/linebackers in the CFL. Perhaps Brendan Taman could go to Tonga and start a Tongan invasion! These boys are thick!

--The Spanish trumpet that accompanies each kickoff must be adopted in CFL stadiums.

--My body just hurt watching that game.

In the end, Canada won the game in what I think was an upset. I'm not really sure. If you want to check it out, (and you should) watch TSN at 6 tonight as there's a repeat of the game.


Don Mitchell said...

Scruffy you should have watched the England - Argentina game. Looked like they were fighting the Falklands War again. Absolutely brutal contact out there (mostly initiated by the kippers).

Anonymous said...

The beards re-define awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate Pierre doing hockey. I certainly wouldn't want him doing this or any other sport!


Jeremy K said...

"How are some of these ruggers not employed as fullbacks/linebackers in the CFL"

I believe Mr. Neil Hughes knocked the shit out of me on the rugby field in the past!

Anonymous said...


Mike from Vita, MB said...

Hector had more hair on his face than on his head!! Go Riders!! Keep the streak alive boys and girls....PLEASE!! Can't give up this streak to Bomber fans!