Friday, September 30, 2011

Rider Roster Changes

Dallas Baker and Eddie Russ have been taken off the 46 game roster for tomorrow's game in Calgary while Andy Fantuz and Lance Frazier have been put on. I'll be hosting Four Seasons Football Friday with Scott Schultz on "The Sportscage" today so we'll break it down for you.

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Anonymous said...

I just thought I would try to help out the media types by providing options to using the word “flat” when describing the Riders performance last Saturday as you conduct the “Sportscage” tonight.

Miller was angered by the media use of the term flat to described the recent play of the team. Instead he used terms like “great effort” and “tremendous effort”. I think the term delusional would be more appropriate of Miller’s view. Maybe this should be softened to misguided, but I digress…

Everyone that left the game that day summed it up as follows: “The Riders Sucked!!!” The media downplayed this to flat which Miller, as mentioned, took offense to. In the spirit of maintaining a positive outlook (jeez is Danny Barrett back with the Riders) I think stating something like “this was simply an aberration (or deviation/anomaly) of the level of play the Riders can achieve” would get you back in Miller’s good graces.

You could use the terms lackadaisical, apathetic, lethargic or lacklustre performance, but this may not induce the right reaction from Miller. I think honesty would work better in discussing the previous effort from the Green and White rather than sugar-coating it, but will see if Miller’s style works while John Hufnagel calls out his team because of their poor performance.

My prediction – a Stampeder win on Saturday.

Iron Mike