Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Who's The CFL M-O-P???

We have reached the halfway point of the CFL season. Its time to start thinking about who could be in the running for the year-end league awards at the end of the season. The question I have is "If you had to pick a Most Outstanding Player right now, who would it be?"

The decision really isn't an easy one. While Winnipeg has the best record in the league at 7-2, is there anyone on that offence that comes out as an M-O-P candidate? What about their defence? Its been a team effort in Winnipeg. You can't take anyone from the Lions, Riders or Argos because of their dismal record. Anthony Calvillo has looked ordinary this year and while Hamilton receiver Chris Williams is likely a lock for the rookie of the year, he can't have an M-O-P title attached to that.

Despite his poor performance against the Eskimos on Labour Day, I would almost have to say the guy is Henry Burris. As I look at his numbers though, I see Calvillo is better than him in a lot of categories, but he has suffered tremendously since the Dario Romero hit while Burris, while struggling on Monday, has put up consistent numbers. I would almost have to vote for him. What about you?

Other award winners at the halfway point in my mind....

Rookie-Chris Williams
Defensive Player- Odell Willis
Canadian - Johnny Forzani
Special Teams - Sean Whyte
Lineman - Scott Flory

When it comes to the Riders, I would look at things this way.

MOP--Jerrell Freeman: In what was a poor first half, Freeman just continued being a beast game after game after game. He is just getting better and better and we might want to enjoy him now because I could see him playing in the NFL.

Defensive Player--Freeman

Canadian -- Keith Shologan: Shologan just keeps getting better and better and he is one of the reasons why its been very tough for opposition teams to run inside.

Special Teams -- Tristan Jackson: He has given the team some returns this year that have flipped the field. He's the only guy that really stands out considering the kicking game has been a mess.

Rookie -- Craig Butler: He is the only rookie seeing significant playing time, so I would have to go with him by default.

Lineman -- Gene Makowsky: If this is number 60s last year, he is going out with a bang as he is showing he is still as good as he ever was.

Feel free to agree or disagree and tell me who you think should be CFL MOP and Rider award winners at the half.


Lee-Anne said...

MOP....that's a tough one. I would have to say either Odell Willis or Johnathan Hefney from the Bombers (unfortunately). Jamel Richardson from the Als is having a great year too. Burris has been too inconsistent so far. If Fred Stamps can get back soon,he would be in the running. If he didn't get hurt he would of been a lock to win MOP.

Anonymous said...

Jamel Richardson? I can't argue on the Rider picks, but maybe Dressler as MOP ahead of Freeman.

Keith said...

If the Riders can continue with their winning ways for the remainder of the season and into the playoffs then Durant will be the MOP. Wouldn't that be nice. Otherwise, hard to argue with your picks.

By the way, Barren Simpson is heading towards his 1000th career tackle which should happen later this year. Like Makowsky, he is as good as ever.

Anonymous said...

Leeanne is right. If Fred Stamps was healthy, he would be the shoo-in candidate right now. It is wide open though meaning someone (Durant) can step up and fill the void.


Anonymous said...

I would say by year-end Getzlaf or Gore/Foster from BC could be the top Canadian player.
Can't see Forzani being the guy

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with this. It pains me to agree with you on Burris, but no one else has really had a solid season. Maybe Andy can have a dynamite 2nd half and win something again!!!

Anonymous said...

What about Elimimian (sp) from BC for top defensive player?

Anonymous said...

Mitch, What is going on with Eddie Johnson???


Mitchell Blair said...

He was put on the nine game list meaning his season is effectively over. I do believe his contract is up so his time as a Rider (as he has mentioned on Facebook) could be up. Its in the teams hands now as to whether or not they bring him back for his option year.

Anonymous said...

The wonderful Eddie Johnson's demise was bound to happen and not because of talent but because of his birth certificate. Hope he catches on somewhere down the road,if not with football perhaps in film or radio.

Anonymous said...

When you're at the game you can see a lot more than on TV and Kieth Shologan is awesome. He's always double-teamed and sometimes 3 of them are assigned to him. He's got to be our top Canadian.