Thursday, September 1, 2011

On A Regina Street Near You

The bottom part of the sign shows the records of the two teams playing. ITS ON!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Loseapeg!

Anonymous said...

We dish it out so we gotta take it. Its all part of the game.


Anonymous said...


nothing but fun.

well done winnipeg.

but I'll say this.

If the bombers don't win the cup, they are going to hear a LOT of chirping from the west.

Anonymous said...

WPG is best Defence by a country bumpkin mile so far in 2011. But they've built themselves up way too early with the Swaggerville stuff. It will haunt them in November.

Lee-Anne said...

I saw the sign. Is that the best they can do? Kinda boring.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

If you meet these two pond scum in Regina

Remember to offer them a warm Saskatchewan welcome, with cement shoes and a ride down to the bottom of Wascana Lake.