Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Morning Thoughts

If you are a fan of both the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Minnesota Vikings, I have nothing but sympathy for you today and hope that at no time were you around a sharp object last night. That being said, have the people at Evraz Place seen Josh "I Love the Wiggles" Shaw today. Seriously, I don't know what collapses quicker---the Vikings in the 2nd half this year or the Metrodome roof when it snows. YIKES

Hamilton not only throws up 55 on Calgary, but they may have struck a huge dagger into the Riders playoff chances. Unless someone in the West really collapses down the stretch (Edmonton???), the green and white may be with Toronto on the outside looking in come playoff time. Sad to think that a win on Saturday might have had this team thinking home playoff game and now no playoffs is a real reality.

The Bombers say Fred Reid's season is done. How much will that affect the Bombers going down the road?

Michael Vick is complaining about unfair treatment and being abused?? I just want to make sure I'm getting that right.

Did you take Peyton Manning in a fantasy football draft this year? If you did, who is your QB now?

The Lions and Bills are 3-0?? Really!!!!

The Bills-Patriots game was highly entertaining yesterday. The Panthers-Jags game was as well for completely different reasons. I love seeing players sloshing around when conditions are miserable.

It doesn't look right seeing Matt Hasselbeck in a Tennessee Titans uniform.

What good does Tony Siragusa bring to a FOX broadcast?

Tonight's Monday Night Football game features the Cowboys. How much Tony Romo love will we be forced to endure tonight. Is there a more over-rated QB in the NFL right now than Romo.

Good on the New Jersey Devils for announcing they will retire the #27 jersey worn by Scott Niedermayer, He may have the most decorated resume in the history of Canadian hockey when you consider he has won it all.

Colten Teubert is still with the Oilers main squad. Does he have a shot at being their 7th defenceman this year. I would think he is off to Oklahoma City, but if he makes it, good for him. You know L-A basically got rid of him when they threw him into the package when getting Dustin Penner (nice trade by the way) so to see him flourish would be nice.

After seeing this, I don't know if I can ever watch Coach's Corner in the same light again....

Is this real or has this been photoshopped? If it was Henry Burris, you know he'd have an excuse.

SGI says it has sold 22-thousand Rider licence plates. That's it?? It seems everyone has one of those on their cars. I honestly thought there would be more.

One commenter blamed me for Saturday's Rider loss saying I wasn't wearing my fancy yellow shirt and that got the Riders off their game. I would take that blame if it wasn't for the fact the yellow shirt has been worn at other home games this year where the Riders have lost.


Anonymous said...

Of course it's photoshopped. The right hand is playing a guitar, but wait, where's the guitar ?

Anonymous said...

your seahawks won thought you be planing the parade

Anonymous said...

I got lucky and took Ryan Fitzpatrick. Big sigh of relief. Big, big sigh!!

Keith said...

Love to watch Wes Welker - just wish the Riders would find a way to get Dressler as many touches as Welker got against the Bills.

Anonymous said...

Mitch. I can't believe that 3 games in to the NFL season, I can still watch my bills and know that the season isn't over or that it would be a straight uphill climb.

but i'd really like it if the bills would stop giving up 20+ points in the first half.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that could make that picture of Ron any more awesome, would be a yellow shirt.

Mitchell Blair said...


Mike from Vita, MB said...

The Vikings are in more trouble than we are. We will come back.

Yeoman effort by the Colts D to almost upset the Steelers. Nice job Seahawks.