Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Random Thoughts

--Its only Tuesday, but there is a lot of buzz over Saturday's game at Mosaic between the Riders and Lions. BC is not making it easy on the Riders as they try and climb up the West ladder having won their last 4. This game will definitely have a playoff feel to it.

--The Riders will determine themselves just where they finish. They have only one game against an Eastern opponent and that game against Hamilton might be big when it comes to the cross-over.

--I remember speaking with Chris Cuthbert on "The Sportscage" just before the CFL season started and he said this could be one of the more memorable and more wacky seasons in the CFL than what we've seen in a long time because not much separates top from bottom. He is right.

--The great George Reed is now on Twitter. Follow him at!/GeorgeReed34

--Like many others, I watched the Two and a Half Men season premiere. It was alright, but I just can't see that show surviving without Charlie Sheen. The cameo by Dharma and Greg was awesome though. Jenna Elfman still has game if you know what I mean.

--The Big Bang Theory season premiere is Thursday and I await that. Penny and Raj???? I'll be PVR'ing the season premiere seeing I will be in Moose Jaw for the first regular season game at Mosaic Place between the Warriors and Wheat Kings.

--Good news Access subscribers. The TSN/Jets channel is up and running. Its on Channel 234. I don't know if there's an HD channel.

--I didn't realize how many people are excited about the return of the Jets around here. Yes, I know Rob Vanstone is excited as is CTV's Chris Hodges, but it would seem many others in Regina are welcoming back Winnipeg to the NHL. I'm starting to think this city isn't big enough for a loyal Flames, Oilers AND Jets fanbase. It will be great when Winnipeg moves back to the Western Conference.

--With TSN and TSN2 showing hockey games just about every night along with Sportsnet, the Sportsnet Oiler and Flame channels and now the TSN/Jets channel, is there any reason to get the NHL centre ice package. As Rod Pedersen pointed out Tuesday, there is if you're a Dallas fan. Good point. As an Oilers fan, I don't see the need for it. Then again, I have Sunday Ticket and I have the Seattle stations meaning I would get every Seahawks game without Sunday Ticket.

--The latest ESPN rankings have Seattle as the 32nd and last ranked team----they even have the woeful Chiefs ahead of them. That's sad! What is sadder is if they beat Arizona on Sunday, they will be tied for first in the NFC West---easily the worst division in football again.

--Who's better? Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. Both have been phenomenal in their first two games. While on the topic of quarterbacks, did anyone see Cam Newton throwing back to back 400 yard games.

--While driving to Riders practice, a guy in a Sasktel van drifted over in my lane on Dewdney just about forcing me into oncoming traffic. As I got to Albert and Dewdney, I looked over at the guy and low and behold, he was texting. NICE!

--It would  not sadden me to see the Rays or Angels catch Boston for the American League wild-card spot.

--Who will go down as the better Yankee---Jeter or Rivera? I don't know if I can answer that one, but I may have to lean towards Mo.

--I can no longer find Eastside Mario's spicy sausage and penne dinners in the grocery store. I loved those!!!!

--I recently entered 10 puns into a pun contest in hopes they would win. No pun in ten did.


Anonymous said...

On that old NHLPA Be a Player show on TSN there was an episode with a cooking segment where I believe Tony Amonte and Jocelyn Thibault cooked up some spicy sausage with penne, and sun-dried tomatoes. I copied it down. Good groceries!
Ted Melln

Anonymous said...

Wish I would have known about the Jets channel last night. Its there though and thats the main thing. Thanks for the info Mitch.

Anonymous said...

After seeing the Seahawks Sunday get whomped by Pittsburgh, they should be 33rd or 34th!