Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random Thoughts

As I am apt to do, things go rushing through the old mind that I take from there onto these pages. In no particular order, here ya go.

--The CFL is said to be talking to Commissioner Marc Cohon about a contract extension. Cohon has been remarkable for the league and unless he doesn't want to do it anymore, I can't see why he won't be at the helm for a number of years to come.

--I have no problem with what Darian Durant did after Sunday's game in Winnipeg. If Bomber fans are going to deliver it, they had better be prepared to accept it. We in Saskatchewan don't like it when Henry Burris or whoever taunts us, but we are at least smart enough to know that sometimes you win that war and other times you don't. If you are on the short end of the pointy stick, you deserve what you get.

--There are still tickets available for Saturday's Rider game. I know its the woeful Argos, but you're not going to let that sellout streak die are you?

--Watching the previews for Week 2 of the NFL season, I don't think anyone believes the Seahawks can come within 20 points of the Steelers. Coming within 20 might be a moral victory. I am thinking it could be 42-3 or worse.

--Its no secret the Blue Jays need a closer. Word is they might kick the tires of current Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon in the off-season. He would be an upgrade.

--If you are a baseball fan, you have to love Brett Lawrie.

--NHL 12 on the PS3 is fantastic. For that matter, so is Madden 12.

--TSN had an interesting question the other day--who would you take to lead your franchise---Tyler Myers or John Tavares. Taking 53 percent of the vote was Myers. I would take him as well. That guy has Norris Trophy written all over him. He is the total package.

--I am approaching 900 followers on Twitter. When I started that a couple of years ago, I thought I'd be lucky to have 4 or 5 hundred. Then again, when I started this blog, I didn't think I'd be averaging just under 1-thousand hits a day. If you are one of my Twitter followers, thanks kindly.

--Another edition of High Impact Wrestling hits the Victoria Club tonight. Once again, the creme de la creme of Regina will be in attendance.

--Am I the only one tired of Ed Olczyk yelling "We're coming back to Winnipeg" in the ad announcing TSN has the Jets package. Please get a new ad. Will that channel be on Access' lineup before the season starts? I am guessing the answer is yes.

--Thank you to TSN or should I say TSN2 for picking up "Numbers Don't Lie" with Charissa Thompson. I am a big fan of Ms. Thompson!! She kicks Erin Andrews to the curb as far as I'm concerned.

--I would one day love to have the opportunity to sit down over some beers with former ESPN Sportscentre host and current NBC Sports host Dan Patrick. His satellite radio show is a must listen for me.

--The decision by the Pats to trade goalie Damien Ketlo to Lethbridge looks to be an outstanding move after the play of Matt Hewitt against Brandon on Wednesday. Hewitt showed signs that he was ready to be a top-notch WHL goalie last year and I think he might save the Pats bacon on more than a few nights this year.

--Saskatoon City Council wants to have the province institute a vehicle tax. Uh, no thanks, but thanks for that. GO AWAY NOW!!!

--If there isn't an NBA season, how many people won't care?

--If a woman who preys on younger men is referred to as a Cougar then what is a guy who looks for younger women. The answer---Hugh Hefner!

--Is it true that the leading cause of death for mice is scientists?


Lee-Anne said...

I also agree with what Darian did in Winnipeg. First of all, the game was in control and he was pulled for Dinwiddie, so he wasn't losing focus while he was in the game. During the game, he didn't say a thing. Only when he was taken out did he start to beak back at the fans. Secondly, hey Saskatchewan, Darian was defending US! He was sticking up for the province in which he plays, and he was OUR voice! To him, I personally say THANK YOU! We all probably wish we had the chance to say the same things to those idiots! Why is it whenever Toronto or Hamilton are here our home crowd seems subdued? It's not as noisy as when a western team is here. That can't happen on Sat. As fans, we have to be as loud as possible to disrupt Jyles. The 2 wins against the Bombers will mean nothing if they lose this one. Get loud Riderville! We gotta get this one. You can never take any team lightly in the CFL, no matter what their record is.

Mike from Vita, MB said...

The government can only enforce a vehicle tax on government vehicles and politicians. Just take it out of their wages. They don't do anything worth the money they get.

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear Lee-Anne. I agree whole heartedly !

Anonymous said...

Cohon might be the best commissioner out of all the major sports. He gets it while the others don't.


Lee-Anne said...

Another annoying commercial.....Sportschek with Sidney Crosby! If I hear "DIS" one more time, I will scream. Poor writers for this ad, and the only thing Sid is not good at is acting!
As a Broncos fan, I really like Tim Teabow the "person", but not sold on him as a "QB". Orton gives them the best chance, even if it is ever so slim. Thanks Josh ruined us. Maybe Elway can take the team on his shoulders again and bring back some wins.

Anonymous said...

It's not city SAskatoon City Council that wants to do this it was put forth by 2 councillors Pat Lorje and Darren Hill. Go figure one is as close to an NDP'er and the other a former NDP MLA.. Please don't bunch in the rest of the council with the left wingers.
RON - Saskatoon