Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Morning After

(photo courtesy JC

The BC Lions didn't do the Riders any favour by walking into MacMahon Stadium and beating the Stampeders---or did they? The West has gotten a lot tighter and it means with 6 of Saskatchewan's last 7 games coming against BC, Calgary or Edmonton they will truly determine by the way they play just where they will finish in the West. All of a sudden, the crossover once again looks to be a possibility for whatever team finishes 4th as well. 

That alone brings up an idea that I have always wondered about and one that CKRM's Michael Ball brought up in yesterday's pre-game show. That is scrap east and west and put all teams in one eight team division. The 1 and 2 teams get byes and the teams are then seeded 3-6 with 3-6 and 4-5 in the semis. It would eliminate having an "East" semi with B.C. Then again, if Dallas can be in the NHL's Pacific Division and Winnipeg can be in the NHL's Southeast Division, geography is something that really doesn't matter. 

You have heard the thoughts of some Riders regarding yesterday's game in the post below this one. Here are just some thoughts from yours truly on what we saw transpire. 

--Give this one to the defence. They kept the Argos out of the endzone until the offence could get rolling. Toronto could have made this a one-sided game very early, but had to settle for field goals instead of TD's to keep the Riders in the game. 

--Toronto looks a lot different with Steven Jyles at the controls. A lot different!

--Say what you will about Wes Cates, but he just continues to pound the rock. He isn't flashy like some backs in this league and he isn't going to break off a 40 or 50 yarder around the end, but he just gets the yards that are needed when they are needed. 

--Chris Milo looked like someone who was out of his element early on in his CFL career, but he now looks like a seasoned vet out there. The rookie came up with some clutch kicks yesterday when it mattered. 

--How much has Omarr Morgan's tutelage over the past couple of weeks helped Chris McKenzie. He had a disastrous first half of the season, but like other Riders he has really stepped it up over the past three games. 

--Chris Getzlaf has arrived. He has taken his game up a  notch and now has to truly be considered as one of the CFL's top Canadian born players. I said at the halfway point that my top Canadian vote for the Riders would go to Keith Shologan. Getzlaf is changing that in a big hurry. If he keeps this up, you may have to consider him as the league's best homegrown player. 

--The squeamish had to have turned away when replays of Andy Fantuz's ankle injury were shown. That was nasty! I'm actually surprised seeing that that Andy isn't more seriously hurt. He looked fine after the game and when he was being spoken to by interviewers, he was in his bare feet and those feet did not look all purple and yellow. He may have gotten very, very lucky. 

--While Kent Austin deservedly gets credit for the 2007 GC championship season and the way he coached the team,  how much credit should we be giving to then offensive co-ordinator Ken Miller. I don't think anyone realized how good this guy was then. We do now!

--Jerrell Freeman just continues to be Jerrell Freeman. 

--Next week's game will have a playoff feel to it as the Riders look to win their 4th straight against a BC team that has won four straight. Can't wait. 

Just some other thoughts.....

--Did you see Don Matthews wearing the white cowboy hat in Calgary last night. LOVED THAT!!
--When do the Stampeders decide its Drew Tate's turn to lead the football team? He is ready. 
--Will Mariano Rivera be considered as one of the greatest pitchers --that's pitchers not relievers of all time. The guy has not slowed down one bit over the years. 
--There's some great games in the NFL today including San Diego at New England and Philly at Atlanta. I wonder what type of reception Falcons fans will give Michael Vick. 
--There is no way the Seahawks come within 20 of Pittsburgh today. The only positive for the Seahawks would be if James Harrison or Lamarr Woodley crush Tarvaris Jackson thus forcing Charlie Whitehurst to play. This wouldn't be a tremendous upgrade at the quarterback position, but at least Whitehurst has a clue as to what's going on. 
--Lock of the week (besides Pittsburgh and Green Bay)---Saints over Bears.
--Upset of the week --Miami over Houston
--What are the Kings waiting for when it comes to Drew Doughty. They are in danger of really losing what will be a marquee player for years to come. 
--With all apologies to Regina mayor Pat Fiacco and other boxing enthusiasts, the end of the Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz fight is a reason why people are getting so disgusted with the sport. The ending of that fight was a true insult and showed how classless Mayweather is. I realize that not all boxing is like that, but it is another black mark. What was funny though was Mayweather and HBO's Larry Merchant in the post-fight in ring interview. Here is the way it went down. Fast forward to about the 230 mark. 
--Its sad to see something I built up get torn down so quickly. Oh well......

I don't know why they didn't sign their name to this, but thanks to whoever for providing me with yesterday's Scruffy on TSN moment. Sorry Gainer!!!

Have a good Sunday!!


Anonymous said...

I came home from the Riders game and ordered the boxing PPV. I don't know when I'll ever learn to stop wasting my money on this sport. The Merchant-Mayweather exchange was hilarious though. At least amateur boxing isn't as corrupted as professional boxing.

I can't believe how much better the Riders look since Miller left. I can only wonder where they would be had he not left in the first place.


Anonymous said...

Fantuz got off lucky and so did Durant after being walloped by that linebacker(Kwalley?). If we lose DD, its all over.

Anonymous said...

That's a terrible pic!

Anonymous said...

If Mayweather ever finds some balls to fight Pacquiao, he will get his. What a joke!

Anonymous said...

I think it was Stegall said if Jyles had some receiving talent, the Argos would be scary. I can't disagree. Put Durant in Toronto and see how effective he would be.


Keith said...

I would not be surprised to see Brandon Browner back in the CFL soon. I would be surprised to see him in a Seahawk jersey after his performance today.

Anonymous said...

Any word on Andys foot?

Anonymous said...

Larry Merchant=AWESOME!!

Anonymous said...

If Calgary doesn't win it all this year, I think Hank is done.


Anonymous said...

You were right. Seattle couldn't come within 24 of Pittsburgh and the score flattered them.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with ya on Cates. His time left with us is short, but I think he might actually be able to go one more year.

Terry C

Anonymous said...

The look on Merchant's face is priceless.

Anonymous said...

In total career yardage Wes Cates is number two all time for the Riders. I think he's better than most people realize.

Anonymous said...

People are making way too much about Mayweather. He was winning the fight as it was so its not as if he changed the complexion of it.

Lee-Anne said...

Chris Getzlaf has really flourished once again under Miller. Under Marshall, he looked lost and had a bad case of the dropsies. Too bad he couldn't command 1/4 of the salary that his brother is making!

Lee-Anne said...

While I was watching the Eagles/Falcons game on Sun. night, I noticed something during the game. When the panned the fans, I saw mostly African-American fans wearing Vick jerseys, but most of the white fans were wearing Ryan jerseys. Interesting because some fans will love Michael Vick no matter what, while others have moved on to support the squeaky-clean Matt Ryan.

Lee-Anne said...

Good on the Bills and Lions for being 2-0. Maybe the Seahawks will end up with the 1st pick in the upcoming draft and they can select QB Andrew Luck. Looks like they can use some!