Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where Was This In June??

Is it just me or has summer weather in June, July and August been replaced by July, August and September? I remember shivering watching my youngest daughter play ball in June and now in September we are getting days of plus 30 weather. I'm not one for the heat, but I will take it at this time of year.

How bad is TV at this time of year? I am watching some cheesy Canadian movie on "Space" where blonde hotties are actually aliens going through a college looking for men. Its beyond bad!

Speaking of TV, it was great to check out Global News at 6 and see the return of Jill Morgan. Jill has been off on maternity leave, but you would think she had just been off for the weekend as she nailed her first cast.

How do you think Blue Jays pitcher Dustin McGowan felt Tuesday night?  He must have been thinking at times that he will never again stand on the pitchers mound at Rogers Centre because of shoulder problems that have kept him sidelined for three years. He was given a standing ovation when he returned to the rubber and when manager John Farrell took him out, he had a quick heart-felt chat with McGowan. If he can return to the Toronto pitching staff, he will definitely help.

Here's hoping the doctor gives good news to Rams quarterback Mark Mueller. Vanier Cup dreams seemingly went poof just five plays into the season when he went down with a shoulder injury. The team can rebound if Mueller isn't out for long, but if he is out for a while, this season will not go down the way Frank McCrystal and company thought it would be. The Rams will be in Saskatoon Friday night to take on the Huskies---that game will be on Access.

I don't watch the Academy Awards as it is, but word that Eddie Murphy will host this year's event means I will skip the Oscars again. Eddie Murphy? Really??!!

Golf Magazine asked its readers who would be in their ultimate foursome. When the voting was tabulated, the foursome was Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan, Bill Murray and Jack Nicklaus. Who would be in yours and who would be driving the beer cart?

Is it just me or does the Jets road uniforms look like the Maple Leaf road uniforms?

What kind of shockwaves will go through the NHL if Sidney Crosby says he is done because of his concussion related problems tomorrow. I don't expect that to happen, but you never know.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have released quarterback David Garrard. If the Seahawks have any hopes of winning and being competitive this year, Pete Carroll needs to sign this guy. If not, its going to be a loooooooonnnnnngggggg season! I would even take Carson Palmer or Darian Durant ahead of Jackson. As I've said before, he is one or two levels beyond terrible. That being said, I don't know if I'd take Cleo Lemon.

Speaking of the Jags, they have put John Chick on the 53 man roster for Sunday's season-opener against Tennessee.

When will Henry Burris just be honest with us? Does anyone believe the fist-pump excuse he is using now after getting ragged on by the fans. I'm not.

Was Edmonton's win good for the Riders or bad as they attempt to climb up the West ladder. I can't decide. Bottom line is the Riders have to keep winning.

Someone should exterminate Billy the Exterminator!

Someone needs to explain the Steve Mariucci-Dennis Green Fantasy Football ad to me. Its dumb and makes no sense!

My laptop has seen its hard drive go south meaning I have to be without it for another month. SIGHHHHHHH!!! Thank god for extended warranty!!

If vegeterians eat vegetable, what do humanitarians eat?


Anonymous said...

Believe Hank? Hell no! Last year was the bra, last month the twitter, now this. Yet it's not very long ago, someone (don't remember who) on the Cage gave us a five minute sermon on how Hank is really a great guy and we should forgive and forget and be nice to him. I think the 'real' Henry is sliping out more regular and before long everyone will know he's a first class jerk.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the Rams will suck again without Mueller looks good on McCrystal. When is the U of R going to realize they need a real head coach and not someone who just hopes the talent is good enough to succeed. Get ready for a 40 point beatdown Friday night.

Huskies fan

Anonymous said...

The bra thing was quizzical, I gave him the benefit of the doubt on the Twitter thing because I've been hacked before, but there is no doubt that he flipped off the fans yesterday. He deserves every piece of criticism for that bush league move that he gets.


Anonymous said...

The Jets uniforms are horrible. Bring back the old ones.

Anonymous said...

I agree Ken!

Anonymous said...

I remember a few yrs ago after a big Stamp's home loss where Henry left the bldg without even showering, blitzed out his way out without talking to media. What a great leader. He always blamed his receivers. Was always me, me, me. Now he's claiming he doesn't even hear the fans during a game. Well he sure heard the fans in Regina when he responded to them by pointing at his helmet and saying crap like "it's all about the horse". Selective liar. Doesn't take Gil Grissom to figure out the true Henry.
Vince D.

Anonymous said...

Mooch picks Larry Fitzgerald one pick before Green in their fantasy draft and Green's pissed. I admit it isnt a good commercial but I didn't think it was all that confusing lol.

Lee-Anne said...

Henry Burris may be 30 something years old, but he acts like a child! He is a CFL veteran but he still has no focus or mental toughness. I laughed like crazy when he shook his fist at the fans! I thought he doesn't hear the crowds? Liar. He likes to come across as this "good" guy, when actually he is a spoiled brat diva. Maybe he should watch how Calvillo conducts himself day in and day out. Now there is a pro! And he is an actual "good" guy. Burris' smile is so phoney, but yet he fools many people. Glad he is gone from Sask. Darian is a class act.